Live and Direct Reporting for today 3/8/2021 and Tomorrow 4/8/2021

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We are really excited to welcome your friends back to our LID reporting project. We took a well-deserved 1 week break to put our house in order. LID has been an interesting project which brings much value to our community. It encourages engagement and originality. We thank all our LID reporters that have gone through the verfication process and gotten the label.

We wish to remind you that from today, LID reporting wont be business as usual. We will strictly follow the new guidelines and wont send any reward to those that will break the rules. What we are looking out for is real quality to this project. So if you have the verified/LID Reporter label, it means you have read and understood the new LID guidelines. As a reminder, these are the few things you have to bear in mind.


General tips for Quality Reeporting

  • Engagement: This is top priority. Make sure that each time you drop a LID report, try to reply at least 1 other persons report. Short phrase and 1 sentence replies wont count. make sure to reply to specific things mentioned in the report.

  • Spotlight: Remember that if you must do the spotlight to earn extra 0.1 Steem, it must include the What3words location coordinates. Otherwise it is disqualified.

  • Reporting Periods: There are 3 major reporting periods. If any of your reports fall outside the reporting periods, you are disqualified. Remember that you are expected to report at least once in each period. So you should make 3 reports each LID reporting day. Here are the periods follows:

Morning: 5.30am - 11.59am
Afternoon: 12 noon - 3.59pm
Evening: 4pm-11.59pm

  • Length of Reports: Remember that each report you make should be at least 70 characters in length. We will count to be sure.


Spotlight for Today 3/8/2021

Each day, we ask you to include at least one recommended object or place in your report. We call it the LID spotlight. For today 3/8/2021, the spotlight is Telecoms Head office/ Branch office. So capture the head or branch office of any Telecoms networks - MTN, Glo, 9Mobile, Airtel.

Note: Like other reports, the spotlight must contain a description like location, nature, activities or any general information which will help the reader to understand the spotlight.


Spotlight for Today 4/8/2021

The LID spotlight for today is telecoms Mast. Try to capture a very nice spotlight. We we give extra prize for an outstanding spotlight.

Useful Links



Feel free to ask any questions regarding something that is not clear to you. We are really keen to see greater quality and improvement in the reports you will make. We will reward exceptional reporters with some prizes outside the stated prizes. We pay 0.6 steem each for your reports without spotlight or 0.7 steem fro reports with spotlight.

Thank you so much for accepting to be our LID reporters.


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 2 years ago 

This is a welcomed development. Great work Sir

Third lid report
Immaculate road, Aba.



After I left the Nimc center, I went to shop and started working. Soon after Power holding ceased light, I went out totge petrol station to buy fuel. On my way back, I captured my Spotlight of the day as shown above. At about 4 I went out for some snacks.

I worked and closed late at about 7pm. On my way home I captured the immaculate road that have just been constructed by the Abia state government with street lights.


Immaclate road, Aba

When I arrived home, I had my bath and dinner, then retired to bed.

 2 years ago 

We needed adjustment but this particular one is for able body, one love @steemalive

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Location: Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda Cameroon
Time: 6:57am
Date: 03/08/2021

Good morning dear friends. It's good to be back with a modified version of the project. For me I fine is so great and I appreciate the changes let's all enjoy it. Hope you had a sweet night rest for I know Mondays are one of the most busy days in the week. Mine was very short and good. I slept around 2:20am this morning trying to park some of my brother's things to take to the a new house we got. I had moved it but his things were still left in the family house which I was helping his wife park them. By 6:03am I was awake for family prayers which lasted for 45 minutes. The readings for prayers today was centered around our FAITH IN GOD. It
presents how the Israelites doubted God in the desert same as Peter when he saw Jesus walking in the water. So to us how is our faith in God? Is it strong or weak? Think about that today

My cousins and nephew ready for prayers

Today is going to be a busy day for me. As activities I have to transport and park my brother's things to the new house then go to the market and buy some things go the house, my mother is also asking me to prepare our traditional meal for our sent off traditional party. It's going to be a good day and k will be reporting what happens as it goes. Have a nice day dear friends
#twopercent #cameroon

 2 years ago 

Hi love, I am happy to see your golden hair once again. Your smiling face shows you really enjoyed your night and that you are doing great.

Your brother and wife must certainly be @njiatanga and wife tight?

They are being sent off? To your new house? Wow, great news. My congratulations to all of you and my best regards to everyone over there.

I can't wait to see the traditional meal you are to prepare.

 2 years ago 

Thank you very much momma it's nice to be back again on the lid.

Yes it's my brother Claude and his wife. We will be living together and my mother is spoiling us with done good food as we leave for a new home. Traditional meal is coming to your Bluetooth soon
#twopercent #cameroon

@tenguhatanga good morning, it's with you that I welcome you back on lid. It's obvious you have been fine and well.

You have a very large family. It's a beautiful thing to start and end the day with prayers. I hope you achieve all your plans for today day. Congratulations to tour brother on the now house.
Regards to Mum!

 2 years ago 

Thanks a lot for the warm welcome my friend and same to you too. Its been a while. Yes for sure my family is very large. Only I will be missing them as I move out.
#twopercent #cameroon

You will always make our timr to go see them.

 2 years ago 

For sure I will there's no doubt about that

 2 years ago 

The whole house is fully ready for this lid
@tenguhatanga do have a nice,

 2 years ago 

Good morning dear sister.
Thank God for the new house.
Please cook traditional food for mama.
Your cousins and nephew are cute.
Do have a pleasant day

 2 years ago 

We really thank God for everything my dear and these children are so fun to be with. Of course I can't refuse to prepare the food. It's so delicious 😋😋.
#twopercent #cameroon

Hello @tenguhatanga, your Bright morning face shows that you're doing okay and I'm happy for you, meanwhile your day will go fine and as planned, i hope.
You must be a good cook for your mom to ask you to prepare a meal for her. Welldone.

