Homemade Vietnamese Spring Rolls

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Bored of salad but want something fresh and flavorful? Try these spring rolls and enjoy every bite!

My partner and I have been dining at a Vietnamese restaurant near our place at least six times a month whenever we are in the city. One of my favorite dishes to order is the chicken spring rolls. We both love it so I decided to try it at home.

Also, my friends and my eldest sister asked me for the recipe so I decided to write it here. I can't wait for them to try it and you can too!


This recipe is not exactly the same as the one we get at the restaurant. You can use a variety of vegetables and meat. So for this recipe, I use what I have in the kitchen.

Make sure you have everything sliced and have the meat ready before you start assembling. It can be time-consuming but it's worth it. ;)


  • rice paper wrappers
  • rice vermicelli noodles
  • lettuce leaves
  • cucumber, julienned (thinly sliced)
  • tomatoes, julienned
  • carrot, peeled and julienned
  • cooked boneless chicken

The sauce:

  • 6 tbsp rice wine vinegar
  • 6 tbsp fish sauce
  • 6 tbsp sweet chili sauce


Dipping sauce:
  1. In a small saucepan, whisk rice wine vinegar, fish sauce, and sweet chili sauce. Simmer for 5 minutes and set aside.
  1. Cook the vermicelli according to the packet directions. Mine, I boiled some water to soak the rice vermicelli. Soaked in a bowl for 10 minutes and drain. Notes:
  • Rice vermicellis are fragile than other noodles. Make sure you don't over soak it.)
  • I use the same water to dip the rice wrappers to soften
Start assembling the rolls:
  1. In a large bowl with warm water, dip the rice paper for about 30 seconds to soften and lay it on the counter.

  2. Fill the wrapper with meat, veggies, and the noodles. Roll everything tight and cut in half.


  • The rice paper gets really sticky, soak it one at a time. I cut mine in half so it was easier for me to wrap it. Also, do not overstuff the wrapper or else it'll rip. Here's a video I watched on how on to assemble the spring roll: watch it now
Don't forget to serve with dipping sauce and enjoy! =)

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Looks really good! So, what's up with Bonjovey and Emonemolover?


thanks, Mark. Jovey is in the USA she'll be back to the Philippines in a few days. They're both quite busy travelling

This is definitely mouth watering. I think you will have to send me your address and i would seek permission for your partner too hahaha.

Well done, beautiful. This is good.


Haha, no worries. My partner said it's okay as long as you bring him some ice cream! LOL

Thank you. Am happy to see you still sticking around. I was a bit worried that when I get come back everybody am already forgotten. Specially now that my wallet is no longer bountiful 😁

I can't wait to see steemit going up in the next few years. I believe something great is going to happen. As of now, it am enjoying my time here just like the very first day I started steemit.

Let's all have fun and share good vibes! ☺️


Hahahahaha your partner is just too amazing. Tell him i will take him up on his offer. Ice cream it is. What's his special flavour?

Yes, Steem doesn't look impressive now but it is normal for us to stick by and show patience to a platform that has also given us wonderful moments.

You are impressive as a person and your wallet won't make me change my view about you. You are worth sticking around for and you still have that friend in me, my friend.

Thank you so much for your time, expect more and more of me around. Thanks beautiful.

How have you been? Welcome back.


Peanut butter is his favorite flavor. He said thank you in advance haha!

Aw! Thank you!

Am doing well and it's good to be back. It was nice taking a break after I got burned out, it was a lot of work for me to managed my account, it couldn't keep up with the comments and it took my time from writing blogs. Lol

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Hahahahaha i can imagine. Having to attend to those comments might take the whole day. The break was needed and i am so happy you are back. Missed having you around and glad to have you back.

Your partner seem like an interesting person. My warm regards to him...but ask him if i am to travel with you for a week, how much ice cream would he need? Hahahahaha

Looks yummy!

Wow darling, these are nice as always, I wish I could taste them. Great to have you back. I av always asked of you from @gerel. I really missed you. Hope you you will stick around?


thank you ;)

Will be sticking around ;)

Wow! This is amazing. 😍💕 I love the layout of your blog,Ate and the content of course. Yummy! Food, food .hehe


He he he @gerel, you ate what? Yes its a great layout wish I could learn to do it!


Ate means sister @iconnelly. Nice to see you here, I've new blogs please check it out. Hehe
Always take care, your friend


thanks, am not an expert but trying new things ;D @iconnelly I'll share how I did the layout soon ;)


it's not even really finished it, I want to make my page more fun ;)

Welcome back - Your post was at the very top of my feed when I opened up the site. I don't remember ever seeing Viet food around in my visits there so good to see it exists there.


That's right @chrisdavidphoto that Viet food is healthy and delicious. She made by herself. Hehe

Lemme try this one on the nextday :) arghhhhh! It's looks so delicious!


My pleasure 😉 Let me know how it goes.

Wow ...it look so yummy!

Thank you! Was looking for tasty recipes! Great timing!

I want some sis:)
looks yummy!
Send me some over here:):)
Rock n roll! Good to see you again.
Lovyeah guys!!

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Hehe thank you sis! 😘

it looks healthy and beautiful...

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