Special Today Giving Away A 2SBD @booster Upvote!!(Details In Post) Post Links In The Comments For Us To Reblog, Upvote and Share Your Content To Multiple Outlets!! This Means More Upvotes For Your Great Content For Free!!(7/5/2017)

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Welcome to TeamGreen

No Need To Pay For Upvotes

2SBD @booster Upvote Give Away @ Bottom of Post

This account has been created to find, upvote, and to share great content. We all may love to resteem posts or give an extra upvote on top of what we already have given. That is what TeamGreen is here to do. There is so much clutter to Steemit these days you may want to resteem a post but not have it clutter your blog. You can also come here to find genuinely good content.

We here at TeamGreen we will be taking the links you share in our comments choosing the best posts from a few different categories such as :

  • Art
  • Photography
  • Gaming
  • Philosophy
  • Crypto

Then we reblog them share some extra upvotes from various users and also from the TeamGreen account.

Some users may see some great payouts and think "my content is better than that!". Well we are here to share that view!!
We will also be sharing the previous days choices in a once a day post so you know when your post or the post you have linked in our comments has been chosen for resteem and upvotes. We will also be promoting the chosen posts in several other outlets to get it the attention it deserves.

@TeamGreen 's Posts Will Always Be 100% Powered Up To Keep Upvoting Great Content!!

If You Think You Have Great Content That Deserves More Attention Post Your Links Below

Here to promote great content!

Yesterday's Great Content Reblogs + Upvotes :

If You Like Any Of These Posts Show Them Some Love With An Upvote And Some Comments


2SBD @booster Give Away

@teamgreen does not ask for upvotes or resteems to upvote, resteem and share your posts

Only to Participate in Give Away

To Enter :

  • Upvote todays teamgreen post (7/5/2017)
  • Resteem todays teamgreen post
  • share link of post in comments below that is between 2-3 days old
    All posts must be posted in comments within 24hrs of this posting
    The Winner will be chosen by which posts have the least amount of upvotes at 10p.m. Eastern Time (7/6/2017)
    The winner will get a @booster upvote. By 8a.m. (7/7/2017)


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How to make yourself happy?
Thank you for creating such a good project !

I did this post to try and help the females of steemit with some aspects of self defence, I would love the message to reach a little further! https://steemit.com/steemit/@silvernova/an-introduction-to-self-defence-for-the-ladies-of-steemit

Thank you again for the mention, I appreciate what you are doing for the Steemit community!


Heres my entry for the contest ( I think). Either way check it out. Pretty good post, in my opinion.


its supposed to be from 2 days ago seeings though the least upvoted post gets the reward. Didn't want someone to cheat with an empty post.

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