 2 years ago 

Of course in a good gurl oohh I can't reject my mother's request. Thanks for the welcome. Have a nice evening dear

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Location:Aba, Nigeria
Time:7:18 am


Good morning ladies and gents in the house.Trust you are fine.I really had a good night rest,the cool weather made it more enjoyable.I woke up around 6:30 am and did the usual morning routine.I am preparing to visit the market to warm the food 😃.Later on,I will be going out to the Training center to complete a few task as usual.Once I am done with breakfast I am taking off.Breakfast today was jollof rice that I prepared last night.I tastes good.
I will update you with other activities of the day as the day unfolds.


 2 years ago 

Good morning dear @samuel20, it is a wonderful thing to know that you enjoyed your night. Please, do they warm food in the market?

Hope you will enjoy your work at the training center today.

Catch you later.

 2 years ago 

Hi @ngoenyi,

Please, do they warm food in the market?

It was a comic relief.

Thank you for responding to my report.Continue to make good contents in Steemit.

Good afternoon @samuel20 good to know you did enjoy your night. I didn't know you are a good cook, hopefully, someday, I will wat from your pot😋. Have a great day.

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date: 2/8/2021

Hi everyone! Greetings to you all. It is a beautiful morning this morning here in Uyo city of Akwaibom State. It rained heavily last evening resulting in a very cold and peaceful night. I for a person benefited from the cold whether because I slept one way only to be awakened by alarm clock at 4am.

Waking up by then, I waited for the led to be dropped, but I had to engage in making comments on some of the posts that mentioned me and as well reply to some comments on my posts. But I slept again before long.

I am just waking up again to see this lid. Here is my morning face with my hot water prepared by my kids which they handed over to me as soon as I woke up


Today, I have a handful of activities to carry out such as going to my center and doing my work as a country representative.

Breakfast this morning will be fried rice and vagetable but am not the one preparing it today, @madilyn02 is doing that but I will just check and see how it is going.

We will soon have our morning worship before we all go out of the house or start with any other thing that needs to be done.

I will be back by afternoon to update you with other information as they unfold. I hope someone will just remind me about it so I don't forget. Thank you all for going through.

#nigeria #afable

 2 years ago 

Good morning mummy. Was so happy when I saw ur lid post. Its the first time am seeing you do lid. You said you used to be active on lid reporting. Glad you could join us again. I'll try and remind you of the lid reports later in the day. Just tell me the best way to reach out to you so you can meet up with the timing. Do take care momma.

 2 years ago 

Wow, so lovely! You can reach me on WhatsApp

 2 years ago 

@ngoenyi, good morning it's good to see you, how's the day going. make sure you do not finish the attractive breakfast all alone, send some measures to Aba, Enyimba city,😃😃, take care and have a nice day.

 2 years ago 

@ngoenyi. Oh there she is. Been a while, good to see you again,as a lid reporter. Best wishes

 2 years ago 

Thank you so much sir, @emjeak. I appreciate your nice comment

 2 years ago 

@ngoenyi. You are welcome. Thanks-a-lot.

First lid report.
Immaculate road, Aba.

Good morning dear friends and fellow lid reporters. How was your night, I hope you did sleep well? Am glad to be back with you again as our lid reporting returns and in flying colors.

Today, I woke up by 5am. I said my morning prayer and did the dishes in the kitchen. I then fixed Breakfast of tea and bread for my relative that visited. While she had the breakfast, i discussed with her. After eating, I saw her off to the road, she actually came to meet with a tailor to help her tailor a blouse to use for August meeting.

Am now back to the house, I am currently boiling water for my own tea. I will also have tea and bread as breakfast. After which I will go ahead to have my bath. And set out for the day.

From here, I will go to the market to buy fabrics for work. Today, I will work on a set of agbada. I intend to work till about 8pm because I have an urgent job I need to deliver before the close of business tomorrow.

Do have a lovely day ahead, I will continue to bring you to speed as the day unfolds.


 2 years ago 

I guess today is gonna be a stressful day for you but do have a nice day,take care sir

 2 years ago (edited)


First lid post

Time: 8:20am
Date: 3/8/21

Good morning lod reporters. Hope you slept well. My night was short. I slept in late trying to make some posts on steemit. I am just waking up. That's me lying down on the sofa where I slept. The night was very cold as the airconditioner was on all through the night but I had to off it early this morning to avoid freezing things😁.
Am still lying down on the sofa and wont be getting up any time soon. I just finished praying and will do my devotional before going to brush and do some house chores.
I'll be going out later in the day to the market to get some things for food. I intend to start cryptoacademy assignment today.

I'll keep you posted with more activities.

 2 years ago 

TIME :8 :10AM


Good morning everyone, l am excited to participate in today's report, seeing other people report, help me to know that many of my friends are awake and they are great this morning.
I woke up today but 5:30am , NEPA light woke me up , l wasn't my intention to woke by that time, but lt is of great benefits. As l woke , l rush to my phone and carry it , l open it, straight to examine the scripture daily, and l conduct today's text, my faith in strengthen from what I read, l now communicate smoothly with my heavenly father. After that l decided to lroned some of my clothes, this clothes is what I will use for my pre wedding shoot. so this means that I will go for studio shoot today.💃💃💃. An As you can see my face ,my make-up artist arrive at 7:01am , l rush and take my bath for her to make me up because she has other people to do same .
After this, l will cook rice and beans for my breakfast, l believe that before 10 :30am , l will be done with house chores and go for the shoot, after that l will visit our planning committee chairman for some discussion concerning our D day 14 August 2021.

I will be back by afternoon to update you with other information as they unfold. Have a wonderful day ahead.
Thank you all for going through post.

@dequeen. You made a great entry. We appreciate you efforts. However, you have not completed the requirements for all reporters. Please complete them so that you will be eligible for the LID prizes. Consult the link below for more information.


