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RE: Miracle Tree of Life: Moringa! #Freedomfriday post with photos

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I found this lovely plant back in 2007. I used it to lose almost 50 pounds. It has so many amazing properties including improving my grandma's eyesight. I found it because of an international multi level marketing company. Email me if you need help getting access to Moringa. If you cant grow it then I suggest supplement esoteric caps. Liquid nutrition is best though and many other options in the company I speak about. That is where my name comes from. Email me at [email protected] and follow for news, information, and preparation for the largest transfer of wealth in human history. @nutritree Godspeed on your journey. Dr Gerson taught us to live by the law in 1928. In doing so he defeated cancer. There is no cure for a mutation. Gerson Therapy

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that's very interesting, I didn't know that it helps to monitor weight! and even help for eyesight?! that's very much in high demand now, with many people spoiling their eyesight by staring for many hours their mobile devices and PC screens. I see many people, even young, getting eyesight problems within very short time!

Many issues in our medical cornucopia are due to a house built on sand. Because we dont follow God's law we dont sow what we expect we sow. Gerson teaches our soil requires 56 different nutrients for our food to be fruitful. A house without a foundation of nutrients can not stand.

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