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RE: **Life with epilepsy nr.2 - how it all started** 🌈🌔⭐️🦋

in #health6 years ago

Wow..this was pretty tough should get a medal for toughness girl! And your hubby the same for being there for you. Glad you guys enjoyed the honeymoon without any attacks. Where did you guys go?

Not remembering your own engagement sounded pretty funny btw :) I know it's one of the things which girls love to thing about and remember so I feel bad for you, but hey! Life's about laughing and enjoying, take it as a funny story. A friend of mine just told me a story this friday how he asked his GF to marry him. He took her on the paddleboard to the midlde of the lake where the stone was. It was already dark andhe proposed, she said yes. But they didnt take any pics so they came back next day to make some :D And as there was more light, they found out that stone/rock was totally covered in birds shit haha :D Soo yeah, she might actually be happy with not remmebering it :D but they joke about it now :) Important thing is that the engagement happened and if you want to remember that it happend, just look at your amazing husband :)

I really wish you well in life, please don't forget to take those pills as you've learned hard way that just missing one can make you suffer. Lying unconscious for hours isn't the best thing to do! Take care of yourself!

Sending respect and good vibe from Slovakia :))


When I read your comment, I felt so good... I can't tell you, how much those words means, do thank you for that ☺️☺️ we went to Greece - Zakynthos :) and yeah we are laughing now, I'm still not sure, I said yes 😁 The story of how I met him, that's the stuff to remember ☺️☺️ you can always find something funny and good , everytime and everywhere, that's important 😊 best wishes from Austria 😊🦋

Hahaha :D so maybe he's lying to you and you said no? :D hahah what a cool story it actually made :)

And Austria? Really? Hah I just arrived here from Slovakia. Been studying in Innsbruck last 3 years. But went to SteemFest last week and then stopped at home in Slovakia. Where are you based? If you say in Innsbruck, that'd be sooooo coool!

Edit: Omg haha I forgot that I've already told u Im from Slovakia hahahaha :D well now you at least know that Im in innsbruck at the moment :D

Heheh I hope he’s not lying and I said yes 😁😁 you were on the steemfest ? How nice, unfortunately we didn’t make it 😔
I’m from Slovenia, but we are living in Graz for about 4 years now :) and we are planning to go in Innsbruck and we still didn’t make it 😔😔 so if you come in Graz, the coffee is waiting for you 😄

Same the other way around hahh :D I was there once but just 5 mins, jumping from train to train :D

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