SteemAlive Presents: "7 days Writing Challenge". Make one Post everyday for 7 days. Contest Prize: 60 Steem

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Its that time of the week when we brace up for a new contest from the community. Goodmorning friends and how was your day? We are delighted to start yet another great week with a fresh contest in the community. This contest would be an interesting one. We have called it 7 days Writing Challenge. The name is really self explanatory isn't it? Ok, learn more about this contest in the next paragraph.


The Contest - 7 days Writing Challenge

As the name sounds, this contest is all about making posts for the next 7 days. So participants would be expected to publish 1 post in the community each day from today to the next 7 days. We will also expect you to engage with other participants as they join the challenge.

We have provided below 4 topics to write on. Then for the next remaining 3 days you are free to choose any topic of choice.

Write on these 4 topics Listed below

S/NTopicWhat you need to do
1My Job HistoryWrite in detail some of the jobs you have done in Life
2A Trip to my Favorite Supermarket, Shopping mall or MarketWhat is the name of the place, Where is it located, What goods did you purchase and at what price in Steem (At least 3 items)? Why is there your favorite? Any other thing.
3My Immediate Neighbors and WorkmatesWrite about at least 2 Persons - neighbors, workmates or both. When did you meet them. Why are they special or nuisance to you? Give any details about them such as family, Place of origin, religion, and kind of work they do for the organization
4My School HistoryTell us in detail about the schools you attended from the most basic to the advance. You can include details such as Pictures of the school (if available) or any certificates obtained, location, your favorite teacher, classmate/course mate, your grades and some fun school activities you enjoyed.
  • For the remaining 3 posts, you are free to write on any topics of choice or you can just write dairy posts.

  • You are free to start with anyone. There is no particular order


The rules

  1. Make sure you are a verified SteemALive member
  2. Publish you entry in SteemAlive Community with the title: : "7 Day Writing Challenge Day 1 - add your topic here"
  3. For each post you complete for the day, drop a link of it as a comment on this post
  4. For each day you drop a link, you must comment meaning fully on at least 1 other persons entry. A total of at least 7 comments. Short comments like "Nice story," "Great work you did," etc will not be counted.
  5. You must Subscribe to our community.
  6. You must upvote and resteem this post to help create awareness
  7. Your first tag for each post should be writingchallenge


How winners are selected

Quality matters to us so much, so winners will be selected based on the following criteria

  • Engagement: We will count carefully the number of meaningful comments made. Remember it should be at least 7 comments. You will be rated higher the more comments and replies you make
  • Detail: Short posts would score you lower. Each post should be at least 300 words long.
  • Formatting: You must use justify alignment and centered headings
  • Originality: We will ban you from our community if you do plagiarism


The Contest Prize - 60 Steem

The total Steem Prize is 60 steem. Here is how we have arranged it:

  • 1st Position: 15 Steem
  • 2nd Position: 10 Steem
  • 3rd Position: 7 Steem
  • 4th Position: 5 Steem
  • 5th Position: 3 Steem.
  • 6th - 25th: 1 Steem Each.

1st - 3rd positions will have their posts submitted to Booming for additional support if they did not get support from 01 after 6 days. We will try to vote up to 3 posts from the entries with the community trail

This contest will end as soon as the contest post pays out (7 days from now)


Support this contest.

You can help us increase the contest prize by sending us any cryptos used here on Steemit. Send Steem or SBD to @steemalive.


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 3 months ago (edited)

As the name sounds, this contest is all about making posts for the next 7 days. So participants would be expected to publish 1 post in the community each day from today to the next 7 days. We will also expect you to engage with other participants as they join the challenge.

Wow, This great contests will improve our skills and Increase our participation too








 3 months ago 

I love this Contest so much @steemalive you are the best. I was even thinking and racking my brain of what to post. And here it is writing challenge. This will really help us to be active in this community.

@udyliciouz. We are really happy to add value to our members. Stay active and engage more with us so that you get bigger support.

 3 months ago (edited)

I am in and ever ready to stay and remain active in steem-alive community. May those bigger support locate me.

 3 months ago 

wahwoh let me get my writing pads ready.
It's gonna be so exciting.
Can't wait to start cracking mu brain.
Thanks @SteemAlive

@patience90, we cant wait to read your entry. You are really going to do a great job as usual. Keep it up. Lets do it.

