SteemAlive Presents: FullofWords! - a 6 day writing Challenge. Contest Prize: 21 Steem + Booming + Trail!

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Dear friends, welcome once again to another fresh week. Like you know you, we announce fresh contests for the week every Monday to keep you engaged and to reward you. Last weeks contest was amazing. We are already going through the entries and we will announce the winners in the next few hours. Meanwhile, we are ready to announce a fresh contest. Here is the details.


This Week's Contest: FullofWords!

FullofWords is a contest that will challenge your creativity and originality as a writer. In this contest, you will select and write on at least 5 topics from a possible 7. By the end of the contest period, we expect not less than 5 quality posts from you, and at least 20 engagement with other contestants and posts made in SteemAlive community.

What you need to do

Here are the 7 topics. Choose at least 5 from them. If you can do the 7, then why not. It gives you an edge over others.

  • Topic 1: Sweet Mother - Meet the woman that has done so much for me

What you need to do: Write in detail about your mother. Everything you want us to know. For example, her background, education, career, family life or and any other thing you want us to know. What are some special things your mother have done for you. What sacrifices has she made for you and for the family. Where is she now? Be detailed. Original pictures are important.

tags to include: lifestyle, steemexclusive


  • Topic 2: Local business Review: Write in detail about a business in your city

What you need to do: We want you to review a local business in your city. Tell us their address (What3words coordinates needed). Review at least 4 product they sell. Details should include the price, and some features of the products. Rate the business using any 4 criteria like Location, Customer care, Pricing, Environment, etc. Click here to see a sample.

tags to include: business, steemexclusive


  • Topic 3: Weekly Food Diary: Here are some of the meals I enjoyed this week. Take a look!!

What you need to do: Show us some of the foods you have eaten this week and give us enough background information about them. For example, you can include the following: What makes up the meal? Why do you love the meal, Who prepared it and what is the cost (in steem)? Is it breakfast, lunch or dinner? etc. Click here to see a good sample

tags to include: food, steemexclusive


  • Topic 4: Learn with Steem: A tutorial on how to .....(e.g dye a cloth)

What you need to do: In this post, we want you to show us a skill you have. Teach us how to do anything that is a skill such as painting, knitting, weaving hair, do tailoring, make shoes, play an instrument, etc. Present your tutorial in steps and describe each step very well. Include images, but do not put too many images, just the important stages of the tutorial is needed in pictures.

tags to include: learnwithsteem, tutorial, steemexclusive


  • Topic 5: Stay Healthy: Why Exercising is Good for the body!

What you need to do:What is exercise? Write in detail about the importance of exercise to the body. You can research the different forms of exercise and their impact on the body. You can even write about your own exercise routine, your performance, how often you do it, and why you recommend it.

tags to include:health, steemexclusive


  • Topic 6: My Town in 10 Pictures - Hotels/Guest houses/Recreation clubs/Parks in My City

What you need to do: We want to see what the hospitality industry looks like in your city. So capture hotels, guest houses, recreation center like children's playground, Open Parks, etc in your city. 10 in total and include what3words coordinates.

tags to include:mytownin10pics, steemexclusive


  • Topic 7: Steem Promotion - Your recruitment and mentorship activities

What you need to do: How do you promote Steem? What materials and methods do you use? Are your methods effective? You should sign up at least 1 person within the week. What are your promotion challenges and how can the community assist you? Plus any other thing you want to tell us about Steem Promotion.

tags to include:steemgrowth, steemexclusive


The rules

  1. Make sure you are at least in club5050. You must be verified in SteemAlive community
  2. After publishing each post, drop the entry link as a comment on this post.
  3. Please Subscribe to our community.
  4. One of your entries should all4one to support our community
  5. You must Vote and resteem this contest post.
  6. Each article should be at least.
  7. One of your first 3 tags should be contest


Important Note

For community curators to see your entry as contest, in addition to using the contest tag, include the following at the title of your post and in the introduction. Mention Fullof Words at the title, and tell us the entry number you are submitting and a link to the contest post. See example below for entry 1.

Title: FullofWords entry 1 - Learn with Steem: A tutorial on how to dye cloth

Then you can add the following as the first thing in your post:

This is my 1st entry for this week's contest organized by Steemalive community. You can see the contest announcement link below:


How winners are selected

  • Quality is King: Be detailed. 350 words is the minimum, but you can do much more.
  • Number of quality Comments: Try to make at least 20 comments.
  • Formatting: Justify alignment and centered headings make your work neat.
  • Originality: You will automatically be disqualified if you are found plagiarizing.


Here is the Contest Prize 20 Steem + Booming + Trail!

  • 1st Position: 7 Steem + 2 booming + 3 trails
  • 2nd Position: 5 Steem + 1 booming + 2 trails
  • 3rd Position: 3 Steem + 1 Booming + 1 trail
  • 4th-6th Position: 2 Steem each + 2 Trails

Contest Date: Monday 23rd - Saturday 28th May, 2020


Support this contest.

You can help us increase the contest prize by sending us any cryptos used here on Steemit. Send Steem or SBD to @steemalive.

c: @disconnect


Delegate to SteemAlive


Click here to see our delegators

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Thanks @steemalive for this wonderful contest i will do my best to participate

 2 years ago 

Wow!!, Thanks @steemalive for this wonderful contest, we are coming.

We cant wait to read your quality entries as usual. @ijebest

 2 years ago 

Thanks, I'm coming.

 2 years ago (edited)

Like seriously today just a few days so many entries have already been dropping . Good one .

 2 years ago 

Steemians are ever ready bloggers.

 2 years ago 

Am delighted to see this new Contest for the week. I will drop my first entry today.

 2 years ago 

Ma I believe you

Me too

 2 years ago 

Hahaha, thanks dear

@chichieze. Your zeal is exceptional. Keep it up dear. We appreciate your work in the community too

Awesome contest from @steemalive. I hope to participate.

@nsikakedem. Find strength to do so. We love to read your story. Always

Thanks. I recieve strength for it right now.

 2 years ago 

Good and acceptable by me, one thing I love about this contest is that it has helped us to choose topic, even a newbie can be part of it, what are you waiting for @ijelady, encourage your recruit to participate and show them how to do it leading from front

We try to make it original and creative. Thank you so much for everything you do for us in Uyo. You are probably our best hand in the community

 2 years ago 

Do we really have best hand @steemalive, we all are working together, i lear from you every day, we can win together

 2 years ago 

This is a really interesting contest, when I say the contest of last week it was like the best, looking bat this week it was the best of the best and how will it look like next week.... I really appreciate the @steemalive community for giving us surprised 😯😯😯 every week and it's really a bigger package this week... Much Love to the community and to our founder, I Love you more🎉🎉💐💐💐💐🤗🤗🤗🤗.

We appreciate your efforts. They are really helping us to grow. We want to read your entries soonest. Keep them coming

 2 years ago 

I will..,

#ContestAlerts #winwithsteem

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Let's do this... Thank you @steemalive

This is awesome.
Expect my entry @steemalive.

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