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Yooooo steemians Hello, how are you guys? back again with me @rezaerfiandes. How are you guys? I hope you guys keep well. Oh yeah stay faithful reading my postings here yaps hehehe. Sorry yesterday I don't review games for you guys. I was sick. Okey, as usual, I'm still review games that are on the smartphone. I'm using Xiaomi Redmi 5A to review games. The specification of this smartphone was good enough to play the game with good graphics. This time I will review advanced games that I've review game of Contract Killer: Sniper. If you haven't read it, please see the previous post on Contract Killer: Sniper Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, and Part 15. The source code could you guys click end this post.

Okay, I'll review just a little on the Part 15. On Part 15 I've been playing some of the Mission consists of Beating The House Mission, Workman On Strike Mission, My Kind Of Town Mission, M-25 Terminator-9 Trial, R&P LMG Trial, and The Ol' Switcheroo Mission. The Missions that I play in Part 15 still in the East Asia Region. Okey finally in Part 16 of this we are already entered on the last mission in the East Asia Region and kill the boss “Jade”. The next mission we will play in the Russia Region. Okey let's go we complete the last mission in the East Asia Region.

The Mission "Weapons Free" Look who's smuggling illegal guns to street gangs in the US! Let's show them how well their own merchandising works. "Eliminate" Kill all enemies. On this mission I will use weapons Raptor Mar-21 which should be upgradable power first. Upgrade power from power 264 became power 272. The location of the play are in the temple. On this mission we must kill nine enemies. When starting the game we are directly confronted with special force level 18 and recruit level 18. They attack us. Drone machine gun on and start helping. Enter again into there is a sniper elite was ready upstairs. Then came three straight left from the direction of enemy attack. It's easy, because they did not use body armor. After that go into one room and found three of the enemy.

The Mission "Punch In, Punch Out" The triads have taken over a small family-owned factory by killing a worker and threatening the owner. Oust the triads. Violently, if possible. "Kill the target" Assassinate Yang and eliminate all threats. On this mission I will use weapons sniper rifle type Talon SR 9 with power 272 already in previous upgrades. Location of play at middle temple page with an atmosphere of sunset. When starting to play I saw four enemy vigil. I'm searching Yang. I didn't find it. I had to kill the guards in advance so that is out. I was attacked by an elite sniper and rocket laucher. Wow they are all attacking simultaneously. I had to hide in the past. The moment they reload I began to counter attack. Juggernaut appears level 18 with guns the engine and full body armor. Dangerous. Afterwards I've seen coming out of hiding. I was instantly killed Yang.

The Mission "Safety Not Guarenteed" The local triads have gone from exporting illegal fireworks to smuggling illegal guns. Pull the trigger on them. "Destroy Property" $500.000 Cause of damage. On this mission I use weapons Raptor Mar-21 to upgrade power from power 272 became power 282. Location of play inside the temple and is located in a hallway to a room. When starting the game I saw two property which must be destroyed. There are three guards there, I keep focus destroy properties. I submit drone machine gun to kill the enemy. Enter again into I saw one property and one Juggernaut level 18 with full body armor directly shoot us. I keep focus destroy property and afterwards I killed Juggernaut. Then we get out the temple through the back door, yaps alone there are already three of the enemy who is preparing to shoot us. Not a problem, we can kill them easily. Oh no, the Juggernaut appears with a gun the engine. I have to be careful. Finally, I'm getting dead Juggernaut went into the temple courtyard. Wow this problem, there is an automatic machine gun directly active and attack us. I had to immediately destroy it because the time remaining a little more. Just one more property that must be destroyed. Yes I get it! I get the reward $555.000 of contract $500.000. Completed this mission my level up to level 18 with rewards + 64 loves and 5 golds.

The Mission "Kill Switch" The wolves ' latest assassin doesn't think you see him. Point out the error of his ways by putting a bullet in his cerebellum. "Eliminate" Kill all enemies. On this mission I use a sniper rifle Talon SR-9 that will be upgraded from power from power 272 into power 282. Location page playing in the temple. Seen from the top of some enemies are watching. We must immediately kill all of them. Wow it turns out on the top floor there is a rocket launcher that is being launched the rocket, we had to hide and shoot him.

The Mission "Fluid Situation" Every time you come back into town. The wolves have regained a foothold on the local crime scene. Deep six-their latest operation. "Eliminate" Kill all enemies. On this mission we use weapons Raptor Mar-21 with power still 282. Location plays in the warehouse. When you start the game there is an enemy that is being posted. I immediately shoot him, it turns out it was just a Setup. The other enemy already stationed to shoot us and there is an automatic machine gun which is on fire. I have to destroy weapons that automatic machine. There are two sniper elite that also we have to be vigilant.

The Mission "Die Me a River" This is ridiculous. Every lowlife in town is carrying a gun, your picture, and orders to shoots on sight. It's flattering, but you have work to do. "Kill the target" Locate Lee and assassinate him. Before the start of the game we were obliged to upgrade the power weapons Talon SR-9 which we will use. Upgrade power 282 into power 292. Location plays in the open space of the temple. It didn't take long to play on this mission. The target is very clearly visible. I'm a direct headshot of Lee and he died.

The Mission "Feel The Burn" This is it! Nothing to do now but crashes the man in the suit's party. (Note: this is figurative speech. There is no actual party). "Kill the target" Lure Jade out and assassinate him. Finally this is the last mission on the East Asia Region. On this mission we will fight a boss named Jade. I need to ugrade Raptor weapon power Mar-21 of power 282 into power 292. When starting the game looks okay just because only three of the enemy who does not have full amenities. I instantly kill them. After that come out with machine guns brought the Jade and together the two Juggernaut that uses full body armor wielding a weapon similar to Jade. Wow this is very dangerous, I had trouble, drone machine gun could not give significant impact. I have to be careful and patient in the shooting. With many spend time I managed to kill the boss of Jade. Yeah I get it. Wow there is a status update of "The man in The suit slipped away as you fought his bodyguard. But that bodyguard's dying words revealed your enemy's name: Vladimir Drago ".

Okay my friends I think this is how advanced review game of Contract Killer: Sniper Part 16. In Part 16 I've completed all the missions that are in the East Asia Region and for Part 17 we've been playing in the Russia Region. I hope you guys are happy with some of the missions that I've played and I review for you guys. May be a reference for you guys play this game. Please play this game if you like. For the next posting I still further about the Contract Killer: Sniper. So you guys don't miss updates on missions that I review here. So for you guys don't forget to continue to read the next part of the review. Oh yeah, I hope that my  review can make you guys like it and you guys enjoy it. As always if there are any less in my review please be corrected. See yaa steemians.

If you haven't read my review of the parts of Contract Killer: Sniper from part 1 to part 15, you can click link below, enjoyed steemian!

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Thanks for sharing with us. this post will be liked to all.hope people will be like to play this game and they will enjoy very much on it.keep it up.go ahead.thank you

thanks @ausharya, i hope your posting will be nice too.

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