ET (UFO) Disclosure Series: #2 - U.S. Colonel Exposed Roswell ET Crash inc. Survivors. U.S. Uses ET Technology and so do WE in our Computers!

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In this 2nd part of my series on ET Disclosure evidence I am going to share with you the outstanding work of Colonel Philip J. Corso, the now deceased U.S. Military Colonel who claims to have been part of the Roswell ET/UFO crash recovery, following coverup AND DECADES of reverse engineering of alien technology AND covertly passing on some of that technology to the world's largest corporations to be sold on as if they had invented it themselves!

The first Part of this series is here and contains an interview with a US Military / CIA contractor who also confirms the reality of the Roswell crash and ET/Human Dealings.


As a system engineer and technology designer, I am always interested in learning the finer points of the origins of what I am using on a daily basis. During my busy study years at university and subsequent years building software professionally, I never really delved fully into the full story of who exactly developed and created such technology as the Silicon microprocessor, Compact Discs and Fiber Optics. If I had of done, according to Colonel Corso, I would have hit a brick wall - because the real creators of these technology were not from Earth at all and the corporations who claimed to develop them were, in fact, receiving reverse engineered technology designs from secret projects that came under the control of the US Military.

If I had not had several close up encounters with ET vehicles myself and experienced a variety of paranormal phenomena along with it - all within the vicinity of US airbases in Britain - then I might never have thought to dig deeper into this topic - even after hearing about Colonel Corso's message. I am glad though, that I have done and so far I have ONLY found corroborating testimony from others in the secret programs who decided to speak out, with nothing substantial that debunks the claims.

Colonel Corso's book 'The day after Roswell'

The day after Roswell

This is probably the only book I can recommend that anyone reads who wants to know more about the reality of ET/human interactions that occurs in secret in military installations. I say that, not because I have read all of the others that exist, but because it is the only one I have ever heard of that was written by someone who was in a position of control within the military hierarchy at that time and which provides masses of details about what went on and why the decisions to cover up the whole thing were made as they were.

He describes how the military recovered several small, humanoid beings from the crash site and how once the bodies of the dead were autopsied it was discovered that they were actually semi robotic beings that had printed circuit board type devices in parts of their brain cavity that allowed them to combine organic biological organs with computer like digital technology. Since this was in the 1940s, the humans involved had little idea what to do with what they were looking at. He described having many artefacts, including a laser device and fibre optic cabling, which they had no clue how to use and which took them years to understand.

This is a book that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to know a highly probable alternative history for Earth's evolution and our technological path - best of all it's available for free here.

The Interview with Col. Corso's Son

Steven Greer of the Sirius Disclosure project interviewed Philip Corso Jr. about his Father and the events his father described in the following interview as part of his task of disclosing the reality of human/ET interactions to the rest of the world.

In the following testimony, Mr. Corso Jr. reveals information he learned from his father including a meeting Col. Corso had with an extraterrestrial lifeform in Red Canyon, NM while Corso was commanding a missile battalion. Colonel Corso, Sr. discussed the ET issue with such people as President Eisenhower, Strom Thurman and FBI director J. Edgar Hoover as well as CIA leaders and several members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He said that much of this information was kept from multiple presidents including Carter.


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top post.. very important part of the ufo story and Colonel Corso not only has a fascinating story, but he was also a very well connected military man. Why ( & how could he) make it all up when he was dying of cancer? I highly recommend watching his disclosure witness interview

in fact watch them all ! nice one @ura-soul, you are a soul !

Excellent, thanks - I hadn't seen that one before. :)

all gone now

ah well ¬ I think that's more to do with monetisation of the DVD's ... The Day After Roswell is still a great book and you can't just take that off youtube !


I can't buy that either. lol. there is a serious attempt being made to keep me in the dark

it's such a great story.. in short, Phil was at Roswell in 47, he saw a dead alien, he was given the job of looking after a box of parts. He was in the Pentagon and a Colonel. He gave the parts out to advanced engineer, told them it was military research. they were allowed to develop and then give back to the army any discoveries but also were free to make things for the public.. apparently in the box were ufo crash parts, which led to the successful development (by people working in respective areas already)

lasers, masers & microwave ovens, micro-processors, (the idea) for nano-tech, including velcro. apparently the alien suit had a nano-version of hooks and eyes which formed an invisible seam and the magic foil which was scattered for miles and could not be broken was a molecular chain metal. and other things. so Phil was quite amazed to see how pcs and the internet all got a big legup from that box ! INTEL apparently got the microprocessor blueprints straight from the rubble. !

apparently i

I can believe it.
I really can.
I don't know if it's true, but I can believe it.

I believe him. he's dead now.. he was very old and a very charismatic chap!

Excellent article, resteemed and upvoted

thanks! I followed you btw :)

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Seems like our history is fake to most extent. Only wars are real.

much of it has been heavily manipulated, yes - the wars are no exception - maybe you aren't aware of the fact that most major wars have been started by 'false flag' events - meaning that one 'side' starts the war by creating a fake attack against themselves while pretending it was the 'other side' that did it?

ah shit 😞

it's a messed up situation. you can look into 'Gladio B' to find a case where NATO was fully caught organising terror attacks against it's alleged 'own' people for unjustifiable reasons. this brief video gives something of an introduction to the topic in general:

Great article you giving me far too much reading and watching to do appreciated though.

Funny when I did my first degree and before that I was always convinced I had a chip in my brain. Friends joked about it say that what made me my character. I drew a picture of humans with chips in as a child in the 80's.

Very interesting documentary. I always question these, understandably as I have not physical proof myself. This guy though appear very genuine .

Well, I have a lot of material relating to humans who have been implanted with technology against their will and without them even being aware of it. There are global associations who attempt to protect people from this and gather evidence etc.
That said, I have no idea if you are one such case or if you are just using imagination for your own reasons here. If you are concerned about it you can feel deeply and meditate to find the original cause of the thoughts you are describing here.
The book I linked from Colonel Corso is definitely worth reading.

Umm the thought crossed my min once or twice but I have always had a colorful imagination, for sure. I don't have any recall of anything and currently and have a lot of connection with past lives, so think I would feel on some level. That being said think I wrote when young were quite odd to say the least.

Yep got the book link, your filling up my time @ura-soul with all this research. Good though :)

My understanding is that some implants can be placed using exceedinly sneaky methods that are in our 'blindspots' so to speak - so it is wise to at least maintain an enquiry about it if it bothers you in some way. I'll post some more material about tracking / implant technology soon.

I'm glad to fill your time up with something that might important - I have plenty of cat photos too for when we run out of interdimensional space crafts :)

Doesn't really me. I mean I function quite well many say odd but I like to think individual. My head is a very strange place sometimes I have to admit. Man might be benefiting me in someway if not I just need to overpower it and as my mind control grows this will come about :)

I see in the video that Colonel or General Corso wrote more books than just "Day after Roswell". Did you guys see it too? Couldn't find a list of books yet...

I have never seen another book, but I did just find this interview with him shortly before he died where he said that some things in the book 'the day after roswell' had been written by his co-author in a misleading way:

Wauw! Well great for pointing this out. I'll be watching this soon!

following you like the MIB

hehe, I followed you back!

there are other good books out there.. *Flying Saucers and The Three Men from the 1960's is really intriguing. John Mack's Abduction and also Carl Jung's Flying saucers a Modern Myth of Things, are all very enlightening in different ways. You might like this

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