ET (UFO) Disclosure Series: #1 - US Air Force & CIA Contractor ('Blackbird' Spy Plane Inventor) Confirms Roswell UFO Crash & US Mil. Deals with & Shares Tech with ETs.

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Over 10 years ago I experienced a series of close encounters with 'vehicles' which were clearly not of common human origin and which would be classed as UFOs by many people. My interactions involved conscious connection beyond just visual observation and so, since then, I have been openly researching this topic and have found a dramatic amount of testimony from many whistleblowers from the secret military and government projects that have effectively been covering up such interactions for decades while they worked to understand and recreate the technologies that were being seen, but not well understood, on Earth. In this series of posts I will be sharing some of the most outstanding interviews and sources of evidence that I am aware of which show very clearly the way the public has been consistently lied to regarding Extra Terrestrial visitations for over 50 years.

Don Phillips, US Air Force and CIA Electrical and Aircraft Contractor - On Area 51 and Beyond.

Sr72 Blackbird

In the following video interview, performed by Dr. Steven Greer of the Sirius Disclosure Project, Don confirms that the alleged UFO crashes of Roswell, New Mexico in the 1940s were real and that the crashed vehicles were recovered then by the US Military. He notes that NATO did research as far back as the 1950/1960s into which intergalactic groups were visiting our planet and that their populations were documented as consisting of 12 'races' who have existed for a very long time.

He describes how visitors from other planets and distant cosmic locations have visited Earth for a long time, holding meetings with government agents and making deals for various purposes - including sharing of technology. He states that bulletproof vests, Night Vision, computer CPUs, fiber optics and numerous other forms of technology that we use today are stated as having extra terrestrial origins. He further describes how 'Native American' tribes have also interacted with ET visitors for 1000s of years and describes photos and video evidence recorded inside secret chambers where Giant skeletons could be seen, along with powerful weapons, healing devices and 'space ships'.

I suggest letting Don tell it all in his own words and not judging and jumping to any conclusions:

This will be an extensive series of posts - Do you have any comments or requests?

Let me know your thoughts and comments below, thanks!


Posts in this Series

  1. ET (UFO) Disclosure Series: #1 - US Air Force & CIA Contractor ('Blackbird' Spy Plane Inventor) Confirms Roswell UFO Crash & US Mil. Deals with & Shares Tech with ETs.
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  5. ET (UFO) Disclosure Series: #5 - BUILD YOUR OWN 'UFO'? - PUBLISHED PATENTS For Top Secret Flying Vehicles + US Air Force Design Whistleblower Speaks
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Fascinating 🤔

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Been following Greer for a long time..

Very good! I attempted to contact him to work with him a couple of years ago and got no response - I don't know why.. So I worked with a british equivalent called The Bases Project instead.

secureteam10 at yt did a interview of him

of who? I generally avoid that channel due to the high percentage of fake material.


ah ok, yes - that's a documentary worth watching - it condenses a lot of material into one place :)

I was a bit dissapointed with Unacknowledged if that's what you are reffering to.

I think it was over hyped in a typical hollywood way to attempt to introduce it to more people - i wasn't really surprised it didn't contain much new info.

if they are real ufo's then then are not human kind made which leaves us with a question who or what brought or made them?

The origins in many cases are already known - I suggest listening to the video interview provided here. ;)

I've seen documentaries regarding the Nazis getting assistance from ETs. Who knows but they were ahead of their times.

yes, apparently they did - though i don't have proof exactly.

Wow, I'd like to see those documentaries!

It may have been on the history channel. It was years ago and I can't remember for sure.

Thanks anyway!

@v4vapid - thanks for the significant upboost! I looked in your wallet while you weren't looking and saw your big SP boost. Is that delegated from a whale by any chance? It would be great to get some more boosts of that kind here.. I'm saving up for a new front tooth! lol
I'll be putting out a lot of this kind of material over the coming days - I appreciate any feedback you have.
I would enter your competition about the malaysian flight, but I actually only have real data on that and just writing a creative, imaginary post wouldn't feel good. ;)

@@ -100,8 +100,56 @@
time :)
+%0A%0AWould be interesting to hear your experiences.

hmm.. this timecode is highly unusual captain!
I will share of my experiences when I am ready - but there is a need to cover a lot of background information before they can truly be appreciated.

Wow that was not there when I posted it, very odd !

I appreciate that and will eagerly await :)

Got these weird codes too a few days ago.

I'm glad you posted these series. I did see the Sirius documentary a few years ago as well as the 4 days of Citizens hearing for disclosure. But I didn't know there was so more and all the more interesting !

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