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How many of you plan on skipping over my hashtags like “tags shmags... ain’t no body got time for that?!” Tell you something #new, right, something you haven’t already seen me say a bajillion times? Alright, how’s this? Wherever I’m at; the RV, an apartment, Air B&B’s in the states, boats abroad and even way down here, 23 hundred miles away in Central America where we don’t even speak the language, it doesn’t make a difference (refer to my second tag), I always touch ground with a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ chef. I haven’t told you that yet! Now I’d like to introduce you to the cover image.

Chef @puravidaville made crackers, fried broccoli and onions, chopped celery and French fries cut from fresh potatoes at the farmers market. Fresca cucumber and tomate slices with a dash of salt, purchased from the side of the road for cinco Mil Colones, along with the onions, garlic and bell peppers. A fresca tomate, cucumber and onion salad on the side seasoned with a touch of olive oil and cracked black pepper, cold cucumber slices and Hummus. Welcome to my favorite Friday of the week!


That brings us to our first performer in this food fight competition—hummus. Get yourself a one pound bag of chickpeas, soak them overnight in water (this softens them up, otherwise you’re going to be cooking them for 3+ hours), drain the water and leave them in the refrigerator to chill while you’re prepping your work station.


Now bring a big pot of water to a boil and dump your chilled chickpeas in there to be cooked for uno hora and quince minutos.


Pour them out into a strainer and run some cold water back over them so they’re easy to manipulate but they’re still not ready to be processed—nope! Chef Pura Vida got a pequeno loco right here and she insisted we remove the skin from each and every single chickpea, so, you know what we did? We skinned each and every single chickpea. Let’s play a game, ready?!? 🎼 Name that tune! 🎼


“And skinnin, skinnin. And runnin, runnin. And skinnin, skinnin. And runnin, runnin.”


“Time keeps us skinnin, skinnin, skinnin, into the fuuttuuuuure.”


“Don’t skin. Don’t skin so. Don’t skin so close to me.”


“What skins around, skins around, skins around skins all the way back aroouwwoooound.”


Before we begin processing the chickpeas, we ran some garlic and lime through the processor—oh yeah! Eh, wait a frikkin minute :time out: I never told you about her new tools. Like any craftsperson, you’re only as good as your tools will allow, Pura Vida needed some hardware. We took our broken Spanish speaking, google app translating selves to three different joints in and around San Jose, Costa Rica while Pura Vida took notes. She decided which tools she needed to get started and we ended up getting a couple of different things from a few different spots—now she’s ready to rock.


Back to the lime and garlic followed by a tablespoon of tahini, more lime, pink Himalayan salt and last but not least: add your soaked, chilled, cooked, cleaned and de-skinned chickpeas.







:time out: Again! It was right around here somewhere that I looked outside the kitchen window, this one:


Not to be confused with the view from the bedroom window although they are are strikingly similar.


I saw a group of five keel-billed toucans. The first couple of times we saw them, I didn’t think they made noise, they definitely make noise! It’s very unique, something a high-frequency wood chipper might sound like. They landed in the closest tree outside the window and were hopping around from branch to branch, chewing on each one before hopping to the next. We stopped the hummus process for a minute and went outside with an iPhone 8 to take some pictures. Thanks, iOS!








And then right above our head was an even more unique sound and loud! We looked up and saw this guy, I’m not certain what species this bird is, I looked all over the internet just now and it most resembled a Montezuma Oropendola. I know it’s loud, big, it had a bright yellow tail that fanned out, a long black and white beak and gorgeous—it’s a little larger than the toucans.



Continue processing the hummus and add a 1/2 cup of vegetable oil plus your favorite spices. We used cumin, chili powder and garlic salt this time.






Add some more lime, bell peppers and one of these little, greenish/yellowish peppers I’ve only seen here called Chile Caliente Pimiento’s and Tada!! Hummus.




I suppose I could go through the formalities right now and say thank you, “thank you,” add my signature to this post, tell you how today is my favorite Friday of the week, say happy @foodfightfriday, “happy @foodfightfriday”—all of the above. I could... But that wouldn’t justify the title of this article. Continuing on...

