SteemAlive Presents: Our Brand New Verification System for all Members!

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SteemAlive is delighted to welcome you to the Steemit Platform. Ours is a community that has seen growth over the last 2 Years because of our drive to recruit, mentor and support new users. With over 5000 subscribers within the last one year, SteemALive is now a popular destination and a gateway to many new users joining Steemit from Nigeria.. We welcome you to our community. Our verification system is simple and designed to help you get to you the platform better and also discover what our community is all about. We say a big warm welcome to you.

Our Verification System will consist of 3 important Sections:

  • Content Creation essentials on SteemAlive
  • Anti-Plagiarism Pledge
  • Connect with SteemAlive

Lets explain what you need to do under each section.


Content Creation essentials on SteemAlive

On SteemAlive, content quality is very important. And you need to get the basics right from the start. First of all, SteemALive community accepts all types of posts. Our community accepts all niches - all subjects. However, we care about the quality of your content and your manner of presentation. Here are important rules for content creation on Steemit and in our community:

  • Your work should be Original. We do not accept copy and paste work. At least 80% of your work should be your own. Any copied text or images must be properly referenced. You will learn more about plagiarism in the last section.

  • Your content should not be too short. We do not allow 1 or 2 paragraph posts. Your posts should have at least 300 Words in length. You can use this Word Counter to check the length of your content.

  • Your Posts must be properly formatted: The basics of formatting includes use of headings, center alignments, lists, etc. The most important of all is this - All posts in SteemAlive must must use justify alignment

  • Correct use of Images: Please do not have too many images in one post. Depending on the length, we do not recommend more than 5 Images in a post. Please resize your images accordingly. Images taken from mobile devices are usually too large. Use any apps to resize them.

Note 1: Your City Coordinator can help you learn more about content quality and formatting tags. Also, this post contains important lessons on how to make great content on Steemit.

Note 2: In addition to other requirements in this publication, We will give you our badge after you have made a post to demonstrate your understanding of applying Justify alignment and centered Headings. The post, which should be your most recent post in steemAlive will be reviewed by our Moderators before giving you our badge. You can edit an already existing post or write a fresh one in SteemAlive.

Note 3: We will review your badge if we discover posts made in our community with these elements missing after giving you warnings.


Anti-Plagiarism Pledge

Plagiarism means copying someone's work - text or picture - and using them as your own. On steemit, it is prohibited. It is viewed as outright stealing. Our community frowns at plagiarism. You must create original content. 80% of your work must be your own. If you want to include someone's text or images in your article, you must put the source. Because we frown at Plagiarism, our moderators are always on the look out for users that plagiarize. We will mute your post and remove our badge until disciplinary measures are completed.

Here is our anti-plagiarism pledge:

I understand that plagiarism is stealing and would never get involved in it. I also understand that I will loose my membership if found repeatedly copying texts and images without properly putting the source. I know how to reference copied content and will always do so when including other people's work in my own.

Connect with SteemAlive

In this section, we want you to learn about the community. The following link will be useful to that effect:

Having known our community to some extent, you have to complete the following steps

Note: You must be at least in club5050.



If you have gone through the 3 sections above and completed the tasks in the last section, Congratulations. We will give you the badge Verified member.

Drop the link of your introduction post to one of our Moderators below and they will give you the verified member badge.

Our moderators:



:::join trail


I understand and will abide by all the requirements.

Good day sir @samuel20
I have met all the criteria for verification
I have an active post with justify alignment and I have also followed the curation trail in addition to other criteria

That's awesome, I understand and will abide by the rules

I have read and understood all the requirements for verification and I have done diligence to them all... Sir @samuel20 here is a link to my post with justified alignment

 3 years ago 

Hi cinnymartins,

Pls join the Curation trail...and make sure to use center alignment always.

Sir I have completed all the required information but not yet verified

Good day sir @samuel20, I have done the needful necessary for verification sir.

I have read and understood the post. I pledge to abide by the rules. Include me fully as a member. Inform me of any update.

 3 years ago 

Interesting, self -explanatory and very comprehended...I as an individual will do everything possible to abide by the stipulated rules that governed this community. Stay bless @steemalive as we keep it on a lockdown.

 3 years ago 

Very nice requirements!!. Truly proof of brain. I've read and understand all the requirements and will abide by them

Please add me to WhatsApp group, I lost ur contact 😔

 3 years ago 

What a wonderful pledge,@steemLive, just like your name SteemAlive,all the rules and regulations are alive

Thank you for your kind words @ijelady. We will verify you once you complete the steps.

I will abide by the stipulated rules and will never plagarize

@mexacliff. You will get the badge once you have completed the steps

 3 years ago 

Thank you steemalive i have fulfilled all the above task,and will continue to abide by our principles to keep us safe and bring more growth to the community. Thank you

You are yet to complete all the requirements. For example, your most recent post in SteemAlive does not have centered headings or justify alignment. It is not up to 300 words too. Once you complete all requirements, we verify you and give you a badge. @beautybb

 3 years ago 

Surely i will do so,thank you.

 3 years ago 

I have completed the requirements
Thank you.

This is amazing, I have read and assimilated all the ethics and etiquette of this respected community and agree to abide by the rules with the terms and conditions. I pray that this community will continue to grow and prosper.
Remain blessed #steemalive

Thank you so much. You get the community badge once you fulfil all the requirements so as to have the full benefits of SteemAlive membership. @chizikky187

 3 years ago (edited)

Hi @chizikky187,
Kindly make a recent post with justify alignment,follow steemalive and your city Cordinator.

Then you would be verified.


 3 years ago 

This is great one, we need quality people and this steps will ensure that. Weldone steemalive.

@peachyladiva. Thank you for completing the steps. We have verified and labelled you.

 3 years ago 

Thank you @steemalive

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