School Of Thoughts (An Original Poetry Plus Poetic Analysis And Literary Appreciation)

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Sitting alone,
in the school of thoughts
Peebles and stones
for companions
as the heart travels
into sultry travails
roaming in dark junctures,
like a tyre ailing from puncture.

We are residents,
of "wall-less" classrooms
where examinations,
are but mind games
that batters the soul.
what shall we drink?
nor what shall we adorn?
are our lips velvet as tulips?
will the stars gaze upon us with grace?

The birds songs
from tree to tree
thrilling deep inside,
is like the teacher's voice
bring us back to reality
of how sweet the moment is.
but when we,
are encapsulated in the school of thoughts
it's like a maze with no direction
or a way to return.

The school of thoughts!
where we're all pupils
is but a prison
so beautiful to bask.
like dangerous waters
so comforting to drown
in our peak,
we're we're Kings and queens
we are awoken
by the gentle buzzing of morning


The School Of Thoughts is a beautiful poem that expresses the joy of being in thoughts musing at what you could have become and what you didn't become. The title itself is a metaphor which represents the moments where we are caught up in thoughts and really nibbling away at the possibilities of the things that happens to our lives. The poem implies a whole lot and in truth it's like drifting into endless possibilities, possibly when we've had a bad day.

The school of thought in the poem was well expressed as not being an ordinary classroom but a classroom where you're a student or pupil to worry or even trepidation. Sometimes we are allowed to wallow in the school of thoughts simply because it can be a comfort zone, it can also be a prison just like it was stated in stanza two. It means when we're left loitering around in our thoughts we hardly get things accomplished.

The poem is metaphorical in nature and uses a whole lot of illustrations the use of metaphor to convey compelling idea and of course it's a free verse in nature, free flowing and not bereft of beauty. The dazzling way through which some meanings were ambiguous brought More Colors to the poem.


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