Purepinay's Chicken Adobo

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One of my favorite food to eat is what I consider Filipino’s national dish, yes, it’s the Adobo! Been eating Adobo since I was in my Mama’s womb. ;D

Ask any Filipino what their favorite Filipino dish is and 9/10 will tell you it's Adobo. Chicken, pork or vegetable adobos are the most common, but realistically you can adobo almost anything. Adobo cereal? Well... Maybe not everything.

Adobo is a method derived from preserving food for the Conquistadors while there were exploring, and conquering lands/territories. They needed a way to keep their food from spoiling, while they spent months at a time at sea. Vinegar is one of the main ingredients in adobo, and this works in a similar fashion as pickling.

chicken adobo.jpg

Since the Philippines was colonized under Spanish rule for so many years, many of our foods, traditions, and dialects are derived from their culture. I guess this is also why our predominant religion is Catholic.

My boyfriend and I will be moving to Ecuador/Peru in the near future- And he told me that I would most likely pick right up on Spanish, as the dialect and tones are very similar to Tagalog already.

Just the other day, I was chatting with @foovler, we were talking about Filipino dishes and he mentioned adobo and asked me if I have any recipes. There are tons of adobo recipe out there depending on the region that you are from, and although they are all different- They are still called 'adobo'.

So, this is my take on the Adobo. You can either use a chicken or pork for your protein. Or, you can use both. Totally up to you. Heck, I’ve even seen fish and eggs, haha!

I personally love pork belly because of its fat content. Yeah, I know, why do I look this good? The key is in moderation, just like with anything. Too much of anything is not good for you, even green tea.

Yup green tea. I know it’s full of antioxidants but going overboard will also make your liver work harder. It also decreases your absorption of folic acid. A very important vitamin that helps decrease birth defects.

And, I workout to help negate those calories.

But today I am using chicken thighs. Why? Because I don’t have pork belly in my fridge. Someone buy me pork belly?

Now let’s make…..
Chicken Adobo!!!!!

onion-garlic adobo condiments.png


1 kg of chicken thighs (bone in)
1 onion
8 cloves of garlic
2 star anise
2 bay leaves
2 peppercorn each chicken
1 tablespoon of oil (love extra virgin olive oil)


½ cup soy sauce
4 tablespoon of white vinegar
½ tablespoon of honey
½ cup of water


Mix all the marinade ingredients in a big bowl.
Add the chicken and thoroughly mix everything.


While the chicken is marinating cut the onion into small pieces.
Smash those cloves of garlic and take off the skin and dice it.
Grind the peppercorns.


Get your pan or wok or pot whichever you prefer as long as it’s clean.
High heat and add oil.
Wait for oil to start to smoke then add the chicken thighs.
Sear each side until brown.
Once it has color, stir in the onions and cook until translucent.
Add the garlic and stir in for a few seconds then mix the rest of the marinade.
Chuck the star anise, bay leaves, peppercorns and water.

adobo in wok.jpg

Wait for it to boil then reduce to simmer for 20 to 30 minutes.
I love thick sauces, so after it's been simmering for half an hour, I take out the chicken and reduce the sauce to a thicker consistency.

Serve with basmati rice or any rice you love. Enjoy!

chicken adobo.jpg

Btw, @foovler said "oh I don't use sugar... I also put deep fried garlic in the end...". Deep fried garlic! That sounds good! Now, am interested in that recipe... sharing is caring. ;)

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I have never eat any dish of Philippines actually. If I got time for cooking I will definitely try this recipe.

It looks delicious... I am sure that many will like it :)

I will to try with your method.thankyou.

