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The talent and creativity of the participants gave me great satisfaction, the interpretive quality, and a variety of musical genres awarded this Musicians Party.

Definitely, a totally successful idea was the release of Music for Steem - #musicforsteem, since the Musicians community needed this exhaust valve.

"The Missing Piece in the Musical Puzzle of your Life "

Thanks to @steemingcurators, @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, and @ciska for making this dream of so many talented artists come true.

Image by @bitcoinroute

Epilogue Video

separa juan musica.jpg

With this video, I wanted to pay a humble tribute to all the Musicians who participated this week.
I couldn't include them all, but I can assure you that all the entries were great.

Track List - Time Line:

separa juan musica.jpg

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How To Make a VALID Entry for ♬ MUSIC FOR STEEM (Always Up To Date)

I recommend you see the post WHITE PAPER (unofficial) - Business Vision so that you have a broader vision of everything that surrounds the Music for Steem project.

Te recomiendo ver el post WHITE PAPER (unofficial) - Business Vision para que tengas una vision mas amplia de todo lo que envuelve el proyecto de Music for Steem.



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Hi Juan! Thanks for this promotional video! Looks great and a great way to highlight some of the music created for MFS! Thanks

My pleasure. I really enjoy reviewing the entries and making videos.
We must all commit to promoting MFS and thus have more participants every day and achieve greater exposure.

¡Gracias por ser increible! Te acaban de votar los @steemingcurators. ¡Votamos con la cuenta de curador comunitario @steemcurator02 para apoyar el mejor contenido en Steemit!

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El mayor concurso de música en vivo en Steemit #MusicForSteem
Sigue a @musicforsteem y únete a la comunidad oficial en Steemit: MusicForSteem🎵
Arriba Steem!

Thanks for support, dear @steemingcurators.

Great epilogue video!
Thank you for including my entry in your epilogue selection list, and thank you for supporting all of the #musicforsteem artists, as well as the wonderful people who work tirelessly to make this Steem music competition a possibility! 😃

Brother, you are great!
We must give MFS more exposure. We all must make our own effort to achieve it.

It was a great post about music for steem...thank you!

You're a great musicians. Congratz!
Thank you.

What a nice tribute for all artists. Best regards.

Thanks friend.