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RE: Live and Direct Reporting for today 3/8/2021 and Tomorrow 4/8/2021

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date: 2/8/2021

Hi everyone! Greetings to you all. It is a beautiful morning this morning here in Uyo city of Akwaibom State. It rained heavily last evening resulting in a very cold and peaceful night. I for a person benefited from the cold whether because I slept one way only to be awakened by alarm clock at 4am.

Waking up by then, I waited for the led to be dropped, but I had to engage in making comments on some of the posts that mentioned me and as well reply to some comments on my posts. But I slept again before long.

I am just waking up again to see this lid. Here is my morning face with my hot water prepared by my kids which they handed over to me as soon as I woke up


Today, I have a handful of activities to carry out such as going to my center and doing my work as a country representative.

Breakfast this morning will be fried rice and vagetable but am not the one preparing it today, @madilyn02 is doing that but I will just check and see how it is going.

We will soon have our morning worship before we all go out of the house or start with any other thing that needs to be done.

I will be back by afternoon to update you with other information as they unfold. I hope someone will just remind me about it so I don't forget. Thank you all for going through.

#nigeria #afable

 2 years ago 

Good morning mummy. Was so happy when I saw ur lid post. Its the first time am seeing you do lid. You said you used to be active on lid reporting. Glad you could join us again. I'll try and remind you of the lid reports later in the day. Just tell me the best way to reach out to you so you can meet up with the timing. Do take care momma.

 2 years ago 

Wow, so lovely! You can reach me on WhatsApp

 2 years ago 

@ngoenyi, good morning it's good to see you, how's the day going. make sure you do not finish the attractive breakfast all alone, send some measures to Aba, Enyimba city,😃😃, take care and have a nice day.

 2 years ago 

@ngoenyi. Oh there she is. Been a while, good to see you again,as a lid reporter. Best wishes

 2 years ago 

Thank you so much sir, @emjeak. I appreciate your nice comment

 2 years ago 

@ngoenyi. You are welcome. Thanks-a-lot.

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