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You like to play video games? Would you like to review the most popular games? Do you want to make a review about a movie you saw over the weekend? or maybe you are an app developer? Well, this new community may interest you...

Steemit is an amazing platform that values the content you like to show. You can post endless things, from what you do during the day to content about cryptocurrencies. Everything in one place, yes, in the different communities that exist according to the content.

This new community will create new publications with specific content, more people can write about what they like and attract a large number of new users and an audience that has been lost, because who does not like to play video games or watch a film?

What is Steem Studios?

It is a community hosted on the Steem blockchain where you can publish content about video games, movies, short films, among other content that will be detailed later. Members must comply with the community regulations to obtain their benefits.

We are a new community, with a new community account. This means that we do not have a developed voting power, but we have strategies so that members are encouraged to publish in our community and thus grow together.

Welcome to the Steem Studios community!

What can you post on Steem.Studios?

We will have 3 main themes in our community that correspond to Video Games, Movies and Technology. The contents and rules to follow by topic are detailed below.

Please read carefully and comply with the requirements that are requested in each content, to have more voting opportunities and good order in the community.


Articles about video games

Game Review

Talk about a game or games to detail their features. Add visual content. Specify for which consoles they are available.

  • Your title should start with: Games Review -
  • Minimum 300 words.
  • Include reference links if the images are not owned by you.
  • Use of tags:
    #steemexclusive #writing #gaming #steemstudios


Players can show a Gameplay of some game played by them. You should insert a short introduction of what game you are playing and specify your computer details.

  • Your title should start with: Gameplay -
  • Upload your video to your Youtube channel and then insert the link in your post.
  • Minimum 8 minutes of recording.
  • Include Steem studios logo in the video.
  • Dialogue is not required.
  • Use of tags:
    #steemexclusive #lifestyle #gaming #steemstudios


Articles about Movies

Movie Review

Talk about a movie, series or short films to review, analyze, release dates, etc. Add visual content.

  • Your title should start with: Movie Review -
  • Minimum 300 words.
  • Include reference links if the images are not owned by you.
  • Use of tags:
    #steemexclusive #writing #steemstudios

Recordings & Interviews
Share a video of your property where you show cinematographic and/or audiovisual talents. Like plays, performances, interviews, etc.

  • Must include the Steem studios logo
  • Add a short introduction.
  • Minimum 2 min of video.
  • The images or videos must be your property.
  • Use of tags:
    #steemexclusive #lifestyle #steemstudios


Articles on Technology and Computing

Make an analysis about a technological product or program. Specify its characteristics and/or make comparisons.

  • At least 300 words
  • If the images are not your property, include a reference link.
  • Use of tags:
    #steemexclusive #technology #steemstudios

Tutorials (Software)

Share your knowledge and make tutorials on a computer program in the following areas: Graphic design, architecture, 3D modeling, software development, office automation.

  • Specify software name and version.
  • At least 300 words.
  • Specify the step by step in detail.
  • Add visual content.
  • Include the basic specifications of your computer.
  • The images or videos must be your property.
  • Use of tags:
    #steemexclusive #technology #computing #steemstudios


General rules

  • You must have at least Achievement 1 in the NewComers community.
  • You must introduce yourself to the community by telling us a short introduction of your own, why you join the community and what are your favorite video games or movies? + selfie
  • Comply with club5050/club75 or club100.
  • Publications in the review, analysis or review categories. Must contain a minimum of 300 words.
  • Posts that include videos such as gameplay, interviews or short films owned by you must contain the Steem Studios logo.
  • Set 10% as beneficiary to the @steem.studios account.
  • Posts are accepted in English and Spanish.

It's not allowed:

  • Buying votes is not allowed.
  • Plagiarism is not tolerated. We'll have a dedicated team reviewing every post for plagiarism, plus we'll have @endingplagiarism as a Mod for quick action.
  • Posts duplicated in other communities.
  • Spam.


Community growth strategies

✔ Contests
✔ Tournaments
✔ Association with other communities
✔ Advertising on Social Networks
✔ Weekly and/or monthly rewards.
✔ Rewards for delegation.
✔ Daily posts
✔ Team of MODs from different countries.


MOD team

We are in the process of searching for Moderators from different countries for the growth of the community. If you are interested you can leave a comment with your Discord contact and the community manager will contact you.

Join Steem Studios!


Community assets such as logos, banners and free-to-use dividers for your posts will be shared very soon. Stay tuned for future announcements.

cc. @pennsif @steemcurator01

Support the community through delegations.

50 SP 100 SP 250 SP 500 SP
800 SP 1000 SP 1250 SP 1500 SP



Me encantaria unirme a la comunidad, pronto retomare le club5050 y enseguida haré mi presentación

 2 years ago 

Welcome, please share it on Twitter.

 2 years ago (edited)

Hola están todos invitados a formar parte de Steem Studios.

Por favor lea este post de introducción y si te gusta, puedes realizar tu presentación para conocerte, si no, puedes invitar a tus amigos interesados en unirse. Gracias!

Les deseo lo mejor!

 2 years ago 

hola amigo.. quiero saber si se postea contenido libre cualquier dia... he revisado y no veo como un programa que especifique que dia se publican las cosas...@oscarcc89

 2 years ago 

Hola, puedes publicar cualquier día amiga. Por ahora no hay ninguna programación. Saludos

 2 years ago 

Una nueva comunidad que un contenido diferente pero muy relevante.

This is great, i am interested in joining the comunity and ofcourse beign one of the moderator.

I'm from Nigeria.
Here is my discord details:
ubongudofot#9499. Thanks

 2 years ago (edited)

Welcome everyone!

 2 years ago (edited)


 2 years ago 

A good community for steemit where there is different content and where we will appreciate great topics. Congratulations on a new beginning.

 2 years ago 

Waooo its on a new theme, i love to post in this community

 2 years ago 

It is a pleasure to be a member of the community, I am a lover of movies and everything related to this branch... I will be making my presentation and providing support to the community for its growth.

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