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Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at suppertime... When flour is at our house, we make pizza everytime!

What is it about pizza that is so great? I guess it's the perfect balance of fat, carbs, proteins... The texture of the crust vs.
the cheese, and the sourness of the sauce with the sweetness of the dough?


My boyfriend often asks me stupid questions like 'If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be'. I always say pizza... And to which he says I must only choose one ingredient. So in that case, I reluctantly pick peanut butter (which is another perfect food IMO)

Onion Pizza Grabbed from my FB album

We never need a special occasion to make pizza, as we always seem to have dough ready made in our freezer next to 2-3 pounds of mozzarella. I swear he often 'forgets' to go grocery shopping so we have to 'eat what we have in the house'.
Knowing good and well, that we have pizza ingredients stocked up as if we are waiting for a nuclear fallout.

Arugula Pizza Grabbed from my FB album

And do I ever say no? Let's not talk about that... :P I don't need to tell anyone here about my love for pizza, as I am sure 90%+ of you all have it as your favorite as well... So I will just share the intructions I use to make pizza here at our home.


4 eight-inch pizzas


3 cups bread flour (or all-purpose flour) plus more for dusting
1 cup luke-warm water
2 1/4 teaspoon active dry yeast
1 teaspoon honey
1 teaspoon kosher salt
1 tablespoon EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) plus 2 teaspoons to coat the large bowl
Mozzarella (as much as you desired)
1 teaspoon cornmeal (optional)

The sauce:

15 ounce can tomato sauce
6 ounce can tomato paste
1 tablespoon butter
3 cloves garlic, minced
onion powder
dried basil
dried oregano
red pepper flakes
ground black pepper
pinch salt


Any desired toppings just don't foget the mozzarella! Pizza without cheese isn't a pizza.;p


  1. Gently whisk yeast and honey in luke-warm water until yeast is dissolved and let sit it about 10-20 minutes until you see the foamy texture on top of the water.

  2. Sift flour in a large bowl and stir in salt. Your yeast should have risen by then and now make a hole in the middle and pour in the yeast mixture and the olive oil.

  3. Using a non-stick spatula or a wooden spoon, gently stir the flour with the wet ingredients until dough holds together but should be sticky. If the dough is way too wet, add a little bit more flour.

  4. On your working station, sprinkle some flour and knead the dough for about 10-15 minutes, the dough could be sticky but manageable. How to knead a dough? Streach it out, fold towards you and twist, continue this until you get a smooth surface on the top of the dough.You can always add some flour if needed just so the dough won't stick to the surface. Form the dough into a smooth ball.

  5. In a large bowl, add 1 teaspoon of olive oil and spread to coat the entire bowl. Put in the dough and cover with plastic wrap and place a kitchen towel on top (if you don't have any plastic wrap, a kitchen towel will do just fine just place a heavy object on top of it, maybe a heavy large pan). Let the dough rise for at least 2 hours until the dough is double the size.

  6. Once the dough has doubled the size, transfer to the floured surface and cut into four slices. Push the dough around and pinch the bottom to get a smooth ball. Your pizza dough should be ready to shape just flatten it using a rolling pin or you can use your hands by simply pressing it down and stretching as you go along.

  7. Sprinkle some cornmeal on the baking tray and put in the pizza dough. Add the sauce and then layer the mozarella and add your desired toppings. Bake at 450f for 17 minutes. Once done, let the pizza sit on the counter at least 5 minutes before serving. This will help the crust not stick to the pan.

To cook the sauce:

  1. Melt butter in a pan a low heat and saute garlic until soft and transparent.

  2. Add rest of the ingredients for the sauce and bring to simmer for 30 minutes.

Cook Notes:

(For best pizza crust, I would suggest making the dough at least overnight to give it enough time to rise.)

Note: Pre-heat the oven for at least an hour before baking the pizza.

The reason why I like to use bread flour is that it makes the pizza crust crispier, they said it has something to do with the gluten and bread flour has a higher gluten than all-purpose flour.


