Golfing Rehab - My Strategy for Getting to Scratch

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Getting better at anything is all about pushing the limits of one’s ability. You adjust to the beating, push the limits again, adjust, and so on and so forth. This process moves you closer and closer to your goal or vision. For me, it’s about shooting scratch golf. This means I have 13 shots to drop over the course of 18 holes.

My strategy for dropping 13 shots includes:

  1. Practicing daily on hitting golf balls. I hit about 200 balls a day or have for the past few days at least.
  2. Physical conditioning so that I can hit the ball further off the tee and into the green. This includes working out twice a week to include a lot of core exercises, light cardio and some upper body work and stretching. I feeling like I need to refine my workout routine a bit so I envision this changing over the course of my journey.
  3. Playing golf weekly. There are time limitations, family considerations, and financial concerns with playing golf. I have to balance my time on the course with everything else in my life.
  4. Refining my swing. I’ve been recording my swing on my recent outings and in practice and have been trying to incorporate improvements. It’s really hard though!

Here’s a current video of my swing. It was taken yesterday.

As you can see, I set up leaning a bit too forward. I’m a bit shallow or flat in my backswing. I bring the club up outside of the swing plane. My right leg is a bit stiff at the top. I come over the top. I release my hands too early. I come up out of it on contact. And on and on and on…lol! I can be my own worst critic at times.

But as you can see, I have a lot that I can work on.

Oh, by the way…I shot an 85 yesterday, which is repeat of last week’s outing. I did have birdie though 😊

Until next time,


Good luck reaching your goal of becoming a scratch golfer. One of the best investments I could suggest is a stat tracker like Game Golf. It's amazing for helping become more self aware of your game, tracking the yardage of every club, fairways hit, greens in reg, putts and so much more. Most importantly it helps to identify areas of improvement. I look forward to following your content and your journey to scratch.

Thanks Scott! Will look into Game Golf. Appreciate the comment!

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