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Hello everyone,

Almost everyone on Steemit want to get popularity, grow and earn more power through their posts in order to get success on the platform.

As the Steemit community is growing, getting visibility for our content is becoming difficult, so we give an opportunity to our users to get visibility for their posts.

Visibility is the key to get rewarded for our work and also the way through which we get more followers , comments on our posts & upvotes for our content.

The people with some steem power who invested in this block-chain, also want to get good profit from their investment.

We not only give them a reasonable profit for their investment but a comfortable choice to leave us when ever they want.


So, How to earn with us?

You can earn both as a customer or as a supporter.

  • The first service is for our customers; we give them visibility through our paid upvotes. One have to take part in bids to get an upvote from our bid bot, @thebot. Thebot receives bids & gives upvotes after every 2.4 hours.

  • The second service is for our supporters/delegators. Anyone who want to earn through his/her Steem Power then we give them back a good profit on daily basis. If you are ready to delegate us some of of your Steem Power, then we offer 97% of our daily payouts rewards to our delegators.


Benefits of delegating SP (Steem Power):

  • Its a safe and comfortable way of earning money through your investments/Steem Power.

  • You don't have to do anything except delegating and then your will receive daily rewards onward, so one can earn a regular income through delegating some SP.

  • You will have full control of you delegated Steem Power so whenever you want to leave us to use it any other way then you can leave by only some clicks.


Why to delegate us?

We are giving 97% of our daily rewards profit to our delegators.
We only get 3% from daily rewards for our services.
We are already listed on
We have more than 12 delegators right now & we are getting more supporters.
We are growing very fast, so if you want to earn more, be part of us!


How to delegate Steem Power?

There are some simple ways to delegate Steem Power.


  • Click on this link and write your steem account name here.


  • On next page write the delegatee name as @thebot without "@" sign if it's not written their and also write Steem Power amount in suitable place and click delegate


  • And on next page don't hesitate to write your account name and active key if not written already because is the trustworthy source many steemit apps like are using. click on continue to complete the process.



  • Click on this link and fill the form according to the screen shot below click delegate button and then click on continue on next page of "".



  • It's actually the same process through same source ( repeated in both other ways but we have to take a look on it because once we have dlegeated some one and now we want to update (increase or decrease) the delegation amount then we should use it because updating delegation is more easy through it.
    You have to just edit this link mentioned below. delegatee neme is thebot because we are delgating to @thebot but if you want to delegate someone else other than thebot then you have tor replace thebot with that account name. The amount of Steem Power we are delegating through this link is 1000 SP but we can change it to 50 , 100 , 5000 or any other amount we want to delegate to @thebot. SP


How to update delegation?

If we have already delegated some Steem Power to an account or @thebot and now we want to increase or decrease the delegated SP then we redelegate the new amount. I mean if we already delegated 1000 SP to @thebot and now we want to delegate more 500 SP then we have to delegate total amount and its total amount is 1500 so we will edit 1500 SP in the link above. If we mistakenly delegated 500 SP then only 500 SP will remain delegated to @thebot and remaining 500 will be undelegated, so be clear that if you want to increase or decrease the delegation amount then rewrite the total amount you want to delegate.

If you want to undelegate you SP then you have to replace 0 SP to 1000 SP in the link mentioned above but un-delegation always takes 7 days period.

  • We are trying to improve our services so if you have some suggestions for improvement then feel free to comment.

  • Thanks a lot for reading this post, You can help us by delegating some Steem Power, resteeming & upvoting this post and inviting your friends to use our service.


You can also join us on our Discord server.

To get 97% daily profit share, please delegate US!

10 SP, 20 SP, 30 SP, 40 SP, 50 SP, 75 SP, 100 SP
150 SP, 200 SP, 250 SP, 300 SP, 400 SP, 500 SP, 750 SP, 1000 SP
5000 SP, 10,000 SP
Fill in any amount of Steem Power or click here.

Note: Leave at least 15 Steem Power in you own account.

Resteem it to your followers!
Feel free to comment & give us suggestions for improvement. Thanks ♥


Hi guys!
For a while now I have been considering to use a bot to manage my votes and get something back for it. So 97% return on interest are good.

But before I decide I have some questions:

  1. Do I have to provide my password any place to delegate SP to you?
  2. Approximately how much is the return each day for 8000 SP?
  3. I am waiting on a power down from another account, can I increase and decrease as much as I like when I have delegated?
  4. How often are your pay back? every day, every week?
  5. Can we be sure that the 97% pay back will stay this way?
  6. Does the bidding every 2.4 hours go over the amount of @thebot voting payback? Or will some of the SP go to waist because of to few biders?

