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Moringa, Horseradish tree, Drumstick tree, Ben oil tree, Marum

and some personal experience with it

This is my entry for the #Freedomfriday contest announced by @naturalmedicine. I was inspired by reading post from @riverflows and post by @artemislives.

I want to talk about The Miracle Tree: Moringa. That is how it is called by many people in many countries because it is very special and it is said that any part of it can be used. Also it is called Tree of Life. It's science name is Moringa olifeira, one of the most known, popular and grown species in this Moringa group, which has several species in many different countries.

Miracuous Tree of Life: Moringa
picture source

It is said that thanks to the leaves of this Moringa tree - many babies in Africa survived, because their mothers could have enough milk for them after using these leaves, which are very rich in Calcium too, several times more than in cows milk. That's why it is called The Tree of Life: because it helps a lot for malnutrition and other such problems. There are also many other valuable nutrients, vitamins and elements in its leaves, seeds, flowers.
Moringa benefits
picture source

In Thailand it is called "Maa-room" (มะรุม) or "Horseradish tree". It is also called "Drumstick Tree" because its fruits or seeds are hanging on the tree in pods, which look like sticks. Other well known names: Ben oil tree or Benzoil tree; many other names in different languages and countries. Therefore I will not write so much about its benefits and uses - because as I can see even here on Steemit so many people already posted a lot about it; also a lot more information can find by Google.

Moringa pods sticks - Thai food ingredient
picture source

Personally we have mostly used the powder made from dry Moringa leaves as a herbal supplement, similar to famous Spirulina. Also dry Moringa Seeds can just simply eat few times per day - as an energy boost. Leaves can use to make fresh smoothy or "green cocktails", also cook. Pods can use in different dishes like soups and curries. Also very popular Moringa Natural Organic Oil! It can be used both for different purposes, like in cosmetics, for acne and to remove spots, blemishes, treat some other fungus affected areas, etc. as well as powerful natural antiseptic. We can only praise this wonderful Gift from Mother Nature and recommend it to other people!

Moringa benefits
picture source

My thoughts about Natural Medicine
and some personal experience

I was glad to see people who are also interested about, blog and and write, discuss about this subject matter: Natural Medicine! Because myself and our family already for many years tried to use mostly natural herbs or spices when get some problems with health. Therefore we understand very much all those people who talk about Big Pharma and business of "Medicine Industry", which actually more interested in people to remain sick than get well and healthy. Why? Because if person becomes healthy - they already can not make money from him! That person can not be their good regular customer who will continue using their services, pay them money for that and buy all sorts of things from them. But person who remains sick - oh, that is actually much better! Because such person depends on doctors and all the medicine and keeps using their services.

There is another reason why I sincerely support this idea of promoting Natural Medicine. Because in my own personal experience it happened already few times, as well as with my family members - when modern medicine does not help. Sometimes doctors even say that directly: "Sorry, we can not do anything about it. We can only observe, keep watching how this disease will continue and may be can suggest you some vitamins". It has really happened to us few times, honestly! However after that we decided to use natural herbs and some other natural products, as well as some natural herbal treatments (from traditional medical practitioners) and somehow it did help, it worked and healed that problem! Even though in normal hospital or clinic - they said that they can not help, because their modern medicine can not understand the reasons of that illness, how to treat it or what medicine to use, also that they simply don't have medicine to cure it! Then how traditional herbs could cure and heal it? Why modern medicine which has a lot of scientists, big research centers, a lot of money spend and provided by governments, very highly developed technology, expensive equipment - and all that can not help to solve the problem?

That's why I sincerely support this idea of those bloggers here on Steemit - who are trying to promote Natural way of life, Healthy Food, Natural Medicines and herbs. Because people have to learn how to take care of themselves and for that they need knowledge and information. I hope my post could be useful for someone! :)

Please see some photos of Moringa below.

