Understanding Obtainability And Unobtainability In Our External and Internal Societies.

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There's always something we can't achieve and we often chase after it so tremendously because it's seems like a crown or cap on all of our achievements, I can't basically place a finger on what this might be because it varies for all individuals and humans, the truth is that a human's resolve is often threatened and one thing about humans is that the more something keeps eluding us the more we keep finding tactics and scope in order to get it or find it. Sometimes it even becomes like an obsession and in some instances we feel a little bit naked even after we must have conquered all circumstances in life, achieved financial success and climb so many pinnacles in life the truth is that the only things that we can't do no matter how versatile or brilliant we are undermines everything we must have achieved in life.

That said, too many people understand the fact that life is unfair but they do not understand the magnitude through which life comes unfair. Sometimes we don't immediately connect with our nearby Society and communities and it is often so ironical that we are so distant with the things that are really closest to us, even when our focus seems concentrated on achieving that closeness with people which we feel a little bit endeared to, the failures that comes is always the most painful. In truth, everyone craves acceptance, but the packaging through which we come in as humans sometimes doesn't really sell us enough, so we can't force acceptance. So people might really not value what we bring because most times people failed to listen, whenever they look they apply only one sense when they should be paying more concentration and understanding better and that is why we are often too far away in everything with the people which we should be closest to.

Without a doubt, when we can't achieve fondness, love and fulfilment, we begin to lose some natural values like empathy and selflessness that are inalienable to human beings, we undermine our every abilities just to focus on our inabilities and this often drives us to a certain kind of malady, there's no remedy unless we ourselves can find inner peace, acceptance and come to a conclusion that it is what it is and no need dwelling on the negatives and failure that comes it. That said, we often find common ground with people who are farthest away from us, sometimes simply because understanding doesn't have to always be relative in my opinion, our needs are different in this homogeneous Society and sometimes we see closure in the wrong set of people and this makes it really compromising and totally tiring.

We however can't stop ourselves from making mistakes even when the rather painful ones lingers on, in our memories for a really long time. Sometimes we are caught in need and we often find immediate gratification to fill this need up. however where we find our answers sometimes seems really unobtainable and this makes us switch our attention to other places where we can find the same gratification and at the same time see or discover obtainability but it hardly works this way and we are back to square one again and sometimes the experience is often leave a trauma on us the fact that we find it so easy to not connect with our immediate Society but find it easier to connect to external societies, is there something really wrong with us, or is there something wrong with the people who thinks something is wrong with us? How can we get past this? Do we even understand how many people go through this painful process? Are we ourselves unknowingly unobtainable?


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