Kindest regards

Hi thanks for contacting!
here are the answers to your queries:
1- You have to login via SteemConnet to perform the delegations. is the same website, utopian-io, Dtube and all these types of apps are using for users login, votes, content posting, transactions so almost every user of steemt is using it. I have mentioned 3 ways of delegating SP above and Steemconnect is used in all three processes and you don't have to give your password because it only need your active key so don't hesitate to use it, it's safe!
2- In current situation the minimum return for 8000 SP should be around 5.3 to 6.00 SBDs or more of it daily with also some steem.
3- Yes, it is up to you how much you delegate and if you like to increase the delegated SP it will result in high profit and vice versa.
4- It is done on daily basis and is fully automatic.
5- Yeah, we assure you that 97% is not only for promotional purpose but it will be permanent, we will not do anything without our delegators will because we need permanent supporters!
6- The bids are different in every round, that's why I am telling you upper limit but with increasing total vote value of our bot, the daily payouts rewards will also increase and you will surely get much more than 6 SBDs, so 5.3-6SBDs should be minimum amount of daily reward for a delegator with 8000 SP as of now. Steem value is also very low these days but with increase in it's value we will get more.
For more details please join us on Discord.
Thanks again bro!

Thanks for taking time out and explaining.

So you are a service similar to Minnowbooster?

Do you have a referral program in place, if any of us direct users to your platform? You could give a percentage amount of whatever profit they make, and it would help grow your service faster.

Yeah, we are a service similar to Minnowbooster but slightly different because Thebot is a bid bot but they are selling votes on fixed rates based on curation. We have no referral program right now but you can talk to us about it on our Discord server.

@haseeb96 we do have the referral program, in fact we have it implemented before MB :) You must be logged in to your smartsteem profile via steemconnect and get the referral code.

Thanks a lot for information! Maybe I will try it :)

What is the estimated roi for delegators? I would like to make 35%+.

Are the bid bots the most profitable bots?

I think the ROI you are talking about is used in Minnowbooster and in bid bots it is used only for bids of vote buyers but not for delegators. In bid bots we sell votes through bids then daily payouts rewards are distributed in delegators according to their delegated SP share. Different bot owners get different percentage share for their services mostly get 20% or 15% and give back remaining rewards to delegators while we get only 3% and remaining 97% is distributed to delegators. In bid bots you don't have to delegate/undelegate or renew your delegated SP every week because it is permanent way to earn regular income.
Yeah, I think bid bots are most profitable for delegators if they get maximum percentage share of daily rewards like we are giving 97%.

Right but i know how to calculate minnowbooster because they give me xsbd per 2.5 times upvote times 85%. I am wondering how much sbd the bid bots bring in to compare the two services.

Dear brother, we have no experience with it. We invite you to use our service!

It is good to see you here

I would rather delegate direct to users I like.

Cut out the middle man, isn't that the whole point of decentralisation?


Thanks @kabir88

Steemit is turning in to every other social media platform with black hat tricks. People pay for upvotes, rather than simply product good quality content and naturally get upvotes. I honestly came on Steemit and started producing decent content because I believed in it. But over time I am noticing the fakers and bots etc. It won't surprise me if people start buying followers on Steemit to look popular!

Bot's are a short term game. I try and avoid voting on posts that are promoted by vote buying.

As we say in the UK, it's just not cricket.

Stick with the organic growth and you will have a much better and loyal follower base.

Yes I couldn't agree more with you on this!! :)

We don't delegate your SP to other users nor we able to do that. We sell votes wit you delegated SP and give back 97% of daily payouts to delegators, we get remaining 3% for our service.

My votes never for sale.

Thanks but no thanks

It's Ok brother if you want to use it for upvoting good content, It's Your Steem Power you can do what ever you want!

I am always looking for delegation.

You are warmly welcomed to support @thebot through making a delegation. :) Your help is highly appreciated.

superb dude when i will have enough sp to delegate i will do it to you

Thanks brother! It's pleasure for us.

Can I ask about how much should I get in SBD for 5,000 SP delegated? :D

Wow ... That would be great!
Actually one brother has already delegated us 5,000 SP and yesterday, he got 3.536 SBDs with 0.13 Steem even bot missed some bids due to Steemit API's Node issue yesterday but it can be low or high from this amount (Usually low these days due to Steem's value fluctuation) . It is our start so we are getting low amounts but as we get supporters like you & Steem's value will also be increase then we will definitely get more rewards but one thing we want to assure you is that we will give you 97% share.

nice post @thebot

Good profit sharing, 97% is very higher than others. Other are giving only 85%. Appreciate your support.
Upvote and resteemed.

Thank you very much bro ♥

and what would be the daily profit for someone who gives around 350 sp? I know it is changing...but approx....

In current situation Steem's rate is very down, so it should be around 0.27-0.3 SBDs and some Steem also but as rate will increase in coming days and we will also grow then everyone will get more payouts rewards.

considering on the current situation...not bad rate.

It would be our pleasure if you join us ♥
Please also join us on Thebot's Discord server.

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