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This dish originated in Hainan, a tropical island off China's southern coast, and has become a culinary staple in Malaysian culture.

I had my first hainanese chicken and rice in Singapore. Then I had khao mun gai, in Bankok and Chiang Mai Thailand.

This became my favorite Thai dish, I ate this a lot of times during my visit in Thailand. It's so simple yet very delicious.

Hence, I love to cook, I decided to make a it at home. I couldn't find this recipe on chef John's blog, I he didn't make it yet. But I found a very good Thai food blog.

This is a must try Thai recipe.

Thank you to Pai!
To get the recipe, click the lick below:

*Original photos by me.



Thank you , Christina!

What's your favorite cuisine?

Usually I create food myself)) I don't like fried stuff, so I try to do everything healthy but tasty. I love dishes from France, Spain, Japan and China and sometimes get ideas from there. Exotic food is also very interesting ! What about you? 😉


Great choice. I am not really familiar with all the dishes from France and Spain. I had some occasionally because it's really pricey here. I do stock some wine at home.

I eat salad almost every day, about 5x a week. I only eat twice a day so coz I skip breakfast and just have coffee. I eat salad and then the other meal it can be anything I want. Kind of just balancing it.=)

But I don't mind eating pizza every other day lol. That's my favorite food. I try not to eat process food and process food and carbs though. I used love fried food, I still crave it sometimes when I go out. But when am in the house I always eat pretty healthy.

When it comes to my favorite cuisine, I would say without a doubt, Thai food. It's on my first list. I love spicy food. I have a few favorite Filipino dishes, Indian, Western and Japan. =)

Ohh Have you tried any exotic food?

Wow!! Thai food is a greate choice! Indian food is also very peculiar)) There they use very unique spices. It is possible to buy it only in India((( Yes, I tryed some exotic food while I am traveling. But my stomach is not all the time happy about it 😂
Like you, I try to eat fresh salad every day. I love it specially in sommer, when I can get vegetables from my garden) I also love pizza, but made special recipe for myself for healthy pizza. So, I eat it often. I used to be vegetarian for some time, so I like green stuff a lot)
I discipline myself about breakfast))) have a nutritious breakfast every day, but in the evening mostly salad 🥗.
About spicy food looks like we are the same 👭I love it ❤️

Thank you!

I am planning to go back to Thailand this October, depends on how my investments go. I am kind locked up with crypto now. lol

My favorite Indian dishes are chana masala, chicken briyani, chicken tikka and naan. I cook these at home except for chicken bryani because a lacking of ingredients, as you say they use very unique ing. which most of the time hard to find especially in the Philippines. But I found an Indian grocery store. It's so cute! I buy most of my Indian spices there. The Indian rice is very pricey though lol..
Do you have any Indian dish that you like in particular? What ountry did you travel?

Omg! We're the same! I also make my pizza at home I use bread flour for my dough. Love making pizza all from scratch my stomach. Do you have any healthy recipes for dough aside from bread flour? I tried using cauliflower and spinach, I love veggies but not this on one for my pizza dough lol..

I also did vegetarian for one a a half year lol. I am so jealous you have a garden! ^_-

I don't really like to eat exotic food coz I always suffer from food borne illness! We probably have the same bacteria in our stomach. I am very sensitive to some food, since I was kid. Especially when I eat on the street or if the food wasn't prepared right (except when I did in Thailand, weird, maybe the way they prepare the food there, they take a pride and it always looks neat). That's why I don't mind going to a decent restaurant, pay a little extra, as long my food looks good and taste good. =)

Health... health.... health... very important at the same time enjoying on what we eat =)

Hello! My favorite Indian dish is Vindaloo
It has very interesting flavors. I tried it not in India...I have acquaintance chef from India. He is working in Russia, Sankt-Petersburg. So, he opened his restaurant there. When I traveled to Sankt-Petersburg, we met and he made some interesting dishes for me. Vindaloo I liked a lot :))
I have traveled mostly around Europe. Hopefully, I will visit Asian countries too.
And I absolutely agree with you, food it is not only about health. It should be tasty and we should enjoy it)) We have only this life for now...Only good food, only positive!

Hi, Christina!

I haven't tried Vindaloo, but would to if I can find one. I looked up the recipe. They use "fenugrek seeds, which is new to me. I'll see if I can get all the ingredients in town.
Must be nice to have a chef friend ha =)
You are so lucky!

You should try Thai Food,it's incredible. I love Filipino dishes but, not a fan of too sweet dishes unless it's a dessert. I love "Chicken Adobo", "Pork Lechon" and "Vegetable Chopsuey" =)

"Good food, only positive" I agree! (wink)

Do you watch any cooking show?

This post is being reblog, set sail again. Reboat!!
I hope it helps

thank you so much @albertvhons

i appreciate it!

Hainanese rice looks yummy!!! Wanna taste it!😋😋

thanks! have you tried it before?

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