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Last week, I was nominated by @sumatranate to take part in the get to know me challenge started by @anomadsoul.

The challenge is only for Steemians that have been on the platform more than six months or have over 100 posts. As a submission you need to write a "clip show" post that covers 5 - 10 of the most significant posts you have made over your history on the platform.

My First Post


This was my first post on Steemit. While I am not proud of some of the content I published after it, I feel it is important to start at the beginning.

Don't worry, my early content wasn't offensive or anything to be ashamed of, but like many newcomers to Steemit, I was chasing that trending page and putting out poorly written posts hoping it would get seen by the right people.

With my Introduce Yourself post, I made my first connection on Steemit though and @goldendawne hepled me a lot in my early time on the platform.

More than search and mail

Trying to take advantage of my technical background, I soon turned to writing about technology topics.

There are some really cool things available to you if you have a gmail account that I wanted people to know about. This was my second post in that series. You can see that my composition skills were starting to get better.

Took a Trip to Nashville


Eventually, I started a series about a trip my wife and I took to Nashville. This series started to gain me some recognition with @thesteemengine and I have been a happy member of their group ever since.

Unlocking the Power of Chrome


Around the same time, I got involved with a group of people in an initiative called #dolphinschool. The idea was to help users that were planktons and minnows become better writers and eventually be dolphins.

Out of that project I started my long running (by web standards) series Unlocking the Power of Chrome. I never recieved a ton of rewards for it, but it was a well read series where every issue I highlighted a different Google Chrome Extension.

My love of BBQ


This post was exciting for me because it was probably the most comments I had ever received on a post up until this point.

I have tried since then to do as many posts on BBQ'ing as I can, but unfortunately, my schedule has been crazy and I haven't been able to do as many as I would like.

My Cancer Journey


This post is special because it was the first time I got a @curie. I had been trying to decide if I wanted to post about something so personal. I knew that at some point I would have to talk about it though. I wanted to put as much information as I could out there the help others deal with this horrible disease.

Nashville Take Two


From there I continued my Unlocking the Power of Chrome series and started another series about a second trip my wife and I took to Nashville. This was also the beginning of the time that my account was starting to grow a little and I started using upvotebots to boost my rewards.

Camping Season


Eventually, it was summer and that meant it was time for my wife and I to start camping again. Things had cooled down from the big crypto boom of November/December 2017 and my rewards were starting to return to lower numbers. It was also around this time I started to make the decsion to stop using upvote bots.


Through the summer, I started to build some closer relationships with others on the platform. I also started to use some of the other applications that were running on the STEEM blockchain. Things like, tasteem, steepshot, and steemmonsters.

Back to the Future


And that brings us to now. Currently, I am writing a series about the job I had at Radio Shack when I was in college. I have a couple more travel posts to write up before I am finished with those for the year and I hope to fine a new series I can start that will sustain me (and my readers) through the Winter.

Thanks for coming along with me on my "Get to Know Me" journey. I nominate @slobberchops, @daan, and @bigtom13 for this challenge.

I also want to give a special shout out to @eonwarped for his tool that allowed me to go back farther than my feed would show me.

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In case people are looking for it:

(I'm starting to move everything there. My old link works too, but all future updates will be to the helpienaut version)

And this is a fun idea, I will definitely be looking through my past posts soon!


Thanks for posting that! I know many people will find it useful, especially those that are participating in this challenge!


Nice one @eonwarped, thanks!

I see you just slotted the pictures in after all! I'm here just over 6 months so just qualify. I'll see what I can do.

Your first post is better than mine, that one wont make it.


It was a pretty decent first one. The ones after that were not so great. Like I said, I saw people posting pictures of their dogs and making like $50 so I figured heck my dog is cute, I can do that.... How different things were back then.. :)

What a cool post, and what a cool challenge. I accept! I really like the idea of picking highlights, and in your case, remembering some of those memorable posts.

Thanks for the look at you! It's been a fun time.


Thanks! I appreciate it!

I upvoted your post.

Keep steeming for a better tomorrow.
@Acknowledgement - God Bless

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You have had an extraordinary time on steemit @bozz! And it's been my pleasure to know you (fellow Michiganian!)

I can't even remember what my first steemit post was... Oh goodness! I bet it was a sloppy mess of formatting!


You can use the tool that @eonwarped created to find out if you really want to take a stroll down memory lane! Thanks for the great comment and compliment!

Thanks @bozz for accepting my nomination. Thanks for taking us on a quick tour of your Steem journey. I think we both are trying to find the balance of tech posts and personal posts.

I have enjoyed getting to know you, and I wish you the best on your Steem journey.​


Thanks and the same to you! It is hard with the tech posts because most people on here and already a little tech savvy just because of the nature of the platform. I feel like I have missed out on a lot of readers simply because the tech stuff I am posting is below their intellect :)

Very interesting to see where you started at :) I don't think you have anything to be ashamed of, those early posts were still okay. Most of us aren't really writers anyway, we just learn by repetition. See where you are now!

Will definitely also write a post like this, thanks for the nomination. It'll probably be for next week, I've been terribly ill the last couple of days, so not much writing going on here. I'll get back when I finish my antibiotics cure (if that ends up working that is)


Thanks! I know when I first started I was just throwing up pictures of my dog and stuff hoping that people would love it!

That's still an impressive first post... I don't even want to look at what mine was... I'm sure I didn't know how to do any formatting and I doubt there was even a picture....


Thank you! I appreciate it!

What an amazing look into who you are and the road you have travelled to become that person. Thank you for sharing these stories about yourself. We have all come a long way together and the journey is just getting started.


For sure! And thank you!

Such a cool challenge and I remeber seeing most of those posts such a cool selection

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