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RE: Miracle Tree of Life: Moringa! #Freedomfriday post with photos

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I am constantly amazed by this plant... it comes up all the time in Natural Medicine posts but I'd never heard of it before. Wish we could grow it here. I find it incredible that you can do better witj your own health by being literate about the plants that can support you rather than depend on a system that can't. Love how you included lots of photos here that really show all its uses! Amazing.

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thank you very much for all the support and comments! :)
I am truly moved by that.

yes, being literate about our own body, its physiology, how it works and functions - is very important!
in fact many or most (if not all) diseases happen because people do not know what and how to eat properly, what can combine together or not, then which products, spices, herbs can use to balance whatever dis-balances... majority of people do not even know that is important to drink enough water daily! :) and also what water that must be, what quantity, at which time to drink it ...

that is why the Big Pharma and all the "medical industry" is thriving and is one of the biggest profitable businesses in the world - as I remember it was mentioned that it is 3rd biggest in the world! after weapons selling and drugs selling. surely it is not by some chance or by "accident"! :)

Yes that's crazy. But death is a big industry.. or health rather. There's always big money in it.

I was lucky as my Mum knew lots about health. It still amazes me how little people can know!!!

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