For the yeast:
I prefer Red Star active dry yeast.
I tried 'Eagle' brand instant dry yeast and other brands that you can buy at the grocery store but so far Red Star active dry yeast is favorite yeast to use for pizza dough.

Don't forget to check the expiration date on the yeast or else the dough won't rise. Though one time I was able to save the expired yeast since I was so lazy to go out and buy a new one. First I use 1/4 cup of luke water in a bowl and added 2 1/4 teaspoon of yeast (okay, before you start to panic, let me finish my experiment, lol). Then, I whisked the yeast with the water as fast as I can (it's a good arm workout *wink I probably mastered it and you can call me the whisk master, charot! If you have a stand mixer you can also use it, I just like doing the hard stuff because it's more fun, but really if you want to save time and energy feel free to use the electric mixer.


Who wants a slice of pizza? ^_-




That pizza looks amazing. I will definitely be trying this recipe.

thank you, @sirstackalot ;) I like your username do you also stack some pizza ehehe

Thank you for dropping by, enjoy making your pizza and save me a slice pls, tysm!

The second day I look at this pizza, and yet it's appetizing! (Although I'm struggling with being overweight!)

Beautiful .. a strong start
Damn I'm hungry .. wonderful pictures
Thanks for sharing

Pizza is the best. If i could i would eat it all the time. :-). I will try your technics. Thanks.

haha same here, if not only for the carbs, i'd eat pizza all the time ^_-

my pleasure, thank you for visiting my page ;)

Looks really good! My favorite is Hawaiian with pineapple and ham. Yummy. Good to see you back!

Many people criticise Hawaiian pizza for some reason. Maybe it's something like "yeah, yeah, pizza tastes so good that you can throw anything at it and it'll still taste good. You're not innovating".

Yet I really really like Hawaiian pizza! I don't know if it's because of the way I enjoy pineapples or the mixture of flavours, but it's certainly one of my favorite recipes.

my sister, @gerel loves Hawaiian pizza ;)

Thank you, Mark. Yeah so many things going on right now. Sometimes am running out of thoughts to write, haha

Oh no! For me it's so easy to find a topic. I just have to balance my time because sometimes I start posting and I forget that the rest of the world exists. Other times, I pay too much attention to the rest of the world and the rest of the Steemit community or the books I'm reading and I forget to post for a whole week.

I also forget the rest of the world when am on steemit haha though it's more fun for me to reply to comments and read other people's blog than my own work. I always get paranoid about my grammar haha

Very Delicious, Good work my friend @purepinay. this recipe is very helpful. I Love a Lot to Pizzaaz. Last night i ate pizza and want to sharing pictures with you.


Thank you, @rabeel! Wow did you eat that whole pizza? 😃

Yes alongwith my brother.

This looks so delicious. I've never made a pizza from scratch, I will try your recipe and let you know what I think. Thanks for sharing.

The tastiest pizza I've ever had was cooked at home :3 But I didn't make it! It was my Indian uncle who is also vegan. Our pizza also had cheese, but it had no other extra ingredients, and I must say, he's a master with the spices! It didn't have too much of anything.

Usually when we eat pizza here in Venezuela, they're super tasty and the tastiness comes from adding a lot of stuff almost indiscriminately. His was carefully laid out, like an artist's sculpture. It did not even have a strong flavor like normal pizzas, but the flavors were so well picked that it made it unforgettable.

I have to meet your uncle! haha

Cooking is really a piece of art!

I made cheese pizza several times already, I just couldn't find any good photos of though since my boyfriend and I would always rush to dig in.

Hahahaha, the same happens with my dad's cakes! Right out from the oven, we're all eager to approach with a knife and take a piece from it. My uncle is a bit old, so I might not even be able to meet him again myself, since he went to India and I'll be trapped in Europe for a year. Let's see how things turn out. :3

I hope you meet your uncle in very soon. I'd like to hear your story why are you trapped in Europe? 😨☹️

How you did this..alot of water in my mouth great job

Aw, thank you for visiting 😘

Wow super pizza!;)Already drooling)It looks very appetizing!