Moringa leaves and powder

Drumstick Tree leaf powder
picture source

Moringa seeds and oil

Drumstick Tree seeds oil
picture source

Mature dried seeds of Moringa

Drumstick Tree mature seeds
picture source

Moringa pods or "drumsticks"

Drumstick Tree seed pods
picture source

Young seeds inside "drumstick" pods - main part used for food in soups, curries

Drumstick Tree seed pods
picture source

pealed "drumsticks" ready for cooking

Drumstick Tree pods pealed
picture source

"drumsticks" with some half-ripe seeds

Drumstick seed pods pealed
picture source

Marum pods cooked in traditional Thai style

Moringa Drumsticks coocked
picture source

Moringa Drumsticks cooked
picture source

Moringa flowers can also use for cooking! :)

Moringa pods and flowers
picture source

Moringa flowers, pods and leaves together - all can use for food!

Moringa pods flowers leaves
picture source

Moringa flower

Moringa flower
picture source

More flowers

Moringa flowers
picture source

Drumstick Tree Flowers
picture source



I am constantly amazed by this plant... it comes up all the time in Natural Medicine posts but I'd never heard of it before. Wish we could grow it here. I find it incredible that you can do better witj your own health by being literate about the plants that can support you rather than depend on a system that can't. Love how you included lots of photos here that really show all its uses! Amazing.

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thank you very much for all the support and comments! :)
I am truly moved by that.

yes, being literate about our own body, its physiology, how it works and functions - is very important!
in fact many or most (if not all) diseases happen because people do not know what and how to eat properly, what can combine together or not, then which products, spices, herbs can use to balance whatever dis-balances... majority of people do not even know that is important to drink enough water daily! :) and also what water that must be, what quantity, at which time to drink it ...

that is why the Big Pharma and all the "medical industry" is thriving and is one of the biggest profitable businesses in the world - as I remember it was mentioned that it is 3rd biggest in the world! after weapons selling and drugs selling. surely it is not by some chance or by "accident"! :)

Yes that's crazy. But death is a big industry.. or health rather. There's always big money in it.

I was lucky as my Mum knew lots about health. It still amazes me how little people can know!!!

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Moringa is amazing! Living in South Africa I can testify to this tree of life. Some rural communities are planting the moringa both for their own use and for business purposes to supply health stores. I think it is an amazing initiative. Great read @freedomwing and great choice for #naturalmedicine

wow! that's very nice to know, especially because I can not travel there to Africa myself to see it with my own eyes. so, hearing it from someone who actually lives there - is quite valuable.

yes, I also think that Moringa is very good. particularly because it is much cheaper than for example Spirulina. Moringa can even grow by ourselves. or can easily buy it fresh on the market. :)

I found this lovely plant back in 2007. I used it to lose almost 50 pounds. It has so many amazing properties including improving my grandma's eyesight. I found it because of an international multi level marketing company. Email me if you need help getting access to Moringa. If you cant grow it then I suggest supplement esoteric caps. Liquid nutrition is best though and many other options in the company I speak about. That is where my name comes from. Email me at [email protected] and follow for news, information, and preparation for the largest transfer of wealth in human history. @nutritree Godspeed on your journey. Dr Gerson taught us to live by the law in 1928. In doing so he defeated cancer. There is no cure for a mutation. Gerson Therapy

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that's very interesting, I didn't know that it helps to monitor weight! and even help for eyesight?! that's very much in high demand now, with many people spoiling their eyesight by staring for many hours their mobile devices and PC screens. I see many people, even young, getting eyesight problems within very short time!

Many issues in our medical cornucopia are due to a house built on sand. Because we dont follow God's law we dont sow what we expect we sow. Gerson teaches our soil requires 56 different nutrients for our food to be fruitful. A house without a foundation of nutrients can not stand.

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I really liked your post in regards to the plant and all the photos. Your personal experience is so true and amazing, I love hearing stories like these firsthand. Thank you for contributing to FF and expressing your view on freedom of natural medicine

thanks for your kind words! :)
glad that those simple things which I expressed - found such a response and interest.
also that I've found some people who are similarly minded.
I would surely like to read your personal experience too! :)

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