Steemit Engagement Challange II | Steem Kindness Contest - Tell us how STEEM changed your life for the better life ! | Prizes 30 Steem

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Many beautiful stories are engraved on how steem can change the life of a person and society for the better. Steemit is not only a social media place to share stories or intellectual works but more. Steem provides an opportunity for users to earn income that can change their lives. Steemit is the first and best blockchain social media that gives a new color to social media.

In week 2 in the Steemit Engagament Challenge, the Steem Entrepreneurs Community invites participants to flashback about the important role of steemit in changing your mindset and life as a Steemit user. We believe many of you are better off after joining Steemit and changing your view of social media.

Desired post type :

  1. Write briefly and clearly how you first got to know steemit and why you decided to join the steemit platform.

  2. Write in detail how steemit and steem change your life for the better, both for yourself personally, family, friends or society with the charity activities you do with steem. Doing a steem promo is also part of the kindness you give to others.

History records many positive things that steem gives for a better life. Many poor people are helped by Steem charities, Entrepreneurs who thrive with the help of venture capital from Steem, Students who finish college with funds obtained from Steem curation and many other positive things. We want you to explore all the goodness of steem that you get or give to others in the form of interesting and quality writing.

Contest Rules :

  • Subscribe and post on the Steem Entrepreneurs Community page
  • The writing is at least 300 words, there should be more words you can write for this contest
  • Write in a language you understand well
  • Use original photos and paste copyright free photo sources
  • Use the hashtag #kindness-engagement in the four main hashtags
  • Make sure to use the hashtag #steemexclusive
  • Share rewards 20% of beneficiaries to charity account @steemkindness
  • You can share your contest post as early as Monday 00:00 (UTC). The last time to join is Sunday 23:59(UTC)
  • Plagiarism cannot be tolerated
  • The judges' decision will be final
  • Submit and obey the rules of

Please carefully read each point of the contest rules in order to fulfill the requirements for your participation in the contest. We really appreciate it for that.

Prizes for winners

The Steem Entrepreneurs Community will choose 5 winners with the following prizes :

1st WinnerVote Booming10 Steem
Winner 2Vote Booming08 Steem
Winner 3Vote Booming06 Steem
Winner 4Vote Booming04 Steem
Winner 5Vote Booming02 Steem

Contest Aim :

The Steem Entrepreneurs community has focused on steem growth / promo steem agenda in the business sector and charity activities. This contest aims to identify effective strategies in #promosteem activities for evaluation materials in the preparation of future community programs while at the same time generating enthusiasm and the #promosteem agenda for all steemit users. Let's make and as social media (blockchain) change for a better life for the world.

Cc : @steemitblog | @steemcurator01 | @disconnect


Open opportunities for useful contributions and collaborations with steem power delegates for community development.

Please select one from the link :

Thank you to all stemians who have supported and encouraged us to work hard to advance the Community and STEEM to reach wider people.

Kind regards,
Steem Entrepreneurs Team

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Thank you so much for bring a contest like this for we all to tell how Steemit and Steem has change our life. Honestly, am so happy about this very contest. Steem blockchain network is the best among all other blockchain network out there and equally, the same thing is what is implies to Steemit which is also the best among any other social media platform (decentralized) that you can think of. The first ever social media blockchain platform that clear the road for others follow.

Well, for now I can not just start writing about how Steem has changed my life here in the comments section let be make it as a post as to what is the rules of the contest for everyone we then see how good Steem and Steemit is. So In this case expect my entry soonest.


First of all, thankyou for describing everything clearly. As I am new on STEEMIT and I find it a source of connecting people, connection of thoughts, love and respect for each others.
Helping the needy, poor and the one who never ask you but they need you. STEEMIT is one the platform. I will surely participate in this weekly challenge.
Wish me luck!

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