ET (UFO) Disclosure Series: #9 – US Military Whistleblower Speaks About Complex Interactions with ET Races During the Famous RAF Bentwaters (Rendelsham Forest) Case in Britain.

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Along with the Carlos Diaz Documentary that I wrote about in Post #6 of this series, this is one of the most relevant, publicised ET/UFO cases that I am aware of that relates to my own experiences of contact. In early 2002 (my recollection of the date is not perfect for reasons that will become clear) I experienced numerous highly unusual ‘paranormal’ experiences on the outskirts of Norwich City, just a few miles away from RAF Bentwaters. As I drove back towards London towards my home with a friend, I encountered a large, glowing red triangle suspended in the air to my left, above the treeline – I later learned that this was about 25 miles away from RAF Bentwaters.

The Bentwaters Incident: Security Officer Larry Warren

larry warren

When I first listened to Larry Warren’s testimony of his experiences of the Rendelsham/Bentwaters case I was excited, because I realised that here was possibly the one man alive who had experienced something similar to me in the same area of England, who was publicly speaking about it AND where there were publicly retrieved recordings from military records of some of the events he was describing. It is a great relief to know that sources of data and evidence exist to confirm your own experiences when they are so unusual as mine have been. I wish there was no such veil of secrecy surrounding such experiences – perhaps I would have more hair on my head today and some others would perhaps have been spared even more stress than I experienced due to the walls of denial that governments and military groups put up around such events.

There are many aspects to Larry’s recounting of his experiences that I have no direct knowledge about and can neither confirm nor deny, since I was about 2 years old at the time he had his experiences – however, I CAN confirm that triangular, consciously guided non-physical plasma vehicles can be found in that part of England – subject to their own wishes and purposes of course!


I highly recommend listening to Larry just for hearing his own stories, however, it is especially important to hear him and to understand these events if you are to understand my own experiences, which I will be writing about later on in this series of posts.

If you want to get a sense of how the military, industrial machine moves to silence those who attempt to speak out about their unusual experiences, Larry's testimony is perhaps as useful a one as any.. The idea that "The government couldn't cover up something as big as that" simply isn't true in the majority of cases.

The Sirius Disclosure Interview with Larry Warren

“Larry Warren was a security officer at Bentwaters Air Force Base in the United Kingdom. He was present during an event in 1980 when an extraterrestrial vehicle landed, hovered, and interacted with Air Force personnel on the base. Afterwards, the many personnel who had witnessed the events were intimidated, debriefed and forced to sign documents telling a false version of the story. Warren's testimony is corroborated by multiple other military witnesses who have been identified.”


What do you think? Got Comments or Info to add?

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