 3 months ago 

Thanks @steemalive

 3 months ago 

This contest is a great one...
Am ready!!! Am in steemalive!!!

We really welcome your entry @peterabagi. We are waiting to read what you have.
Note: To get further support, you need to engage more with our posts, especially community announcements and projects. If you improve, the support will be bigger.

 3 months ago 

I have and i will always do my best.

 3 months ago (edited)

This is so serious oo, steemalive has gone to higher level.Infact our leaders are doing great work for the benefits of steemanis at large.I will try this one.

@chigold1. We are waiting to read your first entry. Do a great job and you will be rewarded more.!

 3 months ago 

We must write

We like as you have taken up the challenge. We want you to go far with the challenge. Do your best and aim for the top. Wish you all the best @beautybb

 3 months ago 

I will try my best,thank you @steemalive

 3 months ago 

Wow. This is wonderful

It’s 7 days cruise for me abeg

Solid seven days cruise for everyone. Lets do it. Start early so that it wont stress you much. Please be sure to comment on as many posts as you can @tripplem

 3 months ago 

Solid seven days cruise for everyone. Lets do it. Start early so that it wont stress you much. Please be sure to comment on as many posts as you can @tripplem

Alright, i definitely will…. So help me God

 3 months ago 

honestly I love this contest, from today expect my post

We cant wait to have your entries. You normally do a great job. For this, we are sure you wont disappoint at all. @kingcent

 3 months ago 

This contest is almost someone going on a 7 days dry fasting but whatever the case maybe, @steemalive is the community of the moment.

benson6. You dont need to fast. Just try your best. 1 post per day is still a general minimum requirement for any dedicated writers on Steemit. So take up the challenge and run with others.

 3 months ago 

This is very interesting Contest. I will participate. Thanks @focus be ready to identify me in my Primary School picture

 3 months ago (edited)

This great @steemalive, thanks for keeping us busy through out the week. Below is my entry for this contest.

 3 months ago 

Wow what a nice upgrade, thanks boss for making the family moving forward and not backwards

 3 months ago 

That is a great contest. I'll have to crack my brain to be able to write in this contest, it will be difficult to get pictures for this contest. Steemalive is a moving train, and I'm glad to be in this train.Thanks for this contest.

Wow what a great contest,less join hand together to make this contest great one ok
Thanks to @steemalive

Amazing,amazing,amazing. Now people can sit back,read others story and know them better . Alot of memories will come to play.

 3 months ago 

Thanks for inviting

This is interesting

Hi @benson6, after going through your job history you really had a great experience in that. Kindly keep it up. God will grace your elbow.

 3 months ago 

Amen!!! I really appreciate your effort by coming to my love brotherly.

 3 months ago 

Hello @steemalive,this is an amazing contest and am happy to be a part of it. I made my first entry and here is the link.

 3 months ago 

I Hope it's ok to start with the any 3 Post, so I can post what I already have at hand.

 3 months ago 

Sure. Start with anyone that is ready. 1 post per day. @manuelhooks

 3 months ago 

This is great and will encourage alot of people that don't know what to post to post daily.

Sure. We really need everyone to be up and doing. We are expecting your first entry today @peachyladiva

 3 months ago (edited)

Good evening everybody I’m @steemalive community. Hope we had a nice day.

Here is my entry link for day 1

This is a. Very contest here I would love to participate

This is an interesting contest...@steemalive.
Sure I will drop my entry soon.

You really had a wonder day. Life is a journey and each and everyone of us has different question paper to answer. Great one @mikemm

Thank you . i appreciate

You are welcome sir

Wow this sounds really interesting! This initiative is really great

It is good to be surround my good people and greater influence are effect of gainful relationships. Nice composition

 3 months ago 

Exactly,thanks for stopping by

You are welcome

Good day all, please i made this post yesterday but forgot to enter it here, pardon my errors please.


Wow this contest is indeed a creative and challenging contest.

We move into it.

 3 months ago 

This is my Day 2 of the 7 days writing challenge

This is really encouraging especially for the newbies in the platform. Am thankful steemalive for this great opportunity given to us.

 3 months ago 

This is an amazing contest @steemalive I was unable to start on Monday, please can i double it

 3 months ago 

This is an amazing contest. A writing pen is an accountability of growth. An accountable life is the most prosperous life.
Below is my entry for day 1:

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