Not your Mediocre Steak!

in #food4 years ago

When you feel like eating healthy...

...But you are also craving a slab of meat!


(My cast iron Lodge pan.) I only cook the steak for 4 minutes on each side once the pan is smoking hot.

In the Philippines, steak is not as common as it is in western countries. Actually, I believe this is because steak here is too tough, and has an overwhelming smell. A lot of Filipinos don't like beef for this reason. Maybe it is because cows here graze on grass, that is grown in highly acidic soil?

Growing up, I never, ever liked beef. It actually wasn't until I moved to Cebu with my boyfriend, that I actually learned to enjoy beef. Steak, burgers, burritos, and meatloaf!

(Preparing a quick salad to pair with my ribeye)

I marinated the steak for only 2 hours with about 4 tablespoons of worcestershire sauce, 3 garlic cloves, 2 tablespoons EVOO. The garlic flavor came through the steaks was exactly how I wanted, not over powering but just perfect!

I served it together with a simple salad and my homemade vinaigrette dressing. Voilà!

(Steak and salad, yum!)

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Hiii @purepinay,

Always love to visit your posts, your this post about #food is nice. i am also fond of eating diffrent dishes of meat specially mutton and fish. Salad is also very essential for health. your all the pictures are amazing and looks delicious.

keep enjoying and stay blessed. my support and best wishes as:


I ate fish last night, i shared with you.


thank you for visiting ^_-

you knocked me out with that fish! did you save me some? =)

yess my friend @purepinay, thanks a lot and that's my pleasure. you wellcome.

Is it so good?


Wowowow, that looks so tasty! I don't know what makes it look like that but I'm sure it was crunchy and delicious.

Wow, that looks delicious! Yes,us Filipinos never used to eating steak. It is only here in the States that I discovered eating it. And I always want it well done and my husband will flip out and I told him because we always cook our food well. Afraid of bacterial contamination. Nice article,keep on posting!

Wow! That's an interesting fact about Philippines that I didn't know! Here in Venezuela meat is the main part of all the dishes, although nowadays it's so expensive people are buying more chicken.

oh, that bacterial contamination thing! I learned that from my partner too! haha now I always paranoid of what I eat haha

thank you for your time to read, how's your holiday?

It was great,worked christmas eve then off christmas day. We had a great time as family. Kids cant wait opening their santa's present.

I'm starving! can I have some of those meat and vegetables?

sure, where should I send it? =D

ahm.. 🤔 let me think of it. 😂


how was your Xmas?

a little bit boring for Christmas :)

Love your camera sis! lovely photos:):)
sis I kennat "beef" d ko keribels yan hehehe
salad ok rock n roll tau dyan hehee

stay beautiful!! muaaa

thank you sis, ^_-

haha keribels, more to greens ^_-

thank you, ikaw din sis, pinay tayo eh! =D


hehe pak na pak!!
thank you for your LOVE!!
HAppy NEW YEAR too !!!
ofw ang peg sis kaya nde ko ramdam ang new year hahaha

post k naman sa NEw year:):)

loveyeah muaa

Hey @purepinay, I hope everything is perfect there. You didn't come out with a new blog specially it's Happy New Year event, so I was a bit worry. Anyways, I'm giving you and your Family a very blessed Happy New Year wish. I'm really thankful to you for the work you have done in 2017 for steemian community. And all the very best for the year 2018. Stay Blessed:


Happy New Year - 2018


Thank you @jawad09 for thinking of me, that's really sweet of you.

I just got back from my trip. There's no internet where I went for new year 😅 but will be blogging very soon just need to catch up some sleep =)

Thank you for the greetings. Hope you have anazing and productive year!


Thanks for your prompt reply @purepinay. Sure and will wait for your next blog as well. Keep smiling!

Cast iron pan is the best for grilling steak for its heat retainment. Oh and the setting sun encapsulates your beauty.

Must have cast iron pan!

Oh that? Thanks to the backlight 😁

Happy New Year! ❤️🎉🎊🥂

Salad, steak, shots (photos), steam and Steemit all are beautiful. :)

By the way, this road/lane in the background looks clean and not very crowded. Whoever took this photo is an artist. Shared.

Steem On!

aw! thank you, my boyfriend took the photo, I'll pass the compliment =)

How are you?

aw! thank you, my boyfriend took the photo, I'll pass the compliment =)

Say hello to him.

How are you?

