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Welcome to the Steem Studios community!

Would you like to be a member of our community? You just have to meet some basic requirements to get verified on Steem Studios.

How to get verified?

Presentation in NewComers: You must have completed at least Achievement 1 of the community New Comers.

Get verified: Make a comment on this post that includes a selfie holding a piece of paper and write your username, current date and steem.studios.

✅ Invite 3 friends in the comment.

If you complete these first three steps you will get a Verified Member badge. Then you can start publishing your content.

This rule has been updated on 04/19/2022.

Remember to read the general publication rules according to your content.

Content Based Rules

🎮 Gaming

Game ReviewGameplay
Your title should start with: Games ReviewYour title should start with: Gameplay
Minimum 300 words.Minimum 8 minutes of recording.
Include reference links if the images are not owned by you.Include Steem studios logo in the video.
Tags: #steemexclusive #writing #gaming #steemstudiosTags: #steemexclusive #lifestyle #gaming #steemstudios

🎬 Movies

Movie ReviewRecordings & Interviews
Your title should start with: Movie ReviewAdd a short introduction.
Minimum 300 words.Minimum 2 min of video.
Include reference links if the images are not owned by you.The images or videos must be your property. Include the Steem studios logo.
Tags: #steemexclusive #writing #steemstudiosTags: #steemexclusive #lifestyle #steemstudios

💻 Technology

UnboxingTutorials (Software)
Your title should start with: UnboxingYour title should start with: Tutorial
At least 300 wordsAt least 300 words.
If the images are not your property, include a reference link.The images or videos must be your property.
Tags: #steemexclusive #technology #steemstudiosSpecify the step by step in detail. Add visual content and specify software name and version.
Include the basic specifications of your computer.
Tags: #steemexclusive #technology #computing #steemstudios

Please read more details in the following post:

Introduction & Rules

Stay active and interact with other members and you can earn additional weekly Rewards.

We hope you have fun in our community.


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 2 years ago 

Hola amigos! Aquí les dejo mi presentación a esta genial comunidad:


 2 years ago (edited)

Good job my best team
Make Steem great again, Steem On!

 2 years ago 

Holaaa por acá dejo mi presentación, será genial compartir con ustedes.

Mi presentación para Steem.Studios | @soyeme #clud5050

 2 years ago 

Perdón por la tardanza, aquí dejo mi presentación: Mi presentación para Steem Studios por @andreoid01 | club5050

Saludos cordiales amigos.

 2 years ago 

This is great, users will know how to present themselves correctly.

 2 years ago 


Thank you so much @vvarishayy for inviting me.

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