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RE: Live and Direct Reporting for today 3/8/2021 and Tomorrow 4/8/2021

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TIME :8 :10AM


Good morning everyone, l am excited to participate in today's report, seeing other people report, help me to know that many of my friends are awake and they are great this morning.
I woke up today but 5:30am , NEPA light woke me up , l wasn't my intention to woke by that time, but lt is of great benefits. As l woke , l rush to my phone and carry it , l open it, straight to examine the scripture daily, and l conduct today's text, my faith in strengthen from what I read, l now communicate smoothly with my heavenly father. After that l decided to lroned some of my clothes, this clothes is what I will use for my pre wedding shoot. so this means that I will go for studio shoot today.💃💃💃. An As you can see my face ,my make-up artist arrive at 7:01am , l rush and take my bath for her to make me up because she has other people to do same .
After this, l will cook rice and beans for my breakfast, l believe that before 10 :30am , l will be done with house chores and go for the shoot, after that l will visit our planning committee chairman for some discussion concerning our D day 14 August 2021.

I will be back by afternoon to update you with other information as they unfold. Have a wonderful day ahead.
Thank you all for going through post.


@dequeen. You made a great entry. We appreciate you efforts. However, you have not completed the requirements for all reporters. Please complete them so that you will be eligible for the LID prizes. Consult the link below for more information.


 2 years ago 

Thanks for the information , but l am confused on what to do, l have commented on this post ,l have seed the steem to @safunds ,l have followed @steemalive, @citycurator and l have read the rules and regulations ,l understand it, please enlighten me on what to do,so have to be verified.

 2 years ago 

To be verified as a SteemAlive member, you need to make a post, for example, a diary post and use justify alignment and centered headings to format it. I believe that is what is remaining for you. @dequeen.

 2 years ago 

Please sir, check on this post,
Please sir notified me, lf am correct, sorry for stressing for you .

You have been verified. You can continue reporting LID. @dequeen

We have seen your post now. You have been verified. Continue reporting LID

 2 years ago 

Thanks so much, l am extremely greatful. 💃💃💃💃

 2 years ago 

Hello deaf friend @dequeencare,your makeup looks really amazing and I wish you a video of how you did the makeup and send to me so that I can.practice as well,you look pretty

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