I'm very handsome. :D :P .... Trust me, not flirting. :)

omg that is mouth-watering @purepinay, which shop did you bought the steak ? im badly looking for one here in cebu hence i am planning to cook

thank you ^_-
bought it at rustans, they sell good quality imported beef =)

wow nice , i'll look for one, thanks gillaine <3 ;))

First of all, I'd like to admit that you look beautiful. Your boyfriend must be a lucky guy to have you. Your post is as good as you are. I wonder I must be running out of words someday to compliment you either for you or for your posts. Wish I could write posts like you. If I could wear ornament to my post just like you do to all of your posts. The dish looks yummy.

But for your kind information, kindly try to control the intake of mutton as it's not good for health. It increases the cholesterol level which, in turn, might cause some cardio problem as you grow older. Once in a blue moon, its ok, but don't get used to it. It's just a friendly suggestion. I m not anyone who could advise you. Stay Good & Blessed. Wish you the Sweetest Happy New Year in Your life.

"We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!" (caroling)

Pahingi po. Haha! :D

haha thank you for the Caroling!

here...pwede na bai- wrap and salad and steak? =D

Mmmm! Sarap! Thank you po! Hahaha! :D

Hey @purepinay
I am always a huge fan of eating meat especially the "Beef". My mouth watered when i saw you making salads and delicious steak.

Yesterday i had Chicken Bar B Q in my lunch and Beef in my dinner as whole yesterday was a day full of meat.

No doubt one becomes what he eats. Healthy food = Healthy Life.

Thank you so much for sharing your personal choice with us and teaching us some cooking techniques.

Keep Smiling and Stay Blessed as always.

Steem On!

wow, that's a lot of protein! how many pounds did you eat?

you're welcome ^_- I hope to share more =)

Happy Steeming <3

Yes lot of protein! well i don't really know about the pounds but yes i can put a vague guess about the calories i take normally

You're doing great job @purepinay ;) :)

That looks absolutely delicious. don't eat much meat but do have occasional cravings for a nice big fat steak, exactly like this, lol


i love healthy food..

so refreshing to see the beautiful lady and pure pinay beauty,
your boyfriend is so lucky to have you..he won a million by the way.^_^
his awesome guy also.your both sweet couple..i love you both.

#Upvoted, take care always,

happy new year and have a blessed new year.


Thank you 😘

I can not give up steak and salads...looks delicious...yummyyy ;)

thank you, @mrsfox =)


Looks very tasty 😋

Share your stake @purepinay 😂

thank you ^_-

sure, I saved some in the fridge for you =D

how's everything?

It’s all good 😊

I should come over then for the leftovers

But I’m still confuse about upvotes and power ups 😂

Nice post! Thanks for sharing this beautful post. I know that beef may not be too good for health, so it has to be consumed with caution. For chiken, fish fine for me. Can you post those sumptious meals to me, because I am salavating. I follow and upvote you.

Superb, very nice presentation of the food and the camera ...well taken photos. Congratulations on your upvotes! And enjoy your food. God bless and Happy New year kabayan...!

yummy, i have been away from home for three days now and have not eaten any well prepared food, salivating

This food is really making me hungry now! Yummy steak you've got. Hope it went down with a good wine

the steak looks delicious
and you look adorable :)

this blog contains much information about food, really it is a beautiful blog

thank you dear =)

Sarap pahingi ako ganda😋😋😋

Thank you, ganda! Happy New Year! How are you?

Medium rare please! 😀
A hint of EVOO will always make dishes special. 💗

yummy! @purepinay Gat me salivating over here.

Your post made me hungry. Problem is, making a cup of tea or boiling an egg is all the cooking talent I have got. :D

love the steak and the salad... keep healthy.

These foods are very delicious to see, I certainly will eat these foods and thank you very much for sharing these foods with us.

delicious and nice, health is wealth, good food is good medicine

thank you =)

Yummy 😋 @purepinay always enjoy reading your post.... Happy holidays 🎄 🎄

That loooooks amazing!! Such a great meal to enjoy for a delicious lunch =)


the food looks so tasty...

and very good recipe too.

thanks for sharing..

my friend. ^_^

Thanks for the interesting pieces of information. Looks so yummy!

So much love to share,.. and Yes,... with the one who appriciate it everytime

Looks delicious 👍👍👍

Hey there, this is a good way to marinate your steak next time
2 teaspoonful of paprika
1 tablespoon of EVOO
half purple onion cut in julienne
salt to your taste and well, enjoy it :)
regards from Venezuela, thanks for your article

Looks absolutely delicious. I often use the same technique used on the steak with pork chops with the addition of 6-8 minutes in a 350F oven to make sure the pork is done. Can't wait to try it with steak.

Nice and lovely post .thanks for sharing this post.