 2 years ago 

Thanks for the information , but l am confused on what to do, l have commented on this post ,l have seed the steem to @safunds ,l have followed @steemalive, @citycurator and l have read the rules and regulations ,l understand it, please enlighten me on what to do,so have to be verified.

 2 years ago 

To be verified as a SteemAlive member, you need to make a post, for example, a diary post and use justify alignment and centered headings to format it. I believe that is what is remaining for you. @dequeen.

 2 years ago 

Please sir, check on this post,
Please sir notified me, lf am correct, sorry for stressing for you .

You have been verified. You can continue reporting LID. @dequeen

We have seen your post now. You have been verified. Continue reporting LID

 2 years ago 

Thanks so much, l am extremely greatful. 💃💃💃💃

 2 years ago 

Hello deaf friend @dequeencare,your makeup looks really amazing and I wish you a video of how you did the makeup and send to me so that I can.practice as well,you look pretty

 2 years ago (edited)

1st Lid Report

Location:Aba Nigeria


Good morning everyone hope you had a wonderful night"

I woke up this morning around 6am I brush my teeth so I quickly go fill the gas, I didn't know when it got finished yesterday, I went in search of it yesterday night so I couldn't see so slept without eating, that why I quickly go get it this morning before anyone other thing so after that I tidy up the house before logging into my steemit account to post lid, I don't know how today is gonna be but I hope it gonna be a successful day because I have many things at hand to do, I just hope it work out well.

And am really happy about the progress of steemalive community and am happy we are going higher and I know we still have a long way to go.

Have a nice day everyone stay safe and distance yourself from trouble and worries,have a wonderful day once again, I shall keep you updated.

Thank you somuch @jokkystar for this report. However, you have not completed the requirements to be eligible for the LID prizes. As part of the verification of our LID reporters, you were instructed to send at least 1 Steem to @safunds to support the LID project. You have not done that. You can check through the guidelines so that we can give you the LID reporter label. Thank you.

 2 years ago 
First LID report

Date: 3/8/2021
Location : Akwanga Nasasrawa State
Time: 8:36 am

morning selfie before devotion

Good morning fellow steemians, I believe we all had a pleasant night rest.
I woke everyone up this morning by 5:43 am for a family morning devotion and I was privilege to lead with the topic Familiarity with God?
We were admonished not to take God for granted.
We learned that receiving calls, chatting and surfing the internet while in the presence of God is familiarity and a sin before God.
Before the final prayers, my big bros gave the kids some new rules regarding the house with the support of his wife because according to what I was told, while I was away yesterday, they joined hands to discipline the girls for misbehaving and I was solidly behind the discipline.

I made breakfast and packaged for everyone before preparing to go out myself.

Today, I will be going to the shop to attend to some customers and I intend to go through the town to check out on the spotlight hopefully.

Do have a pleasant day and see you much later.

First LID Report

Location: Owerri, Imo state

Hello guys its a beautiful morning today, bright and lovely. I'm already at my aunt's shop in school and awaiting some business for the day. I'm expecting to do a lot of typing work today because we are in the period when final year students are writing their projects and they are to submit a copy this week to their supervisors. I hope I'm not too tired by the end of the day. I'll keep you updated.


 2 years ago 

1st Lid report
Location: Worldbank Owerri
Date: 3rd August 2021
Time: 09:18am

Morning selfie

Good Morning dear Lid reporters,It's so good to have Lid and be back reporting.
I slept very late last night doing a crypto assignment but the sleep afterwards was restful.
I'm up and as you can see in the picture I have a mop in my hand. I've swept and I'm now cleaning my house.

Later today I have an appointment with a friend at Owerri North Local government area.
I also have a jingle job I need to settle today. From there I'll be heading to church later in the evening for a meeting.
The sun is out so I know it'll be an activity filled day.
Till I come your way again, there's no issue God cannot solve.

 2 years ago 

Hey dear @ngozi996,owerri babe you shaa look fine oooo....please I will like to k ow the details of how you do your jingle work,I think I need one for my business,what do you think babe?

 2 years ago (edited)

Hello sis. Thanks for the compliment. Jingles are great ways to let people know what you do and how to reach you.
As per the jingle you'll script what you want your customers to know concerning your business,we'll voice and edit it then send to you. We also place adverts In radio stations here If you want us to advertise it here.
The standard fee for production is 10k @ladyofpolicy toucan reach me via 07016700856

 2 years ago 

Thank you sis,I will get back to you as soon as I can ,take care

 2 years ago (edited)

Ist Lid Report
Location:MCC Road Aba Abia State.

Good morning my follow great reporters. How was your night?.I hope you have a nice sleep.Mine was also nice despite I slept late and I woke up late this morning because of some of the posts guidelines I went through.


I woke up this morning by 6:55am.I do morning prayers with my family.while praises was going on,I rushed to the kitchen and put water on fire (gas).I came back continue with them before we concluded the prayers.Thou the prayer didn't last long just 10 minutes.

After the prayers, they went and bath while I prepared their breakfast and served them.The breakfast was not stressful,it just a simple one indeed ( Tea and Bread).

They have eaten and gone to school.I saw them off and took a photograph with them.
I am at home now doing my house chores.when I am through, I will be going to Brass Street Aba to see a friend.From there I will go and snap my today's Spotlight.

Stay tuned I will keep updating you people.


Good to read your LID REPORT @chigold1

You have done quite a good number pf activities this morning.Thats a woman for you.

Your kids are grown ups oooo...that great.I love having tea as breakfast too, especially using Milo and milk.

 2 years ago (edited)

Thank you ,Tea and Bread is my favorite food.

 2 years ago (edited)

Good morning Mama boys, I can see you and your boys this early morning, the Lord is your strength. like me after doing a whole lot today, I will be going to snap my spot light. See you.

 2 years ago 

Thank you my will be our limit in Jesus name Amen.