Lovely pizzas :3 I've never eaten one with full leaves on it, lol.

It's almost midnight and I suddenly became hungry because of this post, Gilaine! Hahaha.

Lol. It's the same here. 11 pm and now I want some pizza. How am I going to make one? I don't even have the ingredients! <3

omg haha am sorry, I hope you didn't snack on something last night, save you some extra calories ;)

how is everything with you?

I'm doing great! I've been writing a lot and it has been a nice week :) Well, my sleep schedule is a bit weird right now, but it works and I'm working to fix it.

I'm going to have to get some dinner as soon as I'm done storming my comments here :3 You've made me so hungry that I'm sure it would be unhealthy to stay like this for more than an hour, gastric juices and all wrecking havoc in my stomach.

omg I saw you've been writing like a

as for me, I am the opposite against the clock, I constantly remind myself I that I don't have a deadline so I don't get burned out.

haha! I love you, thank you so much for your time and help.

Pls, go grab something to eat, take care of your health <3

Writing like a ___

Now I'm wondering what the first word you thought of was. LOL

ohh sorry, I was typing that comment on my lapytapy at the same time reading other comments on my phone, am never good at multi-tasking eh! hahaha

I meant to say you write like a machine! You can finish a blog in just one sitting! haha, how do you do that?

Well, first of, I don't proofread much. I have one of my ideas, maybe a story or an article about a certain topic, and I just start writing. I write nonstop, adding and adding as I feel like it, then I edit it, separating the sections, adding images, and it all can take me one hour and a half, maybe. Sometimes around 3 hours.

Yesterday's story took me a long time, lol. I was on and off from the post, chatting and coming back to it. And by the end of it, I didn't proofread it. I trust my past self to have written good stuff and I have a good memory to remember the ideas I already wrote and where.

So by the end of the session, even without reading it, I can just eye any section and I know what's in each paragraph. I reorganize a bit if I feel like I need to do it and I just post it without any qualms about perfection.

I'm a perfectionist, so this is the only way I can finish the job (it's either in one sitting or nothing). Otherwise it'll stay in some drawer for all of eternity waiting for me to "feel like finishing it".

Wait, did I just read a whole blog from your comment? Haha You are very talented, not all people can write like you.

Am having my lunch right now, I hope you had dinner already 😘

I am happy to see your post again! ♥ Your pizzas really make me hungry @purepinay! I will definitely try your recipe. You love pizza and yet you are so sexy. Thank you very much for this mouthwatering pizza recipe, a must try! :)♥
Thank you very much for your support, you're an angel here on Steemit @purepinay! :)

Hey, Leah! How are you?

make sure to knead the pizza dough well ;) save me a slice of pizza, okay? hehe

Thank you, dear... you are sweet!


Good food phatography @purepinay

My neighbor used to always make her own pizza for her family. But we moved. I always said I was going to have her teach me.... but we moved. :-(

I think I am just going to have to use your Post and just give it a try! Better late than never. And no better time than now... well, tomorrow for dinner I guess!


Pizza is absolutely the best balance of carbs, fats, and protein.

oohh! I agree ;)

I miss your pizza, Ate
Your pizza is the best. Cheese overload, hehe

miss you too dai. D ba he Pino natrabaho ha pizza hut? maaram hiya mag himo pizza dough kun sugad?

Ou maram heya . . hehe
Usahay ak neya pizza nga himo la neya.
Usa hadto ginhimuan ak niya shawarma pizza. Marasa 😁

Curious question and sorry for intruding. Is this Tagalog?

it's waray, our mother tongue ;)

Oh my! I need to read about it. I love learning about languages :D

Please remember to check the response to your Discord question on my post. <3

:333 I want to eat some!! Gimme

I must admit,I haven't tasted pizza yet! Many people eulogizing pizza increasingly prompts me to try it once..But in the place I reside,it is unlikely to get one as people here doesn't opt for it.