Dito sa amin di namin xa minamarinate..
Pag-ginasa saka na ihahalo yung toyo at suka..:)
Peo try konga yang sayo sis @purepinay
Tingin plang masarap na.:)

Ok naman silang pareho marinate o hindi. Depende kung sinipag hehe. Mas nanunuot ang lasa pag namarinate. Pero ang importante sa akin ma fry muna kunti.

hello @purepinay ,how are you doin? Hope you are doing good.
This is my first time cheking your blog throough @princefm, he is uncle to me and he ask me to check your blog. Wow i found interesting post here. And i hope i will learn from you and guid me thrugh.
This your adobo chicken is lovely and so delicious. My regards to your boyfriend. I follow you and resteemed this post.

my friends always say that Philippino food is best when made at home.
thanks for sharing this recipe :]

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Beautiful post. I learnt a lot,not just about food but also philipine culture.
I am from nigeria and your post just inspired me to share our foods and recipe too

My favourite filipino foods are puso ng saging cooked as bicol express or burger :)

Well done .. creativity, well done on the pictures
It looks really delicious ..
Thanks for sharing the recipe with us

Delicious food you presented. Good post.

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Very interesting story about the Philippines and very accurately described the recipe. Thank you!

Looks good!

looks so delicious! very beautiful photos)

adobo? u sure u spelled it right? cuz i just never heard of that one. sorry. it looks ok tho. does KFC make that?? =p

Hey Gilaine, I know u already saw this one maybe, but I would like to officially tag u and read ur post about ur 5 love/shoves..


Yumm!! I remember Kuya Rob cooked adobo ,it looks like tinola. Ang daming sabaw hehe, pero ang sarap ng sabaw. Let me guess 2 pcs yung sayu te and the rest kay Kuya Rob .hahaha.

Hey @gerel sister what are you relative to @purpinay

I'm her sister

Oh nice to meet you

Nicee to meet you too . 😊

hey there nice to meet you...followed

Adobo is something I tried in Boston for the first time, my host made it and it was waiting for me when I arrived. I don't know if it's because it was the first thing I ate after 8 hours trip, but it was awesomely delicious!!! :)

aw, glad you were able to try this Filipino dish, did you have it with white rice?

Yes, it was with white rice :)

can i made this dish at my home..!!! cause its difficult to have those meats or the flavour in india...lol

i think it has become my hobby to see if you have posted or not and finding something to critic on but couldn't find anything yet. just like your previous post this is also a very informative and delicious post. who doesn't love chicken and rice and when its made with the asian recipe it becomes more delicious. i think i am gonna know a lot about asian food with you. Amazing post

best to eat a 3-day adobo.. the meat (whether chicken, pork, fish or beef) has been given time to absorb the spices and ingredients.

3-day old adobo is better than the freshly cooked one. no kidding!

The name of this food looks like igbo dialet in my country. Which may mean first duaghter. Hahaha how funny. Let me run away please before i steal Adobo with my eyea. Heheheh.

I totally agree with you! ^_-

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Yum! For vegetarians, we use Tofu as meat alternative...

Seems like it's a worth try at home. Looks delicious and healthy too. You describe everything with fine elaborations that it feels like I myself prepare it and have it without waiting for my wife to prepare for me..


Welldone @purepinay, i learnt something new from you today. Thanks for taking us through the procedures. I hope one day, i will try it out.

I will also try making a blog post on a particular recipe of food in Nigeria. I sincerely do hope you will love it. Well, i will notify you when it is all set.

I'm honored to have met a personality such as yours. Have a nice day!!!

Being a cultural student it is quite important for me to learn about the variety of regional foods to know more about that culture. Adobo seems a quite similar food to the Pakistani cultural foods. If i write a single word of this dish then i would like to write
"Mouthwatering Dish" ;)

I'm going to see if I can make this in sous vide.

My boyfriend and I will be moving to Ecuador/Peru in the near future- And he told me that I would most likely pick right up on Spanish, as the dialect and tones are very similar to Tagalog already.

I live in AZ near the US/Mexico border. Pretty much everyone here can speak spanish except for the tourists.

I did not eat such a delicious meal in my life and I have never seen it in my life.If you ever have a chance, then I would definitely like to eat this meal with you if you allow me to do that.. lol

looks delicious but I have to prepare myself first and then taste and give feedback

I'm definitely going to try it too!

Give feedback also and say yummy

i am really very interested to have these food as i have no experience to take philipines food but after looking this post i cant wait anymore.

