ET (UFO) Disclosure Series: #11 – Is this tiny skeleton found in the Atacama region of Chile really an ET Being?

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A tiny skeleton found in the Atacama Desert has been claimed by some to be of ET origins and having been analysed by various medical professionals, it’s true origins remain unclear. Given that so many of the experiencers of ET contact described meeting with small and even child sized humanoid beings who were certainly not actual Earth humans – it is not surprising that this stunningly well preserved and highly unusual skeleton would be thought to be of ET origin.


The Wikipedia page for this skeleton puts forward the bold claim that this is a human skeleton – yet in truth there is no real scientific basis for that claim – it is likely to me that those involved simple mentally block out the possibility of the skeleton being of ET origins, possibly to avoid ridicule. It takes considerable spiritual preparedness that be willing to say not only that you accept the existence of ET beings on Earth, but that you are holding one in your hands and frankly, I do not feel that those involved are at that state of readiness even if they really thought it was an ET.

Bashar Speaks.

One of the more interesting aspects to this story for me is that the channelled consciousness called ‘[Bashar](’ - from which I have listened to about 500 hours of material, has stated that this IS an ET skeleton from an aborted human/ET hybridisation program. This in itself might be a step too far for many readers, but what needs to be known now is that there are LARGE numbers of women on Earth who are openly stating that they have been part of a human/alien breeding program for some time and they even have extensive video series and writings documenting their cases. While I have yet to see real life evidence and/or proof of these programs myself, I have listened carefully to Bashar’s messages and I generally find that their message is consistent and holds water – I willing to accept that these programs could exist. For those who are unaware, ‘Bashar’ is the name given to a group of entities who claim to be a telepathically bonded ET group who ‘channel’ messages through human speakers on Earth who act as their ‘biological telephone’ - so to speak. There are actually at least 10 separate human channels for bashar in different countries who all speak different languages – yet the personality and energy that they channels is CLEARLY the same in all cases. This in itself should be given strong attention since it is undeniable when examined and our common perception of reality does not account for this being possible at all. Either these channels are really channelling ETs (or some other form of 3rd party consciousness) or they are possibly tapping into some kind of synthetic signal of an earthly technological origin – which itself would also be big news. It is simply not possible that these phenomena can just be written off as hoaxes by anyone who is of honest intention and who looks at the evidence.

The Documentary

Dr. Steven Greer leads the investigation into a mysterious humanoid specimen found in Chile's Atacama Desert. With the help of Dr. Garry Nolan and Dr. Ralph Lachman of Stanford University, he hopes to unravel the enigma. For the full reports with pictures, X-rays and CAT scans,


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I watched this one and thought it was def very interesting

Yes, certainly - all of the videos in this series have been chosen from years of my own research and are all highly worth watching IMO.

I am waiting to watch the video for when my son gets home! Thank you for sharing :)

Peace profound to you.

Thankyou and to you as well!

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A very interesting post, thanks for sharing. Have you seen the recent Nazca humanoid?

Yes, though I don't know much about that beyond what has already been said in the various video reports from the region.

Yes same here, I think it's still early days so I guess we'll see.