SEC17 WK:#1: Forgiveness unites family

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Welcome to season 17 engagement challenge. It feels good to be part of the hosting communities.

We promise to keep it simple and we invite you to feel free to take part.

In this week's contest, we want to look at those things that unite families. Hence, we have chosen one of those qualities that can help strengthen and unite families.

Forgiveness is that quality that is uncommon in the world around us. People rather see those who forgive or who ask for forgiveness as weaklings. How do you view it and what effect does it have in your family. Is there any scenario that took place in your family which brings out the beauty of this quality?
Feel free to write on this topic, choosing your own subheadings or tips. Stories are allowed but real life stories that happened either in your family or that of others.

Contest Rules

  • Entries to this contest are open to ALL Steemians

  • Post in the Steem kids and parents Community

  • Make sure that you follow club status (Club50/50, Club75, or Club100)

  • The title must be: SEC17 WK:#1: Forgiveness unites family

  • Write a post of at least 350 words in any language

  • Plagiarism, AGI content, and voting bots are prohibited!

  • Only your own or free copyright images (source mentioned)

  • Posts must be exclusive therefore use the #steemexclusive tags among the tags #steemkidsnparents-s17w1 #yourcountry #clubstatus

  • Leave the link to your entry post in the comment section of this post

  • Vote and resteem this post

  • Invite two of your friends to join the contest

  • Share 10% beneficiary to @steemkidss to support community growth, and we will love it! (optional)

  • As this is an engagement challenge, entries should get at least 10 upvotes and 5 valid comments from other users to qualify as an entry at the end of the week and to stand a chance to win. We encourage you to vote and give quality comments (50+ words) on posts from fellow Steemians.

  • Authors must have shown active engagement with the posts of their fellow Steemians.

  • Quantity and quality are key and NOT most engaged.


The community will select 3 winners each week.

  • The top 3 weekly winners will receive 3 SP each with an extra prize votes from SC01

Participating time is from 00:00 (UTC) on 8th Monday to 23:59 (UTC) on Sunday 14th April 2024.


Feel free to drop your links on our telegram channel and ask your questions if any

Best regards

@steem kids and parents Community team


image credit to @walidctd



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