This one looks very delicious. It doesn't look ordinary, rather a very special way of cooking Adobo.

This sure looks interesting now i know what to look forward to if i go to the philippines or ill just cook it from here since all the ingredients are available here, the problem if am not sure it will taste the same.

I ❤️ food but unfortunately, I never got chance to try the food out of my country. These dishes sound so yummy I wish I could taste these dishes cooked by the best chef ever. 👩🏻‍🍳

One time i ate it in manila but not the way u make am sure its delicious.thanks to have more information about this kind of Philippino nice food

Yummy!!! ^^ Maayo man pd diay ka muluto Gil!!! <3

Wow,have never seen a different style of cooking with white rice. in Nigeria, most rice are cooked with just mere tomato sauce and various ingredients. Hopefully gonna try it.

I like the pork adobo. Yes with a lot of fatty parts in it. But it's the chicken liver, gizzards and feet that really puts way too much rice on my plate EVERYTIME..especially when they are 'spicily' served. 😊

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach hehehe. You are such a wonderful girl ms @purepinay. Keep steeming.

New way to cook adobo. Your version is simple but the finish product is so elegant to see. Sosyalin tignan. I will try your adobo version very soon in my next menu.

Honestly i was never aware that the malaysians where colonized by spain. Wow thanks for the info. I am saliavating so am just going to run away!

Hello @purepinay that spectacular your recipe I love the marinade as well as the rosemary, laurel, cooking with oranges I will definitely try this recipe, it looks delicious, congratulations

Thanks for posting. This looks amazing!!! I'm currently following a plant-based diet. Would a vegetable adobo work? What would you suggest I use? Tofu? I'm sure it wouldn't be as good as chicken, but after seeing this, I need to satisfy my adobo craving!!!

This looks really sumptious and fantastic and just looking at it makes me salivate in hunger

Very creative writing recipe and awesome dish . Thanks for share with us. I hope u enjoy a lot. You are awesome and growing on steeemit. Congratulations. I barely got u on time. Come india ever

Can You come to Holland and teach me dear? Love from Holland

What a delight, a very unique dish and undoubtedly for what is observed exquisite.

Wow very testy food i love chicken adobo thank you for shere with us dear @purepinay

Sister i all time use your name with my every post tag.
i hope you all time upvote my post. I've seen many upvote of you all the time. I want to you upvote my post all the time. Because you are my big @fan? I never forget your help......

#((((((((((((((((( Please help me sister))))))))))))))

You are amazing! @naeemahmed . Thank you for supporting my sister @purepinay

Thank you @gerel sister i support purepinay all time but @purepinay not support me please you tell purepinay that do you support me.


wow awesome food looks very delicious

I love adobo so much! We're the same in considering adobo as the Philippines' national dish lol. No week goes by without having adobo on our table! :D Great post as usual, Gilaine! :)

One of my favorite! ADOBO! YUMMMY! Thanks for sharing @purepinay! :)

It looks amazing now i'm feeling hungry! :)

The best adobo I tried is the with mixed chicken and pork meat. It's way better for me compared to chicken or pork alone.

I love adobo seasoning.

This chicken adobo looks delicious and that's quite a lot of garlic. I'd give it a try but I'm not sure if I can handle that much garlic and spices. :)

so delicious...
thanks for sharing with us..
@upvote and @resteem is done

Paborito ng lahat.. adobo!!
Thank you for sharing..

I looove Adobo! Though my national dish is still Sinigang. Hehe. God your post made me hungry. Thanks for sharing!

omg, I don't remember the last time I had sinigang, nakakamiss din yang dish!

Oh you are a big foodie too.
I'm picking up your travel habits. Wait for my blog about my trip to Bhutan. Been writing it for 2 days now. Will post it finally.

Sometime, cook make somebody happy. Like this, if a woman cook, everyfeel be one with the cooked activited. So, she will be health couse what she cook come happy

Napusuan ko na po @purepinay. One of my favorite dish. I will try to cook your recipe 😊

Adobo cereal? ngek!