 2 years ago 

My first Lid Report
Date: 03:08:2021
Location: Aba


Good morning great steemians, it's good seeing your faces again after some off days were taken by the management to make us all to come back better and stronger as an unshakable and unstoppable Force, great thanks to all our leaders for their innovative and creative minds.

For me, it's a good and great day as you can see, we're already in the month of August, 2021. My night was good I slept comfortably, glory to God Almighty.

I woke up today by 6: am, did our family prayer ended it 7: am, warm some food, swept the house, took my birth and was ready to move out for the day's activities.

I will be going to a prayer meeting by 10: am, from there get to steemit office, from there to look for Telecom office to snap for today's sport light presentation.

After doing all of the above, I will retire for the day. Mind you, I will keep you posted as the day progresses. Thank you for being there and for reading through. Bye and see you later.

 2 years ago 

Do have a good day at the office and congratulations on your winning in spud4steem.

 2 years ago 

Good afternoon ma.
Hope the prayer meeting was a success.
It's good to have you back on LID report ma.
Enjoy the rest of your day

 2 years ago (edited)

Yes, yes,yes the prayer meeting was a huge success. God met us at the point of our needs and he is Worthy of our praise. You are blessed @patience90






Greetings to you all.I believe we are all fine and strong.I am happy that we all made it to see the new day.I went to bed a little bit late last night,this is because I had a lot of unfinished house hold chores over the other day.So had to finish it up last night before going to bed.
When I woke up in the morning,I said my prayers and and arranged the room.Later on,I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast and to take care of the dishes.After breakfast.I eat,had my bath and got ready to leave the house.I will be going to the Steemit training center to continue to work from where I stopped yesterday.
I will update you with other activities of the day.

 2 years ago 

Hi @ninapenda, it is good to see your morning face and to know that you slept well. Hope the breakfast will get to me?

Enjoy your day in the training center.

 2 years ago (edited)

Second LID Report

Location: Owerri
Time: 2.48pm

Hello guys, hope your day is going well, and the sun is smiling down on you like it is smiling on me. Well as I expected the day has been busy but for now I'm cool. I've typed and printed a couple of projects work/corrections today, including mine. I also went to submit my own work as today was our day of submission. My supervisor made some corrections too, but I'm done with it now, finally he collected the work. So I'll be waiting on the day of defense which starts next week. I've not had lunch yet.
Yep, that's it for this afternoon. See ya later.

Me waiting for my supervisor.

 2 years ago (edited)

Hi @justice009

I am glad you have completed your project work.Writing project is always a demanding activity.

Continue to be at your best in your academic pursuit.

I will, thanks

 2 years ago 

Hello @justice009 thank God for the success of your project work.
I wish you distinction in your defence.


 2 years ago 

Second Lid report
Time: 3:09pm.
Location: Agor lagos state

Good afternoon lid reporters. My day is coming on well. I had plantain pepper soup for breakfast. After taking my bath and brushing, I zooomed into cryptoacademy to peruse through the assignments. And I headed out to the market this afternoon to get some stuffs. On my way strolling to the junction, I met a very busy scene of men at work.


There's construction work on going in the fenced building. The truck just brought some bags of cement. The men are off loading the cement to the site while some are busy with their head pans carrying and mixing the cement and sand and the work is moving briskly under the hot sun. Money making is not easy. I passed by and continued my journey to the market. Stay tuned for more lid updated.

 2 years ago (edited)



Location: Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda Cameroon
Time: 3:26pm

Hey friend I am back again with another report. It's been quite a busy day for me and thankfully I am achieving my day's goals. After prayers I left to look for the fowl I will use to prepare the food. It was a long search in the quarter as I didn't want to go to the market. Fortunately I got it though expensive and went immediately to prepare the food. My brother's wife helped me in all that's and by 1:45pm we were done and lunch was served
IMG_20210803_141759.jpg lunch of my traditional meal

While I was cooking my supervisor asked me to come see her by 2:00pm with my research proposal. Right now my program will change because of that. Before leaving the house I made sure the driver to transport the things was available and took them to the house. At the moment I'm in a taxi going to see my supervisor.
#twopercent #cameroon

 2 years ago (edited)

2nd Lid Report.
Date :3/8/2021.
Location:Brass Junction Aba Owerri Road Aba.


Good afternoon my good friends reporters.I hope your enjoying your day.That's good.
As I promised to update you guys about my movement today.I have gone to Brass Street to see a friend.we discussed one or two things there.I am about to go and snap my spotlight now .I took a picture in her shop before I left.Now I am on my way to snap my spotlight.


 2 years ago 

2nd Lid Report
Date :03:08: 2021
Time :3:30pm
Location: Aba



Good afternoon my esteemed steemians, how has the day been going, hope smoothly. I have done almost all of my stuffs today as I said earlier on, the day.

Today is exceptionally cool, no much sun has been seen it's okay. or no sun at all

On this picture today is the foundation laying stone on my younger cousin in the village. Last time I traveled he came back from Rivers State where him and his family live to do it. It was a thing of joy so I rejoiced and still rejoicing with him.

My prayer is that may it get to whoever that desires such blessings from the Lord.

Right now I'm at steemit center as I said earlier and be returning home very soon
See you on the spot light for today's segment. Thank you, continue to be good

Wow @ijelady I am happy with the progress made by your younger cousin.I hope more blessings will follow suit.

Yeah...we are happy to have to have you around at the Steemit training center.You are always a hardworking woman.

Continue to remain active on steemit.

 2 years ago 

Thank you @ninapenda

 2 years ago 

Ooooo, that is good to know thank you baby girl. @ninapenda

 2 years ago 

Weldon @ijebest

 2 years ago 

Thanks ma, @ijelady

 2 years ago (edited)



TIME...... 6:52am

Hello wonderful people and fellow LID reporters,it feels so good to partake in another edition of this program. I missed everyone and I hope to see all of your reports soon as we interact with each other today.

