Golf Rehab Week 4 - Swing Speed Measurements

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For those of you following this series of “Golf Rehab”, you know I’m working on my golf game with the goal of getting to scratch. I initially started this program on 3/27/2018 and set the length at 12 weeks. I’m not sure I’ll meet my goal of scratch in 12 weeks but I’ll see how far I can get. I may have to extend the length after we get to 12 weeks (on 6/19/18) but I want to see how my stats improve before adjusting it. For now, it’s petal to the metal…and having the shorter timeframe keeps me motivated.

Results so far are rounds of 92, 85 and 85 again. This means I dropped 7 strokes in just 4 weeks. In addition, I’m getting myself back into shape and working on my strength conditioning to hit the ball farther off the tee and into the green.

On Sunday I used my new net and swing speed radar to get an average swing speed for each of my clubs. This is a measure of club head speed at impact and the higher it is the farther the ball will travel, in theory. I say "in theory" because you can swing hard and still have a terrible strike, or too much spin, or a slice swing all of which would impact the distance. These results are the average of my 5 best shots in a series of about 10 swings. They are not necessarily my fastest swings, but the swings were I had higher speed AND good strikes.

Here are the results:
56 degree wedge – 67.4 MPH (miles per hour)
PW – 68.4 MPH
9I – 70.8 MPH
8I – 75.2 MPH
7I – 79.8 MPH
6I – 85 MPH
5I – 86.6 MPH
4I – 90.6 MPH
3I – 94 MPH
2I – Don’t have one…but looking for one!
5W – Don’t have one…but need one!
3W – 102.4 MPH
Driver – 103.6 MPH

It will be neat to see how my swing speeds change over the next 8 weeks.

I also purchased a Game Golf Live Tracking device at the suggestion of a followers @scottstevens. Thanks Scott!

I’m so excited to take this on the course and actually start seeing how far I can hit my clubs.

Until next time,

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