This post in fact is a great guide on how to make a pizza in our home! Sure..I'm going to try it in my home in no time!

Thank you for sharing.

thank you for dropping by ^_-

Thank you! Thank you! And Thank you!

Haha okay, thank you 😁 🍕

whoa, looks better than the ones I ate in Italy!

aw! haha thak you ;)

Are you a freaking teenage mutant ninja turtle? Love your dough skills. Never tried it myself.

Ohh that could be me! haha! But wait which one, aren't there four of them? hehe

you'll be Gelena, the 5th turtle..

Ohh that could be me! haha! But wait which one, aren't there four of them? hehe

I want that pizza sis!
looks so yummy!!
I'm hungry now hehehe
Missin' u.
Stay beautiful xoxo

thank you sis. How are you? I miss you more!

Make a pizza with her recipe to sate your hunger, sunny one :3


thanks for sharing this i love it..

Pinoy style of pizza

not so pinoy style, hehe... maybe i should try chicken adobo on pizza? what do you think? haha

Yes im glad that you will make pizza like super pinoy style chickens adobo is very nice idea. Looking forward to see it with your new post ..😊

haha aray naku po hah, pinapataba mo ata ako eh haha

ngek hahhaa...^_^ how are you na?

all good, thank you for asking ;) how about you?

as fine as you, my very sweet friend.
take care always..^_^

wow thats look like so delicious make me hungry...i will try your this item recipe thanks for sharing @purepinay

thank you, @ynoor. Have fun baking! ;)

Hi gilaine, the best thing ever !!! Pizza .... for me for breakfast lunch dinner and dessert!
Visit Italy and we Will have pizza together we visit Italy very many times

me! me! i want some. :)

u got the honey there, but NO PB in the sauce?? i thought u were a legit pizza maker?!!! =p

but for real.. looks great! Do u have one ref just for pizza toppings and stuff?

wahh don't tease me with the peanut butter, Ben! My stomach is crumbling right now, and I am craving for some PB! BF doesn't want to buy another peanut butter after I finished eating the 1.5 lbs jar in 3 days haha

haha I wish I have a different ref just for making pizza, that would be the life

:D i think u need the 5 or 10 lb jar of PB. do they even make that?? :P

I bet in USA haha or just buy in bulk at S&R haha
Do you still go to the gym?

i quit my gym.. i felt it TOO nice, TOO clean.. i wasnt working as much. It's back to doing pullups and stuff at home, or going to the condo gym. (fitness room) yea.. S&R.

i found the one for u.. forget the jars, u need the 5 gallon bucket..

wow, ang galing mo naman magbake ng pizza ganda!
Perfect and yummy!😋
Pahinge naman ako at matikman ko yang pizzasarap

hello sis, sure take a slice hehe!

how are you? it's been a while. Missing you big time!

Wow, Pizza nakakamiss kumaon hit m luto nga pizza ate =)

Ahw Hala nakagluto ngay an ak hat han pizza Han nakadi kamo ni @gerel ano? Haha

Everyone loves pizza, it's so delicious. I would eat pizza every day. Have a great weekend!

There's also so much variety!! We could have a different one every day of the year :3

who doesn't love pizza? geez haha pizza every day would be the kind of life I want, only if am not keen on my diet

thank you, you too have a wonderful weekend ^_-

Diet pizza! Some with a lot of calories, others very light.

I also love pizza but had to stop when we restricted our carb intake for some health reasons.

After several months, we tried to make a crust free of carbs. We were using combination of mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese and some coconut flour which is also called fathead pizza. It's an alternative way and tastes similar to your favorite crust.

Thanks for sharig your recipe @purepinay


am glad to know that you are into health stuff. I used to go on low carb diet for 6 days and bungee carb once a week lol now I just do it on moderation

I haven't tried the coconut flour but I made flourless pizza haha

thank you visiting my page <3

by the way, I checked your blog, do you wear those flipflops not the same color when you go out? It's cool!