So today being Tuesday and the 3rd day of August 2021,am already awake because I have series of activities I will engage myself in today.

First my hot water is on fire now which means small getting ready to go out,and throw first thing I will do this morning is to go to work and later in the afternoon I will go and buy pet feed (bluecrown 2MM) and after that,I will go to the POS office and pick up.a pos I paid for,also I will go to the cosmetics shop and buy goods(perfumes as most of my customers needs one) after which I will head home straight.

As you can see am really going to have a busy day but I will try my best to keep you posted all through today.

Early morning selfie

Do have a wonderful day friends and I love you all.

 2 years ago 

Hi @ladyofpolicy,

Thank for reporting in the new LID REPORT format.

You have a lot of activities lined up today,this means that you will have your hand full today.

Continue to get us updated in due course.


 2 years ago 

Thank you so much dear @samuel20,I will surely keep you guys posted and do have an amazing day ahead

 2 years ago 

Your day is gonna be full of engagement but as we will have it, all work without play makes ladyofpolicy a dull girl. I wish you a happy new month and a fruitful day dear and stay safe.

 2 years ago 

Good morning my dear @ladyofpolicy. It's really good to be back on the LID again and I missed it too. Damn!! Your day is really jam packed, well I pray God gives you the strength to go through all. What's the name of your pet? Say hello to it for me. Have a wonderful day my friend
#twopercent #cameroon

 2 years ago (edited)

Hi girlfriend @tenguhatanga,its been such a long time I haven't heard from you dear,how have you been?

As for my pet her name is princess Kimberly and you can learn more about her via this link

I pray you also have a fruitful day today OK!

 2 years ago 

Okay my dear I will check your pet from the link. My dear it's really been long and we will definitely chat before the day runs out.
#twopercent #cameroon

 2 years ago 

Hello good morning dear, you have such a list of today's activities.
Wish you best of luck as you execute them.

Hello, @ladyofpolicy, your day already mapped out, although it may seem stressful and busy but the fact that you have it all planned out will make it easier. Have a wonderful day.

 2 years ago 

All this things you said are you really gonna do it today, because is not gonna be easy at all.

 2 years ago (edited)



Hello everyone,wow am a little bit behind time but nevertheless am reporting the current activity in my location now.

As i stated earlier on in the morning about my day's activities,reverse is the case as I was able to accomplish only but a few of my plans.

On getting to work,I had an ugly incident that ruined my day. A man came to transfer money to my account so that I will give him cash and he mistakingly recharged 10,000 naira airtime and on top he's claiming right and blaming me for his mistake which created unnecessary scene and gathering and finally led us to mtn office,what a blessing in disguise ...... I got my spotlight for today.

After a long argument,we couldn't sell the card because mtn office was pricing recharge card of 10k as low as 5k so I decided to transfer tye airtime to my phone and paid him cash...

What a wasted day but not too fruitless at least I have my spotlight😁😁😁😁


mtn head office located at Isi gate,umuahia
Whats3word location

So right now am going to buy the pet feed as I already planned,stay tuned friends .

Hello @ladyofpolicy your day definitely had some drama, but thank God you came out on top.

 2 years ago 

2nd Lid report
Location: Orji Owerri
Date: 3rd August 2021

A beautiful Afternoon to every Lid reporters out there.
In my first Lid report I spoke about an appointment later in the day,well that appointment was cancelled so I had some hours to myself.
First I went to have a healthy lunch of rice and beans


I was almost done eating before I remembered to take a picture,then I took a nap for some hours.

Right now I'm on my way to church for a meeting.
The road is so full of cars right now and they're all plying one way because the other lane is under construction.


The meeting is scheduled for 5pm but I need to be there 30mins to an hour to set up equipments for the meeting.

 2 years ago (edited)

Third LID Reporting

Location: Owerri
Time: 6.53pm

Hello, my wonderful lid reporters, well the day has come to an end, we've not closed for the day yet, but were about to. The evening is calm and the breeze even more calm. I'm quite happy today cos i accomplished most of my goals today, i printed all the work i promised to print today and i also submitted my project work to my supervisor and most of all I still have some strength in me. Hmm the day was awesome. Well, I'll be heading home now looking to have dinner, watch a movie and then sleep, early. How was you day?


 2 years ago 

Hello @justice009, it's nice to know you accomplished your days goals today. That must be self satisfying for you I'm sure. Wishing you a better day tomorrow. What did you have for dinner today?
#twopercent #cameroon

 2 years ago (edited)

Hey, @tenguhatanga thanks for your kindness, it warms the heart. For dinner, i ate just bread.
Hw was ur day?

 2 years ago 

Okay cool. My day was a good one

 2 years ago 

3rd lid report
Time: 6:20pm

Good evening everyone. Glad to be back to complete my lid report for the day. When I got to the market, I bought some vegetables and stuffs for dinner. The market was quite full and bustling with people. After my shopping I headed home but encountered traffic jam.


The road was very busy as everyone is trying to rush home. Its evening rush hour. I stayed in the traffic for some time and finally its moving gradually. When I get home, am going to prepare pumpkin juice, my recipe for blood building to support my health. Do have a nice evening.

 2 years ago 

3rd Lid report
Location: Orji Owerri
Date:3rd August 2021

What a day. I can't wait to get home and fall on my bed.

While going to church I came upon his guys packing upholstery. What amazed me was how high he had packed things but was still packing.


