🏆 #GooglyPrize 👀 This Week's Winners - Issue No. 42 👀

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Welcome to the #GooglyPrize

Your weekly award for the googliest posts filed under #GooglyEyes

This contest is about rewarding people for bringing value to the community with their genuine engagement and original thoughts. It's about building relations across the globe with like-minded souls who are as passionate about this platform as you are. It's about sharing our imagination, our thoughts and ideas through a special medium: #GooglyEyes on steem.

Thank You:
@mandarinaad, @bucipuci, @rosibelsac, @raizapenamcbo, @ingenierogabriel, @marlenny, @siosfl, @sandrapatricia, @juanzcorpion, @detlev, @marianvirginia, @thegodgalindo, @josecarrasquero, @mandysp, @nunopher2013, @gabrielaa, @ralr11, @draco94, @ivimipa, @ciaolovers, @okkiedot, @netcy, @mathowl, @shairalaleska, @leal, @yogattitude, @carloscr7, @jacksonaf, @omitaylor, @apoyolatino

for posting your qualifying entries in #GooglyEyes.

The Prize Pool:

carried over from last week: 13.422 SBD
10.244 SBD have bought ~25.580 SBD in upvotes, 3.178 SBD remain
and an available delegation-prize of 141.081 SP
100% of all rewards on last week's winner announcement:
19.505 SBD and 4.967 SP

that's 22.683 SBD in the cash pool:

40% will be used for next week, 60% will be paid out today!
3rd - 10%; 2nd - 20%; 1st - 30%

146.048 SP will be delegated to a googly winner!

Need more details and numbers about the Prize-Pool? [Read here!]

The top-12-posts were shortlisted on Planet Googly where the Googly Friends & Family including myself were allowed to vote for their three favourite posts among those.

today's guest judges were: @happycrazycon, @hopehuggs, @okkiedot, @omitaylor, @techblogger & @warrkin
disclaimer: they were not allowed to vote for their own entries!

The final results of the voting showed 4 winning entries, so I decided to split the 3rd prize amongst two equally deserving winners for today!


and now, drumroll please...


🥉 Today's 3rd winners are: 🥉

@juanzcorpion with
"Mango Pinocho"

Mango Pinocho

When you come across a quirk of nature like this one. You know what to do: Put some #GooglyEyes on it!! @juanzcorpion's Mango Pinocho came in with two community votes plus my own. Three final votes for a 3rd prize


@omitaylor with
"My Googly Steem Mug + Other Foolishness"

My Googly Steem Mug + Other Foolishness

This post also received 2+1 votes in the final. You should definitely check this one out because not only does it contain a steem-mug, there's also an awesome picture of a bagel and a lot of good reasons why putting eyes on stuff is a great idea!!!



🥈 The 2nd winner is: 🥈

@yogattitude with
"Up to Googlyeye fun again"

Up to Googlyeye fun again

This fun post with a few googlies including #cucumbergooglyguy up here comes from someone who's been watching this show since as early as day 1. I was happy to see it received 3 community votes, and I would have given it mine, too, but I had to vote "strategically" today ;)



🥇 And Our Grand Winner is: 🥇

@okkiedot with


Now this amazingly vibrant and well presented entry comes from someone who's Googlies go even further back! I was delighted to see @okkiedot getting 3 community votes today, adding my own, he's our Grand Winner of the day. KUDOS!




another drumroll, please

🥁 this week's Googly-Delegation-Winner is: 🥁


you'll receive the #GooglyPrize delegation of 146.048 SP for a week.

Damn, now that was complicated today! Our 1st winner is a very active voter and has an exceptionally low self-voting quota of only 0.8% (KUDOS!), but with 2k SP the delegation really doesn't make much difference to him. Our 2nd winner, has only voted once(!) in the past 2 weeks, and I'd hate to see the delegation go to waste! Leaves our 3rd winners and here @omitaylor is the easy choice with her active voting behavior and the lower self-voting quota among the two. Congratulations.


The #GooglyPrize continues!

prizes are being awarded every 7-8 days.

No-Conditions Policy:

No mandatory resteems, upvotes or follows required!

- get some #GooglyEyes -
- stick them onto something -
- take a picture -
- post it with the tag #googlyeyes -

- post original content and don't spam -
- this is a creative contest, not a lottery -

DONE! You're qualified!

More Winners Every Week!

The prize-pool for the next issue already contains:
9.073 SBD for upvotes and a delegation-prize of 147.743 SP
100% of all rewards on THIS POST!

Want to learn more about this contest? Read:
A brief History, some Updates and a few Tips for Winning

Have more questions or just want to hang out? Join:
Planet Googly on Discord

bonus image for the googly community:

I was already running late, no time to go out and find a nice trophy-scene today

A huge shout-out goes to @krystle, @ausbitbank and @reggaemuffin!
They helped me start this contest and are supporting it since!