Pura Vida hates spiders, she hates spiders like I hate snaykes, I don’t even like to spell snaiks! Anyway, she hates spiders. Since we’ve been here, I’ve killed about four or five spiders inside the house, none have been bigger than a quarter. Well, then last night happened. Last night, the quarter was about the size of a frikkin salad bowl and it was crawling right up the screen outside the glass front door. It was so big I thought I was making a shadow with my hand. I shined a light on it, just before it disappeared and the thing was wearing a back pack, it had claws for feet and I’m pretty sure it was smoking a cigarette—it vanished. Well, guess who I found this morning inside the house! A frikkin tarantula!! That’s my 10n1/2 shoe in the bottom right of the image—crazy.


Since we’ve been here, we’ve still been able to get our exercise in at various gyms, they’re surprisingly nice here actually. One thing I haven’t found in any of the markets is a post-workout protein bar, I was looking in the wrong section. Pura Vida made me some—they were in the fridge.

Gluten-free oats, chef @puravidaville made peanut butter, strawberries, a really ripe banana and cinnamon for sweetening, sea salt, chia seeds, unsalted peanuts and shredded coconut.



The Tupperware with a red lid and the glass jar next to the protein bars? Well, to answer your question, that’s chia seed pudding and a jar of peanut butter Pura Vida whipped up.



Did I say peanut butter? The above image is not peanut butter, that’s almond butter she whipped up for us, these next two images are the peanut butter. Sin azucar in all of these masterpieces. Sin azucar, sin leche, sin mantequilla.



All of that and I still didn’t tell you about the falafel she made the other night—thanks @gguy773! She followed this green lentil falafel recipe of yours the other night and they turned out great! Different, I’m not used to falafel made from lentils and they were baked rather than deep fried, we were both pleasantly surprised. Good lookin out, chef!

Green lentil falafel, fresh green beans and onions, topped with @puravidaville made from scratch tahini, fresh chopped tomatoes, onion, cucumber and herbs salad.




Wait a minute! :time out: Danget! I don’t think I told you about the breaded, oven roasted, zucchini with @puravidaville made black bean dip! Oh my goodness, that dip was awesome! She made black bean burgers, too, you’ll have to take my wOrd for it, I didn’t take pictures of those. I couldn’t eat those burgers fast enough, the camera didn’t stand a chance. Same thing almost happened here, I only got one picture of the plate.

Oven roasted, breaded zucchini sticks served with @puravidaville made black bean dip, a fresca tomate and cucumber ensalada, verde beans and fried onions.


I know what you’re thinking, “where are you guys getting all of this pristine produce?” Well, I’m glad you asked! The productos frescos we don’t get on the side of the road at just about every bus stop, we get at the farmers market. Check out this one in Alajuela Province, Santa Ana, Costa Rica—it’s massive!





I even managed to capture a couple of images for the dairy and winged creature eaters that are reading this right now—cheese and chickens.




And finally, fish! Fish that are not bought and sold or traded at the grocery store. These fish were caught with fishing pole’s and no two have the same colored skin and meat—the way they’re supposed to look.


Here’s one of the gyms I was telling you about—it was at the second place we stayed. There wasn’t a clock on the wall, Pura Vida! Pool on one side, separated by a roll-up, glass garage door and the other side didn’t have walls at all, it was open to the jungle and there was a river running parallel to us.



This is the gym at our current location—our fourth stop. It’s really sophisticated with all of the free weights and high end equipment you need. And... we have the whole joint to ourselves.



It’s been rough, I’m not gonna sugarcoat it you guys, it takes some getting used to. All of this fresh air, exercise, the clock-free walls, no mailman and I’m surrounded by great food, it’s tough out here but someone has to do it. 😉 Oh man! Eh :time out: This is the last one—promise! I didn’t tell you she cut my hair the other day! Apparently Pura Vida cuts hair too! You’ve never seen me say that because neither of us knew that. Yeah (please refer to my second #tag), five years later, we just learned the chef is also a hair stylist!

Same place next week, deal? I’ll see you at kitchen #fff. Bring your favorite #recipe, a #story, ingredient concerns, #drinks, night out #adventure, public toilet images, if it’s #food related it flies. Come throw down on Viernes with us, you might even win some @sbi—Chow!


