Halloween 2018 Open Medium Contest - 20 shares SteemBasicIncome as Prize

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The Contest will run until October 30th, at which time I will announce the winner

Read all the way to the bottom for contest and entry details

The Winner will be selected by me...this year is completely subjective

However, the more comments and enthusiasm your entry generates, the more I will look favorably at your entry

The Prize is 20 shares of SteemBasicIncome

See their account here: @steembasicincome

Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content

I have been very happy with the SteemBasicIncome shares I have received, and would like to spread that fortune around a little more

Me and Halloween

I have run Halloween contests for two years now. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Sadly, there wasn't much interest in my weekly contests last year, so I am trying a different format this year.

You can check out the index for how I ran these contests, what other people have submitted, ideas on entries, what I have liked in the past, and my own Halloween writings ;>

Index of Halloweens Past

I'm not having a party, this year, but there are cats and rats like this at Walgreens, and I think I will be doing something like this for the trick-or-treaters...maybe make them take the candy out of the rat's mouth? LOL

The Rules of Entry

  • You may submit ANY Halloween related material (art, fiction, photography, non-fiction, horror) you like: This is a free form contest
  • You may enter multiple times
  • You must resteem this post, OR make a short blog about this contest for each entry you make...I want lots of entries, and lots of Halloween posting to Steemit
  • You must link to this contest in the entry for every entry you make
  • You may use previously written material, but you must create a new post (republish) for any material over 6 months old

How to make a contest entry

  • Write a up your entry, and post it to your blog
  • You may use material you have written before, but only once throughout the season.
  • Link your post in these comments; a summary is not required, but will attract more viewers, an illustration will attract even more!...Make sure I know your comment is AN ENTRY!
  • Make sure your readers know to come and comment on your entry-comment on THIS post so I know people are excited (or spooked, mwa - ha -ha) by your work!


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@heelsandmuffins put those DIY hands to good use and submit an entry 😋

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Let's get spooky! 👻

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thanks for pushing the word ;>


Keren, cool, very nice and interesting mrs. @thekitchenfairy 👍


Simply but awesome @thekitchenfairy 😉 love that candies can😂 laughing jack o' lanterns are cute 😄 have fun on halloween


You have been warned, expect quite a few postings on Halloween on my feed in coming days :P

Yes ma'am, that's what's we're looking for!

gothcha resteemed, and thanks for entering!

This looks cool.
I have come across this post too late to resteem and upvote.
I will link back to it in a post, and keep an eye out for an update post. If you do one, I will definitely resteem and give it my few steem worth.


That went right over my head (the resteem ending after the period); for future reference, the link in the entry post is all that's needed!

thanks, and looking forward to your entry!

You ARE doing one, yes?


damn those look GOOD! resteemed and thank you for entering!

Been long I participated in a good contest. Expect my fiction tale


looking forward to it! It's not really due until the end of the month (the 29th), but the earlier you get it in, the more enthusiasm you can crank up from your readers

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The Prize is 20 shares of SteemBasicIncome thats cool


I have a hunch that SBI is going to change the platform for the better!


The King of Halloween is back!

Will enter for sure :D :D :D


looking forward to it!

and FYI for everybody...FOOD CREATIONS count towards the contest too...

this was @thekitchenfairy's entry for one contest last year

that picture is cruel and upsetting .i hope no one responds to your competition .sime you cant see that.


well, elizabeth, I am sorry you feel that way

If it makes you feel better, the rat skeleton is plastic ;)

Happy Halloween!!


well maybe i was over reacting it did look real and upsetting though.i apoligise for my reaction and hope your competition goes well.


I understand, and sorry to upset you. I don't now about how our holiday traditions stack up against Scotland, but a fair amount of our Halloween contingent (me included!) goes for the creepy look; it varies from person to person, and a lot of people do go for the cutesy version of Halloween too!

No hard feelings ;)


It made me hungry. What kind of meat is that?


looks like prosciutto or gabba gul (capicola). greasy waxy extremely tasty versions of ham!


Hmmm now I want to make something even more gruesome than that picture. LOL. Not a fan of Social Justice and trying to force their ideal fantasy of world upon everyone else.

That FAKE rat is just so cruel. It's almost like you stuffed and mounted a real rat while making it's flesh somehow not decay.



I dont she she is a SJW, btw

I WISH I had done this, but it was a pic I found on the web...here are others in the same line, if you are thinking about a Halloween party


Sometimes the scariest things are the things in real life!

And sometimes it doesn't matter if they are real or not...if the victim THINKS they are real...


Got to know this just now. I'm writing..