A Gentle Whisper. (An Original Prose Poetry)

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In the kindest of kisses,
your breath,
is tingling like the thorn roses
bringing fondest of memories,
floating across the heart
I'm lost for words
taciturned as the night's stillness
and a steady thumping in my chest
like a baritone gibbering
fading momentously away
farthest from consciousness

You're shaped in comeliness,
an ideograph
that locks me away
and flings the keys in the ocean
like a star studded sky
In the company of goddesses,
it's like a thunderstorm
to my ribs
making me bellow in awe
you're a journey untravelled
a mystery unravelled

A gentle whisper,
from your larynx
is like a glorious melody
that awakens me to a beautiful day
when the breeze will cease,
and the palm trees
will begin a forest dance
and the buzzing bees
and the skylark's song
will remind me of an enchantress
that lurks in my dreams

At the fifth hour,
I shall stand on valleys
with songstress and valets
like Merlin in the mythical tales
to tend to you.
Your eyes are a story
that tickles the ears
of multiple adventures
into seven lands and seven seas
of Orpheus the great

In Dream-like stare,
I gaze upon Aphrodite
for in far away Egypt
you're a pyramid of fountain-eous beauty
overflowing endlessly
till babes become wrinkles
Spreading across kingdoms
like a disease to many more
Your gentle whisper
again brings me back to reality

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