Hmmm...my partner is an addict of chicken. He will love this...yumm..yummm.

I read, see and enjoy amazing your innovative post can add knowledge, thank you for sharing.

Chicken adobo is yummy, yummy! Glad to be seeing you in action in the kitchen today. Glad to see that you are cooking too. ♥

Same here. Adobo is my favorite dishes , i always cooked adobo for my family.

yum!! pahingi nga po. tamng pang ulam for dinner. iba pa rin po talaga ang sariling timpla. sariling luto. with love then ipapakain sa my loves. hehe ❤️❤️❤️

@purepinay It is very exciting to see this type of recipes. the creativity you see on the skin.

Favorite ko rin yan. Prefer ko medyo masabaw at may kahalong atay ng manok. :)

hi paborito ko yan Nag follow na ako sayo pa follow back nalang po newbie lang ako :) godbless salamat sa pag share

Hello @purepinay the dish looks delicious, I want to try it, I'll prepare it in Venezuelan style, then I'll tell you about it. Happy day

thank you, @syllem. have fun cooking! XOXO

Adobo has many versions ☺

It can be

  • Adobong Sitaw (String Beans)
  • Adobong Baboy (Pork)
  • Adobong Paa ng Manok (Chicken Feet)
  • Adobong Manok (Chicken)
  • Adobong Pusit (Squid)


Thanks! Pinoy ako pero diko kabisado tung luto na to hahahaha susubukan ko to bukas. :)

I love Chicken Adobo!!!!!

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Upvoted and resteem your beloved post @purepinay
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wow dear

this is more fun.

I love your post

the food is excellent, I love Chicken Adobo

thanks for sharing

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wow sarap naman at ang sosyal ng adobo mo ganda!😋😋😋

Hello my friend @purepinay, how are you , wow.. looks lovely food. i like your food photography D:) thank you for sharing this post,


Woooow ... very delicious mebuat I am so hungry...

It looks like a solid recipe! +1 for progress pics!

Have eaten this dish and it so delicious.....

I tried cooking adobo and it tasted like humba hahahahah

Hello!!! Nice meet you~~
My name is kale and I am Korean~~
I live in Mactan. I will use your recipe to make this food!!
Thank you~~

You guys sure know how to enjoy yourselves over there. I also didn't know the Filipines was a Spanish colony. I'll be trying it out but without some of the ingredients

amazing dish :D
great post, have to try it

inspiring taste
i will try to cook it
thanks his post @purepinay

The chicken was delicious. worth a try

Looks yummy... Its actually one of my favourites from Pinoy food...Apart from Adobo I love Halo Halo and spring rolls too.

Thanks for sharing. Will HAVE to try it

I think this dish is very tasty ..@purepinay

Please like to have me

while seeing this this dish, my mouth is watering..I love to have this food..I wish I would have this food right now.. yummy!!

@ purepinay, your post makes me crave! Adobo is my favorite dish. I can manage to eat adobo almost everyday. especially if its cooked with sucking Iloko (Ilocano Native Vinegar). Best eaten with fried rice and brewed coffee without sugar!

Oh my, this looks delicious!! I want some!!😍

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Hindi totoo ang sinasabi na makita lang kita na kumakain, busog na ako! DAPAT matikman namin yan para maging makatotohan ang lasang inaasam-asam. Ginugutom mo po kami! hahaha

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mmmm.....super :)

Love the garnish. Nice job @purepinay aka master chef

Looks delicious @purepinay! Thanks

Wow yummy good for dinner

Adobo Photoshop :D The perfect meal while retouching the photos

I cooked adobo last time and I added boiled eggs to it. It's really a very delicious viand. Your photos, miss, make me hungry. I better have my dinner now. :-)

looks delicious!

it looks so good!! :))

Wow! It's also my favorite. I would love to add chicken liver!

looks delicious

chicken adobo of my favorite food

Delicious cooking

I like this recipe , thank for sharing @purepinay

Looks so nice!!! I hace hungry now :(

Oh man...I LOVE this stuff. Going to have to get the ingrediants together and make it!

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