Global Currency Reserve (GCR): Frequency of Fractals within a Broadening Pattern

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The below chart of Global Currency Reserve (GCR/BTC) is quite unique in the sequence of fractals. Even in these, the hurry up, vertical nature of the price rises are followed by the longer and wider corrections. A precision execution of the Hurry Up & Wait Syndrome.

When viewing the MACD, there was a point of consolidation (blue circles) before the near vertical rise in price and MACD. There is a cycle being played out in both price and MACD and the frequency of this cycle is naturally very fractal. Given the current price sitting on the bottom trend line support and MACD which direction is most likely for the next price movement?

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I am waiting to sell anyway, because if I sell what I bought now, I will loose more than 40%.
Sometimes I think aboout selling every crypto I hold and stay away but I always tell myself that there will be a new all time high sooner or later.
We hope for the best in 2018.

What do you think about this analysis?


Very interesting! I have never seen these charts before! Thank you for sharing! I have a ton to learn! haha

What do you think about this analysis?

que bien

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Insightful post @haejin.

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I'm curious who votes this, this make no sense at all! This has nothing to do with a TA!!!

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