Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 8 Week 6: "How do I want to grow old?"

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Greetings dear Steemians 😁

We are in week 6 of the 8th season of the Steemit Engagement Challenge, and we continue to move forward, in the course of each of the SECs we have had a constant learning, in which we have been improving some things and establishing standards for the future to be better and better, the same happens (or should happen) in our lives.

It is indisputable that we never get younger, but on the contrary, we get older with each day of life, and although it sounds a bit radical it is so. What we do or stop doing today has a direct impact on the quality of life we will have when we are in old age, we know that we are all aware of that, however, it seems that the necessary actions are not taken so that our natural aging process is the best.

That is why in this last week in our first participation as a community in the Steemit Engagement Challenge we want users to talk about that stage that will be ours to live at some point in the future (for some sooner rather than later) and how we are preparing for it.


[Image created in Canva Pro by @franyeligonzalez]


Based on the above, here are a series of questions for you to develop your publication:

1- How do you want to age: healthy and energetic or limited and dependent on medication?

2- What are you doing to reach the old age you long for?

3- Are you afraid of growing old, yes or no? Justify your answer.

4- Do you have any experience to share with us about an older adult who is an example for you to follow?


The contest rules

  • The publication must be made in Steemit Health community within the following schedule and time: April 03, 2023 to April 09, 2023 at 23:59 UTC.
  • Keep in mind the following: the publication must be #steemexclusive, do not use any vote buying service, you can use any language.
  • Post must be more than 300 words
  • Plagiarism prohibited, remember that all posts will be scanned.
  • Use images of your authorship or free of copyright.
  • Remember that you must belong to a club (club5050, club75, club100).
  • Post title: "SECS 8 Week 6: How do I want to grow old?"
  • Use the tags #steemithealth-s8w6 #country (Your country) #steemexclusive.
  • Leave the link of your publication in the comments of the contest.
  • Invite at least two users to participate in the Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 8 Week 6: How do I want to grow old?.



3 winners will be selected to whom we will grant Booming votes to each one, and additionally, Steem Power, as follows:

  • First place: Booming Vote + 5 Steem Power.
  • Second place: Booming Vote + 3 Steem Power.
  • Third place: Booming Vote + 2 Steem Power.

We not only invite you to participate with your publications but also to actively comment on the post of other users, surely we can also learn a lot from them.


We hope you enjoy this SEC season 8, Let’s begin...

Steemit Health Community Team:

@nadiaturrina (Administrator)
@josevas217 (Moderator/Organizer)
@franyeligonzalez (Moderator/Organizer)
@steemdoctor1 (Moderator)
@dexsyluz (Moderator)




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