Notable Steemit Tags (Part 1)

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As I was thinking of relevant tags to use in my previous post, I found myself looking at the complete tag list

What I liked about this list is that there are figures attached (number of posts, comments, and payouts). Of course that doesn't mean it would be wise to just go where a lot of the Steemit community goes to share their posts or the places where the large payouts are. 

I've decided I'm going to focus on using tags that have relatively high quality posts. How to decide though? 

After a bit of a think I've come up with the figure: At least 30% quality content. :) 

What do I mean by quality content? (You can head over to see the links I've shared on my Twitter feed to get an idea)

So far:

That doesn't mean you'll not get spammy sort of stuff. It just means that it would be easier to clean that tag (by muting accounts who you think wouldn't contribute value to your Steemit experience) compared to if you were just to try to clean up all the posts you see!

Whenever I got stuck during a development of a written piece once place I turn to is Fast Company for structure and headings.

Ask for my bookmark for the next post of this series, here is my bookmark

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I look forward to reading your own favourite Steemit tags from as a reply below or as a link to your post (whether or not it is  on Steemit)! If your not yet on Steemit, you can send me a tweet too! More Feedback is welcome here.    


For upvoting, I had heard from Steve Clark, that it is better to upvote posts that are less than 7 days old. So if you would like to be sure I get rewarded, head here  to see newer posts. Because you still can upvote anytime ---- of course  you can upvote this post even if it is more than 7 days old! :D 

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As for my other written pieces (outside of Steemit), click here for my posts on Thrive and Buzzfeed.

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