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RE: **Life with epilepsy nr.2 - how it all started** 🌈🌔⭐️🦋

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This your story brought tears to my eyes, I remember when growing up, a guy in my street have epilepsy and we all stopped talking to him because we felt he was weird and the older once think he was processed and his parent thought so too but reading your story make me realise we all thought wrong and I feel really ashamed of my actions. I don't know where he is right now but I hope all is well with him.
I think the best thing to do is raise awareness to let people know epilepsy is real and they can live a normal live with it.
Thanks for sharing your story.


Dear @peachyladiva, that’s why I decided it’s time to share my story. It’s a very difficult illness but you can live with that... and jeah it’s very important to have people around you... unfortunately I’m still scared to be alone because, I don’t know when the attack will happen but with support from my family and friends it’s so much more easy to accept this disease... I hope this man you described it’s alright... I know how you feel but now it’s not important what you have done in the past, now is important what will you do in the future... and your awareness make you a good person and that’s important now ! I wish u all the best 🦋❤️

Thanks so much for your kind words.
I wish you find a solution soon and may God be with you always and with everyone going through this path with you.

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