The meeting I went for is the opening of the womb of the month and We prayed like no man's business today. Kaiiii
We did not only pray we've mapped out our plans for the month! Pray and plan!!!
This month I'm going to be enlarging the place of my tent for a harvest Isaiah54:2

 2 years ago (edited)



Location: St Paul's catholic church, Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda Cameroon
Time: 9:24pm

It's been a beautiful afternoon, escaping from the traffic in town was so tiring. These past weeks traffic congestion gas been a big problem that vehicles take roads in the quarter in order to get to their destination. That was the case with us as I went to see my supervisor. On arriving get house at 3:40pm she had left to get drugs for her children who were sick so I had to wait till she gets back. After an hour she returned and we worked on my research proposal and so I will begin my research this week. Another amazing moment to find a solution to problems faced by farmers and I'm ready for that. We finished by 6:00pm and I dashed to the market nearby to get some basins and other house utensils and mango to eat.

20210803_213530-COLLAGE.jpg at the market

It was evening and everyone was heading home so did I after getting some of the things I needed. Due to the traffic congestion I arrived home at 8:15pm hence missing the meeting I planned to have with my community members. Hopefully I will get that done tomorrow. My mother was home waiting for me with my brother's wife. On reaching she spoke to us and blessed us before leaving. When she left I ate my super and some mangoes. I'm satisfied and very tired now that I can't do more work or anything. I will definitely sleep now to have a good rest. So on this note good night friends. See you all tomorrow.

20210803_213407-COLLAGE.jpg my super and mangoes

#twopercent #cameroon

Its time to start reporting today 4/8/2021


 2 years ago 

2nd LID report
Location : Akwanga Nasasrawa State
Time : 1:32 pm

Good afternoon dear steemians.
Thank God for my health because I'm feeling a little bit better now and I was able to go out and eventually got today's spotlight.

This is an MTN mast location along Keffi road Akwanga behind old market.
This mast provides service for the community around the old market and beyond.
MTN mast behind old market Akwanga

 2 years ago 


Location: Aba




Good morning friends how was your night and your morning going, I hope you are good. I had a great night too. I woke up very early and I'm doing good this morning.

It's raining heavily this morning so I will wait for it to stop or reduce before going out since my activities today needs no rain. Today I will be at the site to continue the story building we started early last month here in Aba Abia state.

I shall keep you posted, have a wonderful day.

 2 years ago 

I hope the rain stops quickly so you can get on with your work. Cheers! @sirdeone10k

Good morning the smile on your face looks good. Here in Owerri, the cloud has gathered i and looks like it'll rain here too.
Have a wonderful day.

 2 years ago 

Hello mr @sirdeone10k,good morning to you and everyone in Enyimba city,the rain also extend down here in umuahia am just indoor writing thats all I can do until it stops,I hope it will stop soon so that you can go to work....

Take care of yourself boss.

 2 years ago 

Hope you day is coming on well. Just when I thought we've entered August break, the rain have started again. It's raining here too.

 2 years ago (edited)

1st lid report

Location:Aba,abia state.




Good morning my fellow steemian hope you had a splendid night, I hope the cold wasn't too much"
I woke around 7am today and the rain is so heavy, am even feeling cold as am typing now and I don't think I can bath with cold water, the street are already flooded with water.
I want to go tidy up the house now, I dont want to be late today, I will be back for my second lid report I pray you all have a wonderful day and please take care of yourself the wealthy isn't that cool so cold is not gonna enter your body and I pray you find your today lid take care once again have a great and wonderful day.
 2 years ago 

Hello @jokkystar
Please plus check your post before posting it,
Your date and location are missing,

 2 years ago (edited)



Good morning ladies and gent,how was your night? I believe you all had such an amazing night just like I did.

This beautiful Wednesday morning am already awake and set to go to work but unfortunately I plugged my pos in someone's shop last night and the person went out very early this morning with my pos locked up in his room so definitely am not going to work till her returns so all am gonna do right down is to write post on steemit and hope I will go out later.

Morning selfie

I wish you all an amazing day ahead and God bless everyone.

 2 years ago (edited)

Ist Lid Report.
Date: 4/8/2021.
Time: 8am.
Location:MCC Aba Abia State.

Good morning my follow reporters.I hope your night was good.Mine was cool and nice.


I woke up this morning by 5: 55am.I said my morning prayers with my family.I prepared breakfast for my children to eat and go to school.And now they have eaten and gone to school despite the rain this morning.You can imagine how how every was flooded.


I saw them off, from there I bought somethings at my street .After I returned I will continue with my house chores.when I am through , I will be going to the Steemit training center for more training.
Thou is still raining here.I will still update you . Thank you.

 2 years ago 

@chigold1. I understand your concerns, cos when it rains, it gives parents much concerns. Adults can manage to go out with the floods on our roads, but the school kids, they are young and inexperienced. Hopefully GOD has always been there for them,(school kids). Best wishes

 2 years ago 

Thank you my beloved.That is how we have being managing Aba oo.

 2 years ago 

First lid report
Time : 9:22am
Location: Lagos


Good morning everyone. Hope you all slept well. I slept well too. It's not been long I woke up. I stayed up a little late steeming as usual. Am going to be spending my day at home but will step out later to get some things at the mall. Am already feeling very hungry. Just ate fruits for dinner. When am done with bathing and brushing, am going to fix up something to eat and then continue with steemit. I have some contests I need to attend to.

Do have a good morning and stay tuned for more lid posts.

 2 years ago 

Location :Akwanga Nasasrawa State
Time: 10: 20 am


Good morning everyone. How was your night? I woke up so gallant this morning, joined family morning devotion by 5:29 am and I made breakfast of potatoes and beans portage.

My plans for today are:

  • I'll be going to the shop
  • visit the market
  • go to the bank for some transactions
    But after a while, I began to feel weak and I had to retire back to bed.
    Right now I'm lying down due to the weakness of the body.

Hopefully I can go out after resting for a while.

 2 years ago 

You seem to have so much to do despite ur health situation. How to do feel now? Hope you were able to do what I wanted for the day. Do take care of yourself.

 2 years ago 

Thanks dear I was able to take some medication though I couldn't do much anymore.
Thanks for checking up on me.

