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Yooooo steemians Hello, how are you guys? back again with me @rezaerfiandes. How you doing on this Saturday? Have fun make his weekend guys? Oh yeah stay faithful to reading my postings yaps hehehe. Okey, as usual, I'm still review games that are on the smartphone. I'm using Xiaomi Redmi 5A to review games. The specification of this smartphone was good enough to play the game with good graphics. This time I will review advanced games that I've review previously game of Contract Killer: Sniper. If you haven't read it, please see the previous post on Contract Killer: Sniper Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, and Part 14. The source code could you guys click to the end of this post.

Okay, I'll review just a little on the Part 14. In Part 14 I've played a few missions consist of Clear Room Mission, Out for Blood Mission, Wrecking Brawl Mission, Into The Storm Mission, Contract: Kill All Mission, Habeas Corpus Mission, and Taking Out The Trash Mission. The missions that I played in Part 14 still in the East Asia Region. Each region has many missions we have to complete so I'm still playing in the East Asia Region. Okey we continue to complete the missions.

The Mission "Beating The House" A casino full of enemies, and you with all these guns and bullets. Want to lay odds on how this turns out. "Eliminate" Kill all enemies. On this mission I use weapons Raptor Mar-21 should upgrade from power 256 into power 264. The location of the play in a Chamber in the temple. On this mission we should kill all the enemies, they were twelve enemies. When starting the game I get in and didn't see a single enemy. It turns out they're hiding, seeing I've in they appear and immediately attacked. I have to hide as they emerge from the ground floor and top floor. The moment they reload I immediately shoot them. There are three four enemies. Then I left to side glances, came four more enemy attack, drone machine gun started on and I look at the situation around. Enter again into the room, there are four more enemies are ready for us to kill me hahahah.

The Mission "Workman On Strike" The nightshade factory. Go in there and eliminate the threat in the most destructive way possible. "Destroy Property" $350.000 Cause of damage. On this mission I use weapons sniper rifle type Talon SR-9 to upgrade from power 256 into power 264. The location of the play page of the Middle temple. We are positioned at the top floor. All of the enemies and property are under. First I saw the property where must I destroy. I accidentally pressed the firing, I found out. Drone machine gun began to actively and directly attacked. There are sniper elite enemy turns out to be, I'd have to kill him first. Okey, I began to destroy property. Actually I would prefer if I destroy property weaponry Raptor Mar-21. But no problem, we just play only hehehe. There are four properties that we have to destroy. Finished everything we are going down and taking a chip that was saved by the enemy. The reward I get from this mission of $365.000 of contract $350.000. Wow my level up to level 17 with reward + 64 loves and 5 golds.

The Mission "My kind of town" It seems wrong to shed blood in the only place in shanghai that has sinatra on the jukebox. But good taste or no, these scuzzbags need a dirt nap. "Plant the bomb" Proceed to extraction point. "Status Update" This day just keeps getting better. Not only does the factory now look like a junkyard, the intel here points us right to the man in the suit. On this mission I use weapons Raptor mar-21 with power still 264. The location of the play was in a Chamber in the temple. The enemy was ready to attack. There are sniper elite enemies that we should kill it first. I get in and start shooting followed drone machine gun. The first time there are three enemies. Then comes the four people the enemy again. When the situation is safe I put up a bomb. Finish installing the bomb came three of the enemy again attacked. I have to kill them all. After that bomb to blow up the room.

Trial "M-25 Terminator" Oh no! a group of terrorists has set up an armada of turrets to keep you out! "Whatever" – will you zap! zap! zap! bzzrak! ... sorry. What were you saying?. This time I tried the new weapon M-25 terminator with power 300. This trial will be playing at the moment, I can information. "Upgrade Your Vault" Your vault is too small to fit all the diamonds you are going to get. Upgrade your vault or part of the received diamonds will get lost. "Tesla Rifle" The tesla rifle fires blasts of charged plasma. The longer you hold down the fire button, the more powerful the shot will be. Wow this really cool weapon, this weapon do not use bullets, it blasts of plasma, such as laser. The more we hold the fire button, the more powerful the impact. I like to kill with this weapon performance, but to get the sensation, I prefer to use the weapon by removing the bullets. In this trial we should be killing fifteen people. The location of the play was in the temple. To play we should use 1.500 diamonds. If successfully completed trial we will regain 1.500 diamonds.

Trial "R&P-9 LMG" They don't stand a chance. (Also, I didn't actually do the math). On this trial I tried using weapons R&P-9 LMG 300 with power. This weapon is more sturdy and strong than Raptor Mar-21. The location of the play was in the backyard of the temple. There are twelve enemy we have to kill. I prefer this R&P-9 LMG gun when compared with M-25 Terminator. Weapons R&P-9 LMG uses bullets with high speed. An instant enemy dead. When starting the game I was immediately attacked by four enemy. One enemy using full body armor and using a machine gun at high speed. Not a problem, the weapon that we used to have almost the same speed. Then came the four enemy again from the side. I quickly kill them. Then came the four enemy again. On this mission I was not helped by the drone machine gun because it is a trial.

The Mission "The Ol' Switcheroo" it's a classic story: guy sees assassin on his tail. Guy doubles back and head-shots assassin. Guy goes out for pie. So hurry up. I'm starved. "Kill the target" Locate Lang and assassinate him. On this mission I use weapon sniper rifle type Talon SR-9 which should be upgraded from power 264 became power 272. The location of the temple area is not on the play but was in the port of shipment of the goods. When starting the game I saw a lot of the guards Lang. I looked at the situation and find a Lang was holding machine guns. She looked off guard, I immediately killed him with a headshot. Lang died. This mission is finished I get achievement "Keeping Busy" yeah.

Okay my friends I think this is how advanced review game Contract Killer: Sniper Part 15. I hope you guys are happy with some of the missions that I've played and I review for you guys. May be a reference for you guys play this game. Please play this game if you like. For the next posting I still further about the Contract Killer: Sniper. So you guys don't miss updates on missions that I review here. So for you guys don't forget to continue to read the next part of the review. Oh yeah, I hope that my review can make you guys like it and you guys enjoy it. As always if there are any less in my review please be corrected. See yaa steemians.

If you haven't read my review of the parts of Contract Killer: Sniper from part 1 to part 14, you can click link below, enjoyed steemian!

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