Sucks to hear about the beef. Good quality beef here in the US is eaten without anything added, well maybe a pinch of salt. Nice pics. You look great too... Now I'm hungry for steak ;-(

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Looks good @purepinay. Have you had culinary experience? The presentation of the food looks very professional. Btw, did the Cebu Steemit convention push through? Enjoy.

nice food make by myself .well I think this kind of life is very healthy.however,as I am a collage student,I can't cook things I like😂

Thanks . I always feel smarter after reading your posts. Please keep sharing your thoughts. interesting post

a little boring for Christmas :)

This post has received a 15.07 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @purepinay.

youre blog are good but i like you hmm you beautifull

awesome and perfect haha steeeek..

Wow look delicous excellent post bro ^^

Wow .. looking so tasty.. so yummy .. just one word awesome, I really can't stop without taste this type of food.. i am very foody person... go ahead .. 😊😊

Hmmm you just made me hungry, this is enticing, i would love to have a taste.

That is interesting to know that beef there is not common and can be tough. You did great by marinating...this makes such a difference in the taste and texture. Nice side salad! Wonderful meal.

Food lazaz good. Mmmm nyam nyam

@purepinay I’m hungry 😋
Looks yummy

WOW! nice dish. are you a chef?

mouthwatering dish dear...looking very delicious. i prefer mashroom and peppercorn sauce with it.
looking so pretty

The way you cooked meat its fantastic. Hygiene conditions are adorable. Green makes the food look fabulous and delicious. It was nice to read your blog. Excellent clicks.

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Looks really good! I didnt know that steak is that special at Phillipines! Happy new year to the Phillipines!

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Food lazaz good.

nice post! I loved the salad, so many colours

So tasty wonna eat them.

I love steaks. Serving it with salad seem to be a very good idea. It looks great ;)

If we do not eat well, we will face major problems in the near future

Wow... Awesome recipe... How To Eat It Mam... ?

Nagutom ako madam! I didn't appreciate beef too before now I'm enjoying it! ♥

Happy new year @purepinay wish you all the best, thats look a delicious food

Ohhh look amazing.. :) would taste so delicious..... 😉😉

Very nice Thank you for Sharing.

The new nusr-et is coming :)

@purepinay the food looks so tasty and healthy. have a wonderful day

i learned cooking steak 2 years ago, i did it for myself, now friends and family members request it from time to time, although mine is just salt and pepper minutes before cooking, then adding garlic on the side while cooking.

i will try your recipe sometime

pure protein there! added recipe to my Keto program :)

Lovely food. I'm an advocate of healthy foods and I must say that your food looks healthy. Keep it up.

Delicious foods . It make me hungry :))

Have a colorful New Year @purepinay ! ♥♥♥

Love lots,

Oooohhh I'm starving..

Lovely food.
Looks delecious.👌

Ummm yummy wow wonderful look my mouth filled with water..
thanks for sharing dear @purepinay

this post is really amazing, I had never imagined that there was such a place where you have to catch the prawns to eat them fresh, it's a refreshing and great idea, as always your images and comments are excellent I admire the work you do ..

I take the opportunity to wish you a happy year 2018, full of beautiful emotions, peace and prosperity for you dear friend @purepinay and yours.

Thank you very much for all the support you have given to my work.
Have a wonderful day

nice foods you prepared very nutritious and 😋yummy happy new year @purepinay,

Oh man, I need to go try that steak ASAP! A vacation to the Philippines is in order!

Hello @purepinay, that food is spectacular. You cooked it? sure you did not leave for anyone!! jeje

my mouth watered, I would like to know if the steak was hard or something soft ?. regards

Wow What a delicious dish :)

Hi @purepinay

I didn't know you're also such an excellent cook. Is there anything you can't do? It's absolutely the right moment for a confession at the start of 2018!

Have a fantastic start into this exciting year 2018! I will certainly keep an eye out for your new adventures and cullinary journeys!

Talk to you soon!


Looks good and I LOVE my Lodge cast iron pans as well. How good are they, I feel like they add as much flavour as any condiment or seasoning.

Great work with the steak, marinade and salad, looks like a healthy and delicious meal.

Nakakacrave naman yan ate..penge po hehe :)



so what u saying? beef / steak ISN'T healthy! have u seen the rock lately?? doesnt he eat about 3 cows a day?? :P

Wow sarap ,

Damn.......... I just want those food nothing else.. Just give me those foodddddd..... O goddddd

woooah. eating healthy keeps you younger -looking gil. Keep it up :D

These pictures are so great, and your last portrait so so pretty. I love the sunset and the perspective.

Looks fantastic!! I've been a chef for, oh...36 years now? You can cook a steak like that for me anytime!

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