Legendary Foodie: Breakfast of Champions

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I eat breakfast every day. Typically after I have been up and working with coffee for 3 to 4 hours. Though the “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” myth has been thoroughly exploded as a marketing ploy by the Cereal Manufacturers it is at least my favorite meal of the day. At least 6 days per week I have a waffle and bacon. Every single day when I finish I chant some variation of “Damn. That was good!”


I am also a fairly long term user of the Keto diet. I am within just a couple of pounds of my long stated goal (100 kg 220 lbs) and am really excited to make that goal for the first time in more than 15 years of trying. My handbook for this has been a cookbook given to me by my brother that has served me well.

Sorry for the Amazon Link but it is important to source this recipe.

This recipe comes directly from the book. There is an ‘as built’ component to my breakfast, born of experimentation and personal tastes.

This is two servings and makes 6 pancakes. Just double it, triple it etc... for more people!
4 pasture raised eggs (I use Vital Farms)
4 oz of softened cream cheese
1 teaspoon of liquid Stevia
1 tsp of Vanilla extract
1 1/2 tsp of baking powder
4 tbsp of coconut flour (I used Bob's Red Mill)
4 tbsp of butter, divided
Sprinkle of cinnamon (I love cinnamon so I am generous)
Put all ingredients in a food processor and mix thoroughly! You could probably also use a bullet or blender.
Heat skillet/griddle to medium high and melt butter on pan
Pour in batter, I made my pancakes about 4" wide
They will get puffy when it is time to flip, they won't really get the air bubbles like a typical pancake but they will set. Second side will cook faster.
For waffles, heat your waffle iron, grease it (I use coconut oil spray) and pour in batter

The As Built Model

I make a triple recipe. For me that makes 6 waffles. One for today, two in the fridge in a gallon bag and three in the freezer in quart bags.


I use an extra egg to make it a nice even number: 13
I MAKE SURE the cream cheese is at room temperature. It really does make a difference.
I do not use the vanilla or the stevia. I’m not much of a ‘sweets’ guy.
I use ½ cup almond flour and ¼ cup coconut flour. I think the almond flour toasts better.
No Cinnamon for me. I’m still waiting for Neil Young’s Cinnamon Girl.

I used my blender (a Ninja Bullet) for months of this. I have started mixing in a bowl with a hand mixer. It seems to make it less puffy. That is a technical cooking term, I realize.

cream cheese.JPG

I mix the eggs and cream cheese together first then add the dry ingredients. It seems a lot of baking powder to me, but it seems to work well so I keep using the stated amount.


I cook my waffles way longer than the waffle iron thinks I should. Minute and a half, or there about with the ‘Ready Light’ on. Again, it’s about being toasty and the way I prefer my waffles. YMMV

Tooo Full.JPG
Do NOT overfill!

I ‘bake’ my bacon. I use a cookie pan lined with aluminum foil for easy clean up and bake the bacon for around 15 minutes at 400F (200C). One of the really great advantages to doing it this way is that I can easily save the grease for other things. Slice thickness and general quality of the bacon can affect this greatly so watch it carefully.

bacon ready.JPG

On waffle making day I eat the last waffle out of the cooker with my bacon. I just happen to know that if I pop the bacon in a preheated oven it will be done in just almost exactly 3 waffles worth of time. On other days, I pop the bacon in the oven and set a timer for about half the time for the bacon. I put the waffle of the day on the top rack of the oven about half way through to warm it and toast it just a little more.

waffle stack.JPG

I put the butter listed on the top of the waffle and use a zero calorie/zero carb syrup substitute. In all honesty it is a mostly poor substitute but workable for me.


For the Batch:

6000 calories

510 g Fat

93 g NET Carbs

60 g Protein

Damn. That is good!

All Words and Photographs in this post are mine, for better or worse.

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I can't really to stevia either. Something about the taste. It makes everything taste tainted to me. I recently read that stevia is related to the ragweed plant so if you have allergies it can really kick your butt too. I usually only have a bigger breakfast on the weekends, but when I do, it is one of my most favorite things. There used to be this diner near where I live that did huge omelettes that took up half your plate then they dedicated the other half to a pile of shredded potatoes. It was so fantastic. We were eating one morning while they were unloading the 50lb bags of potatoes from one of the local potato farms into the back room. They had to go through at least 20 bags a week!


I have to admit. I miss the hash browns specifically and potatoes in general. And I love restaurants that know how to process and serve the potatoes fresh not frozen!


Yeah, I have been trying to cut down on my carbs for the past couple of years but I don't think I could ever give up potatoes completely.

