The Rational Motive Behind A Consumer's Behavior

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A rational motive can be defended by a purpose, a reason for an outcome and why a choice is being preferred to another. If someone who is a consumer can be able to give reasons and defend the reason why they're going for a product rather than another it means there's a rational motive as to why money is spent making a particular choice and choices as well as forgoing others and this is a particular marketing weapon that's being used in public relations, research and analyses to really play into the hands or mind or choices of a prospect consumer for the aim of making more profit. A consumer's motive if understood by a manufacturer will influence Production or manufacturing behavior and this are the duty of researchers who study trends on social media polls, road side interview and so many other factor. The later has been found to be a better way at understanding consumer's behavior.

In a financially challenged country as Nigeria, the trend is poverty, unemployment, inflation, corruption, recession and a whole lot of others. These are however problems that basically affects finance and affects consumer's behavior so price is a rational motive as to why someone who is a consumer will choose to buy a relatively cheap product rather than an expensive product that wouldn't really differ in utility and offer almost sameness when it comes to quality. In essence the motive behind price is the reason why most companies are often considerate in production. For example if if a network provider offers a Data bundle of $5 for a month, they'll relatively offer a mini offer of 3$ with howbeit terms and conditions as to how these relatively different offer works. So if a particular consumer decides to go for a bundle of $3 rather than $5 the rational motive behind this decision is obviously price.

In a descending order, the next rational motive will be Quality So what is quality? Quality in relative consumer's language is a particular standard which is often distinctive or stand out as to the comparison with similar idea or product of a different brand. Quality propels a whole number of consumers in making decisions and this is one very important motive that's really defendable when a consumer's behavior is analysed. Infact most firms are looking for ways to maintain quality and a relatively affordable rate or price through which a consumer's behavior will be Influenced. Even with the amount of money at hand every consumer wants to buy quality because it's understandable when someone explains the fact that they don't want fake or immitated quality. So when a Consumer decides to buy a rather quality product rather than one which is not, it's often understandable and a rational motive because is explainable and viable and that's why sometimes in spite of high cost people choose to buy quality even when it's costly.

The next will be *Need Satisfaction" And Customer Service Every consumer buys a product just to satisfy a specific need or needs and this is the most important or basic reason why a consumer spends in the first place. For instance if I'm buying a hamburger and carbonated drink the specific need here is hunger and hunger is the basic motive to even buy food in the first place so when we find the need to buy food hunger is the need satisfaction that will obviously be satisfied. So how about customer service? This is an interaction or a vocal relationship between a manufacturer and a customer it could be a feedback as to the fuctionlity of a product or a further assistance of a firm to help their consumer enjoy better servicing. Many firms in a bid to quell competition often offer superior customer servicing and this becomes a rational motive why a consumer will seem to prefer a brand or a product to another.

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