I don't think you need to go lowcarb because it looks like youre one of those that is envied by chubby peeps like me that don't gain weight even when in high carbs... lucky uou! I miss my rice pizza and pasta!

Thanks for looking at my blog. The flipflops are paired ones but i used ColorSplash just to highlight the color of one. This is the original photo.20180310_111656.jpg

I do intermittent fasting for over 3 years now, skipping breakfast helps a lot to maintain my weight you. You should try it. The first week it's really tough but after that, you'll body will get used to the fasting

My pleasure ;)

I am doing IF occassionally. Me and husband is following ketogenic woe and it is preferred to do IF :)

Thatz sooooo yum @purepinay... how to be you po? ♡

haha ay madali lang yan bhe, mag luluto-lutoan lang . try mo dali! ;)

Outstanding post well appreciate you @purepinay

thank you ;)

wow, incredible cuisine, i really like the food @purepinay.

aw thank you dear ;)

Yes dear..

wow @purepinay making that pizza seems so easy as hw you showed it. It's always great seeing your post. enjoy your super yummy pizza,though I haven't tried it I can already imagine it's delish because you made them.. 😍

that bday msg to Terry was really sweet ^_-

thank you @purepinay your the reason I'm always motivated to write despite the busy schedule,. hoping I could meet you one day, maybe next meet up right,haha fingers crossed.. then soon @surpassinggoogle too..hehe

hehe thank you, @sawi <3

I want a slice of pizza....and am so making mine,thanks for showing me how.

I love eating pizza <3 thanks for sharing :)

OMG I’m sooo hungry now 🤣🤣🤣 im following you and giving you always upvotes 🤗🤗 please if you have time go check my blog.. regards from Venezuela

Thanks a lot for the love and support.

Sorry if I missed you in the past. I visited your page and showed some love. That papaya you posted is looks so yummy! I hope everything is well with you.

Curiosity: papaya comes from Spanish and many countries call it that way. However, in Venezuela, we call it lechosa (like "milky").

Hola, Anabella! :D How are you doing? También soy de Venezuela.

I want pizza my dear ,but not just a slice ,I want the whole pizza..haha
I hope I can make my own homemade pizza too.

of course, you can make it as long as you have all the ingredients and oven.... then you're all set *wink!


Have som from my side as well 😜 Pizza is life there's no second option


And this one is for everybody! hahaha

ahaha my gosh!

😂😂😂 he bebang it nga babaye naamsu nanaman hahaha

I don't think I could survive eating just one thing.
But pizza is a great choice to make.
Just that culturally, it's not in our system and habit over here to prefer pizza to other meal.
But pizza is a great meal.

I think if, only if we don't have any choice at all. You know what, actually i don't want to think about it coz I want to try all kinds of food before I die lol

Great post..Loved the photography of pizza..It looks really delicious and tasty too..Love the recipe and i didn't knew that making pizza was this easy..I will try it and see how i am going to make..Thanks for sharing it with us..@purepinay

At first it's not easy to get the consistency of the dough but once you make it over and over again you'll get the hang of it.
You're welcome, make sure you save me a slice 😉

I sure will..

I´m so hungry right now!
looks delicious, I´m the biggest lover of Pizza in the entire world, trust me.
You have to try it with Siracha Sauce!

omg, I did had some pizzas it with sriracha sauce, I have over 5 different hot sauce in my kitchen cabinet ;)

I am one of the most unfortunate people in the world, I am very allergic to milk, cheese is one of the properties that most affects me in very body, that is, I can not taste a good pizza,your images made me more unhappy.

Awwwwww, I have a friend like that! Every time that we hang out he can't eat pizza :( We all eat pizza and he gets a sandwich.

It is very sad, it is one of the worst things.

oh dear, you are not alone. I am too that's why I buy the good quality cheese or any dairy and I always have apple cider at home ;)

Ooooh, so you can overcome lactose intolerance with good quality cheese? I did not know that!

Pizzaaaa 🤩😍 I can eat these all day.. 😋

What a delicious pizza. I love, Greetings, friend. I follow you and I vote for you. Hugs and kisses.

thank you, @zuzumart! how are you doing?