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Oh my, my, my...I made the mistake of reading this before eating. Yikes I'm salivating now. Mr. Bird loves waffles, this I will have to try. Congrats on achieving your weight goal, I bet you feel amazing don't you? Those daily walks help as well. I'm definitely using these keto friendly bread/dough/waffle substitutes these days, they're such a great substitute. Off to the kitchen I go! Great post @bigtom13 :)


It is amazing to be right there at my goal. I have been 'dieting' for at least 10 years and very seriously for 5. I'm down well over 100 lbs from the top.

I did really well on just a low carb diet until I just couldn't live without bread for one more day. The bread substitutes available in Keto are amazing. And thank YOU for several of those.

I must say that looks good I havent had waffles for such a long time, but now I want to have them soon, i am a big fan of breakfast, Ideally I would have it within an hour of getting up but witht he commute and one weekends me getting up early than my wife I generally have it somewhere between 2 and 3 hours after i wake up


Of course, I drink a lot of black coffee right away and I think that helps me wait for breakfast. I like to do the number one item on my list (generally writing) before breakfast. If I do that I have guaranteed a good day!


thats the difference i am one of those weird people who never has hot drinks, so I start the day with a couple of bottles of water, and on workdays a quick shower and dressed and off to catch the train and get my breaky in the city

Wowy thank you @bigtom13, I know what I'm making for breakfast tomorrow, your waffles look sooo good! Hubby's doing really well on Keto, has even stopped using sweeteners in tea and coffee.

I like the way you do the math on the even number of 13, it for sure is even, it has two digits.
That is one good looking breakfast and I have been known to eat my fare share of waffles and bacon, especially at the La Quinta's when I am on the road. Here in Texas they normally have two waffle irons. The standard round conventional shape that is quartered like your waffles and then they have the waffle iron that is in the shape of the Republic of Texas as it currently is platted.
It is funny how many people will wait to use the Texas waffle iron even though the plain Jane iron isn't being used.
Nice post Tom, now I am hungry and it is bed time.

first you make me very hungry and want waffles at 1 Am, then I read the comments and see you CAN make CAKE?? with this recipe too?

CAKE......... Hmmmmmmmmmm


Yummm!!! One thing I appreciated about Keto is the fact that everything naturally starts tasting way sweeter than before Keto :-) So all the added 'sweeteners' are actually not needed, because cream, flour... All is actually already pretty sweet tasting, it's just that we've gotten used to the 'extra' sweetness added to almost all our foods.

Waffles and bacon for breakfast, you lucky guy!


I am a lucky duck. I eat the same breakfast at least 6 days per week and I love it every day.

You are so right about the 'Keto sweetness'. I have just completely quit adding sweeteners to anything but my tea. I use a little honey there.

That definately looks like a heavy and tasty breakfast! Bon appetit!


I just love it and the fact that it fits so well in my diet plan!


I just love it and
The fact that it fits so well
In my diet plan!

                 - bigtom13

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Pardon my language but I wanna fuck the breakfast lol

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Ahahahaha. It's good, but maybe not quite that good!

This breakfast looks appetizing and delicious. I love pancakes with cheese and honey. This recipe you give us is very easy to make. I am glad that you reach the goals you have set with food, sometimes we get neglected and it is more expensive for our health. Happy day and enjoy your meal.


It's soo good. It really is and it fits in with my diet just perfectly.

Now why on earth did I read this?
My breakfast EVERY DAY is 2 eggs, a slice of fresh tomato, a pork sausage and 2 slices of toast.
I am 85kgs and 1.95meters tall, so weight has never been a problem.

I think you and my wife Marian have something in common, as she eats 2 pancakes with natural honey and cinnamon every morning. Nothing as fancy as yours.
Methinks that it might be time for a change and that we will both adopt this recipe.

And so, if you don't mind, I have bookmarked this post Sir!


Wow. Very cool. I really like it, the whole thing. And 5 days a week it's really fast and easy.

I've used the same recipe as a breakfast cake that tastes just fine. Pour the batter into a butter greased baking pan serve with butter and syrup. It's just a tasty recipe.


Certainly looks good and we will surely give it a go Sir Tom.

Yummm!!! One thing I appreciated about Keto is the fact that everything naturally starts tasting way sweeter than before Keto :-) So all the added 'sweeteners' are actually not needed, because cream, flour... All is actually already pretty sweet tasting, it's just that we've gotten used to the 'extra' sweetness added to almost all our foods.

Waffles and bacon for breakfast, you lucky guy!

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