Mucusless Diet for Healing - Thriving with Fruits and Veggies

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Our body is astonishingly intelligent. For every harmful thing we do to it, our body finds a way to reduce its impact and protect us with all possible resources. Mucus is such a way of protection, but not without consequences in the long run. Explore how excessive mucus impacts the functioning of our body and how to heal with a mucusless diet.

The story of mucus - friend or enemy?

Mucus is a slimy substance produced by mucous membranes located primarily in our respiratory and digestive system. A healthy amount of mucus is vital for our system. It lines our stomach to protect the walls from the acidity of our gastric juices. Or in case of an infection with harmful bacteria, research shows that mucus is produced to slow down the bacteria. 

On the other hand, there is often excessive mucus which impacts the proper functioning of our whole system. Foods like meat, dairy, processed foods cause inflammatory responses in our body, leading to excessive mucus for protection. If consumed on a regular basis, this mucus congests our overall system. Our sinus, throat or lungs are affected, with a runny nose, difficulty breathing or a decreased sense of smell. Consequently, a flu is often the body’s attempt to eliminate excessive mucus due to unhealthy eating habits. 

Excessive mucus in our gut

In our digestive tract, mucus hinders the absorption of nutrients in our small intestine. Such a condition can be a cause of underweight although enough calories are consumed. Mucus from our foods also sticks to the wall of our intestines since it can’t be properly digested by our body. This way, some people might even accumulate kilos of old fecal matter, silently but safely leading to putrefaction and fermentation. 

Maybe you have heard before that our gut is home to about 80% of our immune system and strongly linked to our brain. Therefore we might not only suffer from digestive conditions with such a mucus accumulation, it also impacts our body on a systemic level. This can show in form of from skin issues, chronic immune conditions or emotional imbalances. With enough of this smily substance in our body, it can clog up our lymph system. Now it hinders the body to properly discharge waste matter (e.g. metabolic waste, toxins, excessive mucus) through our eliminative organs such as the kidneys. 

Further on, mucus blocks overall functioning of our cells resulting in hypoactivity of organs and glands. You can go deeper into the implications of excessive mucus with Dr. Robert Morse’s “Miracle Detox Sourcebook“.  

Mucusless diet healing system by Arnold Ehret

Arnold Ehret (1866-1922), a German pioneer in natural healing with focus on rational fasting, is the founder of the mucusless diet healing system. He discovered that a body with a lot of mucus is the best environment for growth of bacteria, viruses and fungus. He also brought forth the idea that mucus leads to severe congestions in our body, eventually resulting in the majority of our civilisation’s health challenges. So if you want to battle such intruders and achieve longterm health and vitality you should work on improving the milieu inside your body. 

Ehret promoted a diet of foods that avoid such a chain of harmful reactions in our body, providing us with healing nutrition instead. Don’t miss out on reading his groundbreaking book “Mucusless Diet Healing System” from 1922. 

Foods that should be avoided due to their high mucus-forming properties:

  • Animal flesh
  • Eggs
  • Fish and seafood
  • Dairy products (e.g. butter, cheese, cream, milk, yogurt)
  • Processed and convenience foods
  • Refined sugar (e.g. in candy, conventional ice-cream, baked goods)
  • Acidic and fermented drinks (e.g. alcohol, cocoa, coffee, kombucha, soda, vinegar)
  • Fermented foods (e.g. fish sauce, kimchi, sauerkraut, miso, soy sauce)
  • White Rice

Check out the full list at the website Mucusfreelife including foods that are moderately mucus forming.  

Foods for a mucusless healing diet:

  • Green leafy vegetables (e.g. cabbage, kale, lettuce, spinach)
  • Raw vegetables (e.g. celery, cucumber, red cabbage, tomatoes, zucchini)
  • Baked/steamed vegetables (e.g. steamed asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, pepper, pumpkin, sweet potato)
  • Ripe fruits (e.g. apples, blackberries, grapes, lemons, pineapple)
  • Dried fruits (e.g. apricots, cranberries, dates, figs)

Again, explore the full list at Mucusfreelife

Eliminating mucus, cleansing our system

If you start avoiding mucus-forming foods while including more raw fruits and vegetables you can counteract old lifestyle habits. You might very soon observe how your body eliminates accumulated mucus from your system. It might show as mucus in your stool, urine, throat or nose. These are all signs for healing and should be celebrated. Astringent foods are especially powerful to support mucus elimination, such as lemons and other citrus fruits. One step at a time your body then gets the chance to get rid of excessive mucus and can properly cleanse itself. This is a path for true, longterm healing. 

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Stay curious and enjoy your day!  


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I approve of this plant-based posts.