 2 years ago 

1st lid report

Date: 4/8/2021
Time: 10am



IMG_20210803_085911_129.jpg MORNING SELFIE

Good morning my great and beautiful steemians, trust we had a good night rest. Yesterday night was really cool and wet here in enyimba city. After examing the scriptures and prayer to our heavenly father for giving us life to see a new day.Despite the rain, I had to go out to meet someone at, mcc road ,at 6 o'clock this morning, we already made the appointment last week, but because of the importance and urgency of the appointment I had to go out under the rain and flooded roads. I came back home after the appointment to get ready for work. Stay tuned for more updates as the day goes by.
 2 years ago 

1st Lid report
Location: Owerri
Date: 4th August 2021.

Morning selfie

Good Morning Everyone. I hope we all had. A good night rest?
I still feel like the night should come back!!.
So we spent a better part of the night and early hours of this morning braiding my little sister's hair.
Why not finish up this morning?? That was the same question I asked my immediate younger sister ( the hair braider), but She insisted that she must finish it before morning because she wants to go make her own hair this morning and wouldn't entertain any hinderance. Chaiii🤦🤦

So my plan for this morning is sleep!! Sleep and sleep! Although I have an appointment which I'll shift to 12pm and beyond.
Y'all take care. Tip we see in the afternoon. Byee!!

Good morning @ngozi996, i can relate to your sleep sleep sleep plans of the morning, i also feel tht way. It seems as though the night keeps getting shorter, i can get enough.
Have a wonderful day ahead.

 2 years ago 

Hello dear @ngozi996,am glad you had a good night rest,honestly the sleep for me was very sweet because I was really tired last night and I slept all through the night without even shaking my body...

You can enjoy your sleep sis and let's see in the afternoon on your next report.
Love. You

 2 years ago 

Good morning dear sister, the braided hair is looking very beautiful.
Surely sometimes we wish the morning never comes but it does anyway.
Have a pleasant day

 2 years ago 

How's your day coming on sis. Hope you got the sleep sleep sleep you desired this morning. And your meeting went well. Do take care of yourself..

 2 years ago 

I did get the sleep thankfully,but I've been babysitting and forced to watch silly cartoons all day ,🤦🤦 @alexanderpeace

 2 years ago 

Lolzzzz. I can imagine. Pele midiya

 2 years ago 



Hello everyone and greetings to my fellow LID reporters,hope we all are having a fun filled day just like my humble self over here.

Today is a good day for me since I didnt go to work so I had to attend a drama rehearsal in church as we plan ahead for our drama night.
Right now am still in church as some persons are on stage now


Stay tuned for more update because from church I will go to town to pick up something by then I can get my spotlight for today.

Until then,you're the best.

 2 years ago 

2nd Lid report
Location: Worldbank
Date:4th August 2021

Good afternoon to you dear lid reporters. How's your day going?!. Mine has been cartoon filled!


I think there's a conspiracy against me today!! If not how do you explain the fact that I'm home babysitting my little sister who wants to do nothing but watch cartoon?!.
My immediate younger sister left early this morning shortly after my mum saying they'll be back in time,but it's 3:20pm and none of them are back yet so apparently my appointments for today have been cancelled.
Because all things work together for my good I've utilized the time at home to sleep,pray and make a contest entry.
Prayerfully the rest of the day will be amazing. Till I come your way again....adiós!!

 2 years ago (edited)

2nd lid report
Time: 3:. 45
Location: Lagos

Good evening everyone. Trust your day is coming on well. I had spaghetti for breakfast and when I was done, I made some healthy drink of pumkin juice and beetroot juice. I proceeded to rest alittle while trying to Steem but had network challenges. This evening I proceeded to go to the mall to get some personal items. This is the pic of the mall and the people inside shopping.


When am done with my shopping. I'll be heading home to cook dinner. My day beens great so far. Hope your own evening is coming on well as mine.

 2 years ago 

3rd lid post
Time: 6:25pm

Good evening everyone. The day has been busy and I was at the mall earlier for a little shopping. On my way home I captured the traffic. The road is always busy in the evenings, it's rich hour and everyone is rushing home from the day's work. I was stuck in the traffic again.

The traffic was quite long and going home was more of a slow and steady movement. When I get home, I intend to eat oha soup and semovita for dinner. I would also make out time to do some contest and maybe breeze into crypto academy before retiring for the night. Hope your day has been worth the while.

Do have a good night rest.

 2 years ago 

3rd Lid report
Location: Owerri
Time: 08:06pm
Date: 4th August 2021

Evening greetings dearly beloved Lid reporters. Like I told you in my earlier reports,it's been a stay at home day,though not by choice.
Everyone is back home and as a peace offering mummy bought me some cakes

She knows I love cakes and so she wants to bribe me with it.
Tomorrow morning very early I'll be leaving the house,they won't see it coming😂😂. They won't know what hit them. Hahaha
I hope you're having a wonderful evening?? Goodnight!!

 2 years ago 

3rd lid report

Date: 4/8/2021
Time: 7pm



As mentioned in my first lid report, I came back from my appointment, took my breakfast of tumeric, ginger and garlic. On my way to work I saw today's spotlight. I left work early today because of our midweek meetings. I got home late because of traffic on the road, I hurriedly joined the meeting without having lunch. Right now I've taken my dinner and already in bed.

Morning Lid report

Location; Owerri
Time 8.34am

Hello guy's hope your night was splendid? Well i slept but it seems as though the nights keep getting shorter and i can't get enough sleep, in all I'm grateful.
So i woke up this morning and prepared for the day a usual. Today I'll be taking mr younger brother to school, he just got admitted into Federal University of Technology, FUTO, this may take most of my time today as we'll be going there for registration, there'll be a lot of people there too. Hopefully we'll be through with it in time. I'll keep you updated.

Morning selfie.