@ausbitbank and @reggaemuffin are also running a witness,
why not consider giving them your approval?!

In the name of myself and all the winners, more shoutouts go to @reggaemuffin, @hopehuggs, @ausbitbank, @openmic, @okkiedot, @jasonbu, @davor27, @marty-art, @zneeke, @warrkin, @lighteye, @msp-music, @marzi, @matajingga, @steemvids, @googlyeyes, @nunopher2013, @bucipuci, @renascence, @hethur240, @niko3d, @mathowl, @happycrazycon, @arthurgain, @yo-yo, @hazel420, @gweern, @melavie, @thesimpson, @tillygerbi, @davidfar, @steemkitten, @lloyddavis, @musicvoter, @hattaarshavin, @jonmagnusson, @newenx, @googlyprize, @peppernrino, @acknowledgement, @nevelspoock, @chimtivers96, @chester23, @jacksonaf, @draco94, @mandarinaad, @josegc, @zimatovi, @ingenierogabriel, @gabrielaa, @raizapenamcbo, @shairalaleska, @lissette, @sandrapatricia, @oshiokhenhoya, @roelvi, @leal, @mandysp, @zuleef, @marianvirginia, @jonsmontero, @erisbobo, @mileidy10, @icybc, @luisferchav, @ruti, @avesa, @uow, @lk666, @paulobassman, @icmarkets, @cryptwo, @fishyculture, @pechichemena, @rickey, @eriq, @vera.carla, @recordpool, @plloi, @ladybirdec, @angelicagarcia, @proudlynigerian, @mrjamesbond, @bennettitalia, @thexreposts, @kryptoe, @reekadoh, @mzuami, @shookriya, @ericedelweis, @scraped, @marlenny, @markaustin, @rogeviolinista, @tiket, @ahya, @trippz, @ljv, @calebleejl, @muziclub, @rognel2904, @kiriatjrb, @operahoser, @lstriker and @music4peace who all upvoted last week's post (without receiving payment for it) and who are thereby funding this award!!

everything is better with #GooglyEyes

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Woohooo 🎉 Finally, the googly prize is mine!
Thank you very much 😁

Btw. I love the pic of the googly gang 👀

hehehe... well... you did already win the very very firts ever one there was... so it's basically just going full circle over again :D on to the next one!

Thanks, yeah, the Googly Gang shot was kind of a compromise with the lack of time on my hands but I am quite happy how that turned out myself :D

Did you recognize Romeo & Juliet up there?!

Ronny Roboty - it's been a while since we met the last time, I hope he is fine :D

I knew I had seen them before. But I couldn't remeber excatly when and where.

Congratulations winners, and always a pleasure to vote for the most googly of eyes :D

Woohoo! And thank you. I thought you would like the psychology piece. I also appreciate your addition to that part of the conversation. I was looking for that term all day. I still can't find that terms that describe the delusion that an object loves us back. Lol. I have that silly unrequited fascination for quite a few trinkets. I'm very excited about winner. As you can see I'm typing a long comment without any substance at this point. I've resteemed and will be googly-ing again, as well as, leaving the googly eyes on my mug when I stream on twitter later (O_O)


Yes, I very much loved reading that post!!

If you can't find a term... just invent one and make it a thing. Put up a wikipedia page and it might just become real sooner or later ;)

Also happy the taters won. Only fair as well. Quite a lot of effort went into them. And I wish I had a pet tater pig. Might make one actually. Lol

a googly pet tater pig... yeah... that post was one amazing piece of work! @okkiedot knows what he's doing ;)

Congratulations to the winners. I'm glad in the GOOGLYEYES family ;-)

And I am glad you are with us spreading the googly spirit! Thanks for being excellent!

It's my pleasure. Creating for #googlyeyes really enjoys me ;-)

Congratulations winners, i and new in the family googleeyes

Hey, it's awesome to have you with us... I am already curious what's next on the menu now that your done with that googly secretary cocktail affair ;)

I just today i was walking in the comercialcenter and took a few photos with the googleyes, so the good thig is comming :D

great, I am curious to see what it is :D

Hi @googlyeyes! I'm here to inform you to add your contest to the list of active contests in steemit, created by me. I hope it is not causing any problems, but if so, please let me know so I can eliminate it as soon as I can. Blessings!

No problems at all, it's much appreciated!

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here kitty kitty... I've got cuddles!


I'm sorry, with a single unfortunately blurry picture you cannot meet the minimum quality guidelines, please try resubmitting a better entry OR edit the original post with better images and let me know.

digitally added eyes are not accepted for the #GooglyPrize

Post value before upvote purchase: $13.52

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upvotes were purchased and processed as follows: 2x 3SBD, 2x 1 SBD, 1x 1.5SBD

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hello my entrance to the contest I hope you like it.