Thank you for the support and esteem! 🙌

Such a detailed and valuable advise. I so happy to have you back Dear Anais; your posts are always insightful and most helpful! @tipu curate 🥑😊🥭
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Thank you so much, Lena! Happy to be back 😊

You are most welcome! Happy to have you 🍊😍🍋

A wonderful post to share with the Monday family! I noticed a huge difference in my mucus levels when I cut out dairy. That was really one of the big ones for me in going plant-based. It messed with my digestion a lot, as well. All the lovely greens are popping back up here now that the weather is cooling down, so my fridge is loaded with all the kale, bok choy, arugula and anything else I can get my hands on! :)

That sounds amazing - so many benefits. Just watched The Game Changers documentary and always astonishing how people transform with plant-based foods, sometimes even after one meal.

For me, going raw was the biggest transformation in terms of health and well-being since I naturally removed mucus-forming foods like white rice. I was training for a half-Marathon at that time and totally crushed it at the race. After that I raw food totally got me. 😄

We are just getting back into all those amazing fresh greens after staying in Nepal for two months. Over there, you sometimes get lucky to catch some good spinach, apart from that we went for mornings, spirulina and similar powders as substitute. Now in Australia, diving deep into kale. 🙌🏻

We just watched The Game Changers, too! Which is appropriate since I also just got one of my latest continuing education books on Plant-Based Sports Nutrition. I'm excited as it is the first book that will help me meet some of my continuing ed requirements for my personal training certification AND my nutrition one!

Enjoy your kale!! :)

The results shown there were astonishing especially when you look at the fact that they weren't focusing on fruits and veggies in the vegan meals but went more towards fast-food dishes for better comparison. And still, the outcome was so clear - vegan works!

Very exciting, what kind of nutrition training are you going through right now? 🙌

Uuugghh, just had a conversation with a co-worker yesterday evening. His view was that the documentary was total propaganda. He was trying to debunk the successes of the athletes featured like the fact that Scott Jurek's record-breaking Appalachian Trail journey was beat the next year by a non-vegan. I came home and told my boyfriend and he started cracking up laughing. Propaganda from the vegetable lobby? It can't even come close to the Pork Council, Dairy or Beef Industry.

I'm certified as a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant through the AFPA, so I'm just currently doing a Plant-Based Sports Nutrition credit to keep my certification current. I would love to continue on and do their Holistic Nutrition Certification, as well. Though they are not a fully vegan group, they are very heavy on the plant-based research so a lot of their resources follow the big folks like PCRM and There's a big psychological component, as well, which is what initially drew me to the certification as my degree is in Psychology. I am starting to build up more of my nutrition coaching business, so it's great to have the solid background to base it on! :)

Well, there are always many strong voices about such movies, it is just difficult to wrap your head around the idea that the diet you've learned so many years to be the perfect fit for you should now be the complete opposite. Such discussions are necessary to make the shift but not everyone might be ready for the truth yet. I myself watched Earthlings in Philosophy class in my school years and was disgusted by what our teacher showed us, but couldn't rely make the connection to my own food choices. I forgot about it just a day later. Five years later, I watch Earthlings again while playing around with plant based foods and it was a vital push for me to commit to this way of life.

Wow, that is a great educational background you got there. Nutrition, sports and psychology are a great package to help change people's lives right now. 🙌

Very true. I had to come to it in my own time, as well. I think it was more just having known this person for so long I wasn't expecting that type of response, but definitely trying not to judge. Everyone seems to need different pushes, as well. For me it was more the science and research based on health that really gave me the nudge to start to change my lifestyle. I am definitely still not perfect myself, so always room for growth and more knowledge! :)

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Thank you for the amazing support! We will definitely share some beautiful recipes and more health content soon. 😉

Wow thank you for this @rawadventuress! I learned about the way our body makes excessive mucus to protect itself when I started having reflux issues. I ended up getting upper respiratory inflammation, used to choke up badly from the excessive mucus, our bodies are smart indeed! I have been looking at eating more alkaline foods, but will certainly look at this now as I don't want to take reflux meds for the rest of my life!

That must be really though. I hope you are already feeling better by implementing those changes. In my experience, diet is the most powerful tool to shift your health especially fresh fruits and veggies.

Let me know if you have any questions and concerns, since Johann and I both have some deeper knowledge about natural healing and detoxification. 😉 Happy to help you out!

Best wishes, Anais

Thank you so much Anais, really appreciate this:)
I do agree with you about one's diet being a vital tool; sadly it's something we often abuse!

That's true, culture shapes us tremendously and unfortunately many tradition recipes still have some way to go for meeting our health needs. But we are on the right track in society and I am sure we will soon see bigger and bigger transitions here.

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Thank you, Lena!! Those wonkies are just the cutest. 😁

My pleasure Dear Anais 🥑😍🥭

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