Morning Lid report

Location; Owerri
Time 8.34am

Hello guy's hope your night was splendid? Well i slept but it seems as though the nights keep getting shorter and i can't get enough sleep, in all I'm grateful.
So i woke up this morning and prepared for the day a usual. Today I'll be taking mr younger brother to school, he just got admitted into Federal University of Technology, FUTO, this may take most of my time today as we'll be going there for registration, there'll be a lot of people there too. Hopefully we'll be through with it in time. I'll keep you updated.

Morning selfie.

 2 years ago (edited)

First lid report
4th August. 2021

Good morning dear friends, how are you today, I hope you did sleep well? My night was quiet and restful, and am glad and thankful to God almighty.

Today I woke up at about 7am. This is because I slept late. I prayed and worked out. I have also had my breakfast of tea and bread because it's a rainy morning.

Am about to set out for the day ahead. I will first go to Abia Poly to check on my Nimc Id card, then enquire for voters card.

 2 years ago 

Going for your NIN and checking on your voters card shows you are an obedient and a good citizen of Nigeria. Myself I want to go and see if they can change my pic there because it's very dark and blurred not very visible, this your note has made me know where I can find them thank you @uzoma24

Yes! Dear @ijebest. Nimc is now an essential for any form of help or assistance

 2 years ago (edited)

< div class = "text-justify " >

My first Lid Report today
Date: 04:08:2021
Time: 11:07: Am
Location: Aba


Good morning everyone great steem lid reporter, it's a good day and also a rainy day, we can not really blame the whether or the day because this is a rainy season for the year.

Anyway I slept very cool and woke up good and strong by 6:am i was awake and prayed, thanked the Lord for his grace and mercy for the day. Today I will be indoors to do certain things I have been planning to do for a long time.

During the day, I will step out to snap the mast which is the spotlight for today, thank you for everything I will keep you posted as the day goes on, see you then.

 2 years ago 

Good afternoon ma.
We really thank God for the weather.
It's equally drizzling here though it rained in some parts of the town.
Wish you fruitful day ma

 2 years ago 

Thank you my sister and good night @patience90

 2 years ago (edited)

Second lid report
Abia Poly

Good afternoon friends, how is your day going?
Am currently at the Nim Office located inside Abia Poly, Aba.
I have given them my details to enable them check the status of my application. Once am done from here, I will proceed to a computer center to enrol for voters card to keep me in a good footing to vote and be voted for. I also need the voters card to verify my Binance.

It's only after I have done these that I can go to shop to start working.

This will be all for now, I will bring you to speed with subsequent developments.
Do have a great day ahead


 2 years ago 

2nd lid report

Date: 4/8/2021
Time: 2pm


today's spotlight


Since 1992 when the federal government enacted the act establishing other service providers in the Telecom sector. Sights of Telecom mast has been a common sight, until the regulatory body, regulated the random erection of Telecom mast. We have different types of mast eg: t.v, radio, aviation etc. They also come in different models. The advantages far outweighs the disadvantages. We have major Telecom service providers, such as: MTN, AIRTEL,GLO, 9-MOBILE...
Thank you for your time in reading my lid report. Stay tuned for more updates.

 2 years ago 

Oh how informative this is. @emjeak sadly there's no mast around me

 2 years ago 

< div class = " text - justify ">
My 2nd Lid Report
Time: 3:04 : pm
Location: Aba, Nigeria.

Good afternoon my lovely people of lid report, today is gradually unfolding nobody knew the rain could ever stop today, by the way and the heaviness of the down pour from the night till this afternoon. God is so great who is always alternating the seasons, times, and whether for our good, yes yes praise God

Today my afternoon picture is banana in it's bunch still on it's tree, many people including children like to eat banana.
To me this banana tree and it's fruit is a significant of fruitfulness. I appreciate God and his wisdom, yes, as I said earlier I'm still at home doing certain things but have gone and captured my today's sport light.

Thank you every body and keep reporting. See you on the other side.


< / div >

 2 years ago 

@ijebest is good you remind me of banana ,because it has been long I bought banana for my children.I will try to banana for them this time.

 2 years ago 

It's very good for the formation and growth of children's brain, so it's okay to give it to them from time to time, you know it has many other health benefits. Good night.

 2 years ago 

Wow this banana looks healthy and full
If you take this to the market its plenty money ooo..

I like it

 2 years ago 

2nd Lid Report.
Time: 3:28pm.
Location: MCC Road Aba Abia State.


Good afternoon my good friends.I hope you are enjoying your day as today's weather Is cool after the rain fall.

For me I enjoyed the weather.I am still at home because of the rain ,I could not go the to the places I wanted to go.I am about to go and get my Spotlight.
Thank you and stay tuned.

 2 years ago 

@chigold1. The weather today is great, I prefer rain or rainy season to sunny and dry season, if not for bad roads and floods. Hope you'll have a great time in search of today's spotlight. Best wishes.

 2 years ago 

Exactly my brother.Thou I thank God I succeeded in capturing my Spotlight.Thanks.

 2 years ago (edited)

3rd Lid Report.
Location:MCC Road Aba Abia State.


Good evening my follow Reporters.I hope your day went well.
I am happy to give you more update this evening as I promised.
I have been away for about 30minutes in search of my today's Spotlight.I went to nwaogbaoso street by MCC to capture my spotlight.I tracked down to the place and snap it.I rushed back home to prepare food before is late.Currently I am through with everything I am doing for today.Later I will start writing my diary game.After that I will sleep.



Good evening everyone.I am happy to make my second report for the day.I hope you are enjoying your day too.
I have been updating the Jewelry shop collections.It has been a very busy activity,I must confess.

The weather is favourable today,it not too hot or cold.

After sometime, i went outside to get some snacks along the Azikiwe by East axis.That place is a very busy place.

Now I am back and I saw @marajah leaving the office,I haven't seen her for quite sometime.It was good to have her around once more.

I will be keep you guys updating with other activities of the day.


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