**Life with epilepsy nr.2 - how it all started** 🌈🌔⭐️🦋

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My dears, I was really surprised how the people reacted on my story about Crohn's diseas and because of the events that happened on Monday I think, I’m ready to share and write something about my other thing that is making my life a little bit difficult.
Finally I was ready to accept the fact that I have Crohn's diseas and then of course came new bomb in my life. I’m epileptic. What?! Why the hell is this happening?
So this is the other story that changed my life .


It was four years ago. December 31.
We have decided to have new years party in my parents weekend house. Not a lot of people just my closest friends. It is difficult to maintain friendship if you are living 200 km away, but regardless of the distance for big events, we always come together and celebrate together.
With so much work I really don’t have time for my friend so I was happy to be together with my loved ones.
So, I do not remember anything, so I'm writing this story as my friends told me.
We were ready to have a great party. Alkohol of course - everything you want. We were drinking, dancing, laughing, just having amazing time.
They told me, I was a little bit wird all night because every now and then I told, I’m having deja vu. I think everybody know the meaning of that but for all of you that you dont know : “ it's a feeling you have as if you've already experienced the present situation.” They didn’t give a lot of meaning to that, because hei it’s deja vu and everyone has already experienced it, so nothing serious.
It was a lot of alcohol and I mean a lot. Beer, wine, whisky, tequila ... so everything what is really bad for my stomach, but I told to myself that today is the day I'm not sick and I will just have a good time. And that’s it. I can’t remember anything else.

When I opened my eyes, everything was so bright. I was trying to move myself but I couldn't. What the hell ?! Where am I? What is going on? I am in hospital ?! On my left side I noticed a note. "Hei honey. Don’t be scared but you had a seizure and we take you to the hospital . Is Januar the 2'nd . And hei, don't forget, we are engaged"
Seizure, engaged, hospital ?! Stop stop stop, what is going on ?!?! Then my boyfriend came. I started to cry.We are engaged? Are you serius ? I couldn’t remember anything. He hugged me and start explaining what have happend.

We were very drunk. 10 min till midnight, my boyfriend said we are going outside to look at the fireworks. My friends stayed inside because it was to cold. Exactly at midnight, he went down on one knee and said that I was the love of his life and that he wanted to spend the rest of my life with me. Will you marry me ?Question thath every girl dream about. I said yes ( he said, I asked 100 times, if he's seriously. )
Then we came inside and told our friends we are engaged. The were all so happy, after all we are the first couple in our little company to got engaged. And so we celebrated.
Around 5 o'clock in the morning, I was sitting behind the table and they said I didn't speak for a while now. My friend asked me something, but I did not react. Then all of the suddenly my eyes roll up and my body started to shake. My boy immediately jumped to me, laying me on the floor and calming me down. Usually the attacks last for a few seconds and then it calms down, but by me, it lasted for a minute. When I finally calmed down, they took me to bed and hoped it would not happen again.None of my friends didn't see that in real life. They were scared and in shock. I cannot imagine what was going through their minds.
Unfortunately, the attacks were repeating and because it did not end, they took me to the hospital. In the previous post (https://steemit.com/life/@tinabrezpike/life-with-a-crohn-s-disease-nr-1-how-it-all-started)
I said that doctors in Slovenia are not too friendly. Instead of accepting me immediately, they attacked my boyfriend and friend why they brought me, because it doesn't look serious. Of course, my boyfriend went crazy. My dears, the girl experiences attacks every few minutes, for the first time in her life, and they think is not serious? At this time, I have another attack and then they realized that the situation was serious.


So yeah, I was finally released from the hospital, still not sure what have happened. I missed two days. I can’t remember my own engagement :(
They said to me this will not happen again so I should not worry. But out of the precaution, I've visited my doctor in Austria. We maked some test, but everything looked normal. She said I don’t need any medication but I need to be carful whitbdrinking . So no alcohol for a while. I took that advice. I didn’t drink and I started to forget what happened. Life’s go on.
I used to work just a few kilometers away from my home. I was working in the morning, but because of my headache, I went home early. My husband was at home and he waited for me with lunch. When I arrived home, I told him that my head hurts. And then again a complete loss of memory. I only remember moments that I was lying on the ground and then I woke up again in the hospital.


