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RE: **Life with epilepsy nr.2 - how it all started** 🌈🌔⭐️🦋

in #health6 years ago

I am so glad you shared your story with us @tinabrezpike. It certainly gave me the awareness and opened up my eyes and mind to those suffering with this illness. I know it is not within one's control when it hits you and you can only hope it ends as quickly as it starts. You are one very brave and courageous lady and I am very happy to read the support you get from your husband, family and friends but I can also imagine how painful it is for them to watch you get hurt. I hope there will be a cure for epilepsy in the near future and till then, I pray that you continue to be the strong lady that you are and have faith that the attacks slowly disappears.


Thank you @marblely for this words, it’s means a lot !🦋 and jeah I have some amazing people around me and I’m very grateful ❤️ Greetings from Austria 🦋

:) Wishing you a happy Sunday there 😘

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