I visited your page, though I didn't understand all the writing, I am happy that you still continue on steeming, at first it your steemit progress can be slow and ounce you get the hang of it and learn more stuff, you'll see the there's so much potential to grow here. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.

Happy Steeming ;)

wow very nice food

please like and follow me

Super! Very appetizing. You're so right - pizza is a special dish, perfect. I made pizza yesterday too! And as much as you were impressed with her taste. Visit my blog to see my recipe and mouthwatering photos! We will exchange our experience of cooking pizza.

Bigla akong nagutom dito kabayan @purepinay.

Hi @purepinay

thanks for sharing this wonderful homemade pizza.

thanks for sharing

Upvoted and resteem your lovely post

Greetings from your steemitdavao family


Maayo diay ka mo buhat pizza @purepinay hayahaya sa oyab nimu cg kaon pizza jud

hehe ano yun? nosebleed! haha

Yes, please! A slice or two! Thank you @purepinay ;)

hahaha sure! ^_-

Hi, I upvoted and followed you :)
Follow back and we can help each other succeed!


Pizza is my favorite thanks for sharing kabayan ill keep om following your blogs

Thank you for the comment @joanpablo, @pure pinay really loves pizza :)

Hey!pure pinay i have been fallowing u since long and loved the way u post anything and will try this lovely receipie.
Thanks for sharing💜

aw! thank you so much, that's so sweet of you. I hope you like the recipe, @mnishh.

P.S. Congratulations on your recent meetup! Visited your page. Have a wonderful time here in Steemit! <3

Loved the way u replied.
I have seen some of your blogs and are awesome,u r a great steemian dear.
Bdw r u in discord?

It looks very good pizza really wants me to enjoy it and you also have given the recipe Hopefully I can make it.

thank you, @hattaarshavin. I surely hope you can make it and save me a slice will you? hehe

@purepinay pahingi naman,nag lalaway nko dito..sarap tingnan.

haha sure, here take some ;)

I definitely want a slice...and a slice...and another slice. Haha. Wow...i have the privilege of seeing how one is made, by you. I only watched from afar when i visited Dominos, on how it is made. Expect my visit soon...we must eat Pizza together...with your bf 😆

I haven't been to any Dominos before but they said it's decent.

haha you are a funny guy, I'll save you some slice then haha

Yes, they are quite decent and nice. Yaaaaaay! I look forward to that slice. Thanks, beautiful.

Very good post, How tasty is that pizza.

thank you ;) It's very yummy, the crust is crunchy on the outside but chewy on the inside! ;)

Me please @purepinay. I need slices of pizza. You got me hungry suddenly.

May I order a box of hawaiian style pizza? Hahahaha! Grrrr. So true, my stomach sounds because of sudden hungry. :-)

haha sure, where can I send it? hehe

Is that arugula on that one pizza? Looks more like basil or spinach. But either way...i like it thanks for sharing

you happen to have the same comment as

@goldendawne (60) · 12 hours ago
Is that arugula on that one pizza? Looks more like basil or spinach. But either way.. which ever green it is, pizza is fabulous with them on it."

Iove eating. A pizza althrough have naver eaten in for more than one i a day. A pizza is not common food in uganda. If remember eating its just only to timez in my life but it was so nice for me . I think I should buy it for my self when I withdw money from steemit this time round

It's almost the same recipe I use when I made pizza, but your sauce seems so much better! I'm gonna try it that way next time! (Reading your post made me so hungry LOL I guess I'll go out to buy some mozzarella haha)

Oh my goodness that looks fantastic! I could so eat a piece right now. Wonderful recipe and photos. Enjoyed.

hehe thank you ;)

Hi! @purepinay, i really appreciate you taking your time explaining to the whole of steemit community on how to make pizza.

Actually, i haven't had any before but i think i will give it a try. I feel awesome learning a new thing. Thanks

Give it a try. And you'll love it. Hehe