He was beside me. Again, I experienced a seizure. Now the situation was more serious. The first attack was one month ago and because I did not drink alcohol at this time, they were not sure why did happend again. I was not diagnosed with epilepsy, but just in case, I got the pills I needed to take.
And jeah life was going on. I was planing my weeding and everything was just beautiful. After half a year, I decided that I would no longer take medication because obviously, it’s not epilepsy.
I was healty again. Or so I thought.
Then attacks started again. Unfortunately, I have such powerful attacks that they must take me to a hospital where I can receive a right treatment.
So now was offical. I am epileptic.
I lost my driving licence for a year, no flashing light in my vicinity, no alcohol, so standard procedure for the people with the epilepsy. They said my thoughts are too busy and I need to find a way to relax and to push everything away from my mind.
Because of my other condition, they wasn't sure If the pills they were giving me, will help. But It was getting better.
In July, we finaly married and we went to Greece on our honeymoon. I was so happy and so relax.


But two days after we came home another attack happend. This time I hit my head prety hard because I fell on the sink. I woke up few hours later on the floor in the bathroom.
I was in shock because I bleeded. We went to the hospital. Again...This time I know it why the attack happend. I forgot to take a pill. ONE PILL and two days later attack repited again. Then they gave me new medication and finaly I was fine for about one year. ( I was taking pills regulary, I still am)
I can’t imagined how hard is that for my family. I watched some videos from other people with seazure, and I must say that is not fun thing to watch.

Why I decided to write this post now, is because on Monday I had another episode. This time at work. And not in the office no, outside where everybody saw. My closest co-workers knows I have epilepsy, but our company is not small.
I woke up in the hospital and everything that I can remember is the face of my co-worker who calmed me down and his voice telling me everything's going to be alright.
They were all so worried for me. I did mention it before, not a lot of people experiencend that in real live and it really doesn’t look nice.

I need to say that my life is not boring. I know now, how to calm my mind and which natural products to use .
It's time for me to stop burdening with this stuff and accept everything that's happening to me.
Words of the smart mind : “only people who are strong enough, are experience such diseases.”
Needles to say, pretty intensive life. I'm still not sure how to go on, but I have so much amazing people beside me and much support.
I recived a lot of good advice from you guys, that’s why I decided to write about this too, so if you have any advice, I will be very grateful for sharing it with me.
Something for the end:
Don’t be afraid. Accept everything that is happening and learn to live with that. Its not easy but we are not alone and we can help each other. ❤️


I really need to thank to my husband @marjanko . I got the best gift in the whole world. I meet the man of my dreams. Fate or so . ☺️❤️❤️

Thanks guys for reading this and if you have any questions just ask.
with love, @tinabrezpike ☺️❤️


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Hvala vam ;)

Hello tinabrezpike and marjanko, you are a beautiful couple. The picture of you two is gorgeous. Congratulations on your wedding day=)
It is sad that you have extra epilepsy. It is important, I believe, that you listen to what you feel inside and react sensitively to it. Be completely in agreement with yourself and like yourself. I think taking a deep breath is very good. Breathing is very important, that everything is well supplied with blood. And drinking water is also very important. I hope you will get well soon. Life is always not easy to live. You look very nice in the photo. I wish you both a very nice time : D.

Thank you for this nice comment ❤️ Jeah I know it’s very important to find peace inside... I’m meditating now before the sleep and I need to say it helps :) I wish you a nice day ❤️

I am so glad you shared your story with us @tinabrezpike. It certainly gave me the awareness and opened up my eyes and mind to those suffering with this illness. I know it is not within one's control when it hits you and you can only hope it ends as quickly as it starts. You are one very brave and courageous lady and I am very happy to read the support you get from your husband, family and friends but I can also imagine how painful it is for them to watch you get hurt. I hope there will be a cure for epilepsy in the near future and till then, I pray that you continue to be the strong lady that you are and have faith that the attacks slowly disappears.

Thank you @marblely for this words, it’s means a lot !🦋 and jeah I have some amazing people around me and I’m very grateful ❤️ Greetings from Austria 🦋

:) Wishing you a happy Sunday there 😘

I said you are a strong lady when I read the previous story and now, I think strong is too small a word to describe your strength. You really are amazing and strong, you are a fighter!

I have heard about epilepsy a few times and how it affects people but I have never really witnessed it in person. I dunno how I would have helped if I were around you, really. What do you think are great ways I can help someone that happens to be dealing with this kind of illness?

