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So, I've been a follower of @anomadsoul for a while now but haven't really engaged with his posts, well until now due to the fact that this lovely challenge of his was brought to my attention by @Bookoons who nominated me, I also got nominations from @julietisrael and @Prechyrukky.

The challenge I simple, make a post using 5-10 posts from your Steem journey as a way of reflection. Here's a link to the Original Post.

Alright, enough said let's get to the business of the day, getting to know @dawizy through different posts he has made, I found it a bit difficult choosing this 10 because I felt there were other's that should have made the list. But Oh well, let's begin... In no particular order except the first one



This is where it all began, well not technically as I wrote a post before this intro, but to my greatest surprise I got $0.00 I felt so bad because of how the platform was told to me and how much hype,well enough of that. My intro post looking at it now, I know I could've done so much better but if you want to get to know some basics about me, this is the post to start.


After my intro I took a break from the platform because it just wasn't what I'd expected, I was a newbie with no tutor or direction. But then I joined @irise-network, the WhatsApp group where I met @Druids who was generous enough to hive me this topic, and after writing he helped me get upvotes. My love for the Steem platform was reignited, let's face it at that time I cared not for the platform and what I could give but only what I could get out and till date this has been the post with the highest payout for me as it was curated by @wafrica, @steemjet, and @utopian-io. I still feel joy when I think about it.


This has been my most thought out story on the blockchain, it's certainly the longest. It's a three part series, I wrote it all in one afternoon. The story was totally unplanned and when I was done I felt proud about the work I'd created, I'm not much of a happy ever after writer but once in a while those stories exist.


This post is more of a rant but one that I so needed at the time, if you're a Nigerian then you can relate, so many things were just happening at that time. Whenever we looked at the news it was just gloomy, always news of death and the government seemed not to be doing anything about it but rather they spent their time chasing politicians who were planning on exercising their right to leave a political association.


Growing up I watched alot of cartoons, infact I still do and Anime as well. One of such cartoons from my childhood was SpongeBob SquarePants, I love that cartoon anyways that not what the post is about. While growing up I got to find out that the Flying Dutchman character from the cartoon wasn't just made from the cartoon but was a sailors myth, I was intrigued and so when I saw the @sankofa challenge, nothing else came to mind but writing about "The Flying Dutchman".
Ps. I thought I'd win but alas it wasn't meant to be... Lol


If you've watched the cartoon Billy & Mandy then you'd know who grim is, anyway that week or the week prior I was in a poetry contest to write on the theme death. And write I did, I came up with a poetic piece Lady In Red which I thought was good, but results came and I didn't win, and so this poem was written after that like a do over and yes this one was better than my entry for the contest.


This was a fun challenge by @alicequestions but beyond the fun were truths, I opened up about certain things that I'd not told anyone in awhile and it seemed like no one really paid attention, maybe they thought I was joking.


This is my first ever @steemstem post, I'd worked on the post for days after a friend told me to, I'd put in so much work just to make sure that it was steemstem worthy, and then when the day came for it to be posted, I posted it and didn't get the upvote I wanted I was pissed but later I got to learn something way more valuable than the upvote I'd initially wanted.


This post for me was something out of the ordinary, I tried to showcase happiness from a point of view that is different from the mainstream, it wasn't appreciated as I'd thought it would as people focused on the sadness more and thought it twisted, I won't lie it's not mainstream stuff... 😉


This is my favorite quote from the steemitcentral quote challenge, as it always reminds me what I should do. There are so many people that would rather reap than sower and so I'd like to make a difference by consciously adopting a habit of sowing/giving because even the Bible says it is more blessed to give than receive.

And so there you have it, 10 posts that tell you a bit about me. At least I hope it has, I've talked so much that my jaw hurts. Figuratively though 😅.

Alright, I'd like to Nominate @MizDais, @francistagbo, @Druids
But the challenge is open to all those that qualify.

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This was sure fun to read as I laughed all through....
Woah, i feel like I know you even better 😉
I especially laughed at those posts you got $0 😂😂😂
Not because it's funny but because of the expectations you had before making the post.

I remember my second post too after my intro post, I made it with so much expectation hoping for something huge 😂😂😂
But lo and behold,i got even nothing light.


Thanks for joining in


Are you lost sir?


😂 😂 😂... Too much hype is nor good, that's what I've learnt. Also I write more often now and it help me remove my mind from just one post.

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