I so much love your positive spirit and your love for life. I love that the challenges you've faced through life haven't made you oblivious to how beautiful life is. You and you husband have been through a whole lot together, and you still are here, strong, together! You guys are amazing!!🤗🤗😊❤

Thank you for this kind words , it means a lot🦋☺️can't imagine how would I react to see someone with a seizure. But it’s helpful to know what to do. First, place thr person on her side and don’t try to hold her down or stop the movements.Look at your watch at the start of the seizure, to time its length.
and most important
don’t put anything in mouth! That’s the old theory! And yeah keep it calm and don’t panic 🧟‍♀️ Hope it helped . All the best from Austria 🦋🦋

Yeah, it did help! But I am not sure I can watch without panicking.... The person eventually calms down on their own, right?

It’s not nice to see, no. I don't even imagine how would I react. Jeah, your brain are resetting and eventually, the body calms down and the seizures stops. Every person experiences a different type of attack. I’ll write about epilepsy, it’s a plan ☺️

Oh, you should! It would be great to read more about it...

You are so brave, not only for everything you have lived, but for sharing all your story with us. Thanks for that. I see you have friends and family around who support you. That is very important. God bless you, I hope you keep yourself better everyday.

This your story brought tears to my eyes, I remember when growing up, a guy in my street have epilepsy and we all stopped talking to him because we felt he was weird and the older once think he was processed and his parent thought so too but reading your story make me realise we all thought wrong and I feel really ashamed of my actions. I don't know where he is right now but I hope all is well with him.
I think the best thing to do is raise awareness to let people know epilepsy is real and they can live a normal live with it.
Thanks for sharing your story.

Dear @peachyladiva, that’s why I decided it’s time to share my story. It’s a very difficult illness but you can live with that... and jeah it’s very important to have people around you... unfortunately I’m still scared to be alone because, I don’t know when the attack will happen but with support from my family and friends it’s so much more easy to accept this disease... I hope this man you described it’s alright... I know how you feel but now it’s not important what you have done in the past, now is important what will you do in the future... and your awareness make you a good person and that’s important now ! I wish u all the best 🦋❤️

Thanks so much for your kind words.
I wish you find a solution soon and may God be with you always and with everyone going through this path with you.

Wow..this was pretty tough read..you should get a medal for toughness girl! And your hubby the same for being there for you. Glad you guys enjoyed the honeymoon without any attacks. Where did you guys go?

Not remembering your own engagement sounded pretty funny btw :) I know it's one of the things which girls love to thing about and remember so I feel bad for you, but hey! Life's about laughing and enjoying, take it as a funny story. A friend of mine just told me a story this friday how he asked his GF to marry him. He took her on the paddleboard to the midlde of the lake where the stone was. It was already dark andhe proposed, she said yes. But they didnt take any pics so they came back next day to make some :D And as there was more light, they found out that stone/rock was totally covered in birds shit haha :D Soo yeah, she might actually be happy with not remmebering it :D but they joke about it now :) Important thing is that the engagement happened and if you want to remember that it happend, just look at your amazing husband :)

I really wish you well in life, please don't forget to take those pills as you've learned hard way that just missing one can make you suffer. Lying unconscious for hours isn't the best thing to do! Take care of yourself!

Sending respect and good vibe from Slovakia :))

When I read your comment, I felt so good... I can't tell you, how much those words means, do thank you for that ☺️☺️ we went to Greece - Zakynthos :) and yeah we are laughing now, I'm still not sure, I said yes 😁 The story of how I met him, that's the stuff to remember ☺️☺️ you can always find something funny and good , everytime and everywhere, that's important 😊 best wishes from Austria 😊🦋

Hahaha :D so maybe he's lying to you and you said no? :D hahah what a cool story it actually made :)

And Austria? Really? Hah I just arrived here from Slovakia. Been studying in Innsbruck last 3 years. But went to SteemFest last week and then stopped at home in Slovakia. Where are you based? If you say in Innsbruck, that'd be sooooo coool!

Edit: Omg haha I forgot that I've already told u Im from Slovakia hahahaha :D well now you at least know that Im in innsbruck at the moment :D

Heheh I hope he’s not lying and I said yes 😁😁 you were on the steemfest ? How nice, unfortunately we didn’t make it 😔
I’m from Slovenia, but we are living in Graz for about 4 years now :) and we are planning to go in Innsbruck and we still didn’t make it 😔😔 so if you come in Graz, the coffee is waiting for you 😄

Same the other way around hahh :D I was there once but just 5 mins, jumping from train to train :D

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