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I love that you love everything I cook. Thank you for always supporting me in all that I do. This post is pretty spectacular and I think a lot of your readers will appreciate all of the peeks you give into our acclimation of Costa Rica. Great job babe! You’re the best food taster I know and I’m happy to make food for you to try forever. Thanks for traveling the world with me Tarantula Victor. Muah


What in the world can I possibly say to that awesome comment? “Thank you.” Nope, It needs more cowbell. Uhm... did you see my second tag?

I really hope I don’t have to go toe to toe with another tarantula, chef, but if I do.. I wear a 10n1/2! “Stay back guerilla spider!” But really, I’m not kidding, spiders are one thing but spiders with backpacks are a bit much.

iheartu all the time @puravidaville. Whoever doesn’t like that song needs to go hug a puppy or something.

Haha… way to show me up BraveHeart! “He’ll move” ……… … “I will not” (in best Scottish accent).

I'm afraid of both - snakes 🐍 and big spiders🕷. 😂 I remember when one of relatively big ones was crawling by the wall in my bedroom, I waited for a while and then decided to go to sleep. Then I heard plop and jumped up, switched on the lights and saw him right on the pillow 🛏 - saying hello to me. I had to kill him. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Hey, buenos dias senior! Happy Saturday @scorer, it’s always a pleasure hearing from you. I’m terrified of snakes and, if it’s just the two us here, I’ll share a secret with you.. I’m not a big fan of spiders either! I’ll do whatever it takes to get rid of them for Pura Vida but tarantulas?! Really? Yeah.. ain’t no getting used to those things.

So, have you been able to sleep comfortably since the ”plop” instance? Pura Vida would probably have me rearranging the bed situation after that one!

Thanks a lot for stopping by @scorer, your continued support is immeasurable.

Probably first few nights I was listening and watching very carefully. The thing is that the same "big" spiders were appearing every single year. Somewhere in Autumn they are looking some warm place to live.

I took it as a challenge - learn how to live, knowing that they exist and they like to walk on ceilings around your bed. 😂 Last year I had to kill one in the kitchen. 🤷🏻‍♂️

So, I guess you have to get used to it and be prepared for the next one. Just keep in mind that the holes, in whatever box you want to catch them, could be big enough for them to jump out and scare the hell out of you.😅

Yasss! I saw your Lady's post and was hoping there would be hummus (I'll go back on comment on hers in a minute). Love me some chickpeas, especially blended up all sexy and smooth with citrus and spices. And hello farmers market! Mine here is pretty awesome, but I might just be willing to brave the tarantulas to check that one out. I'm not a spider fan myself, but ssssnakes are definitely my least favorite. Looks like you both are settling in just fine. :)

Hey what’s up chefunner?? <- chef/runner This sure is a nice surprise, my favorite Lenas guest speaker ever—Happy Friday, chef!

Yeah, that farmers market was a bit overwhelming actually, there was so much going on. Our current one is quite a bit smaller, still has plenty to choose from but Pura Vida and I don’t have to be attached at the hip to not get lost in the crowd. Pretty exciting visiting different ones though, I’m not gonna lie, and it’s a great way to pick up on the language! Either that or don’t eat. Ha.

Spiders, I’m not so bothered by them chef, between me and you, that tarantula really frikkin bothered me! ‘Like woah!’ Yeah, uhm.. there’s no preparing for that one. I hope that doesn’t happen again. Eh, but I’ll take a bajillion tarantulas over even one cute ssnaaa...

Thanks a lot for stopping by @plantstoplanks, it’s always a pleasure to hear from you.

Great recipes you have in there. Great and healthy foods there. I can't wait to try them here. I hope we make a food fight Friday soon with you..... Lol
Great write up and loved the pictures

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You said...

I hope we make a food fight Friday soon with you

Well, I immediately would’ve have extended a special invite but I checked out a couple of your posts first, you’re absolutely invited, please consider giving @foodfightfriday a follow we’ll see you at kitchen #fff but first things first—143 is my number, my friend:

That number didn’t mean anything to me about five years ago. Then I burried my mother when I was only in my mid-30’s. It wasn’t until then her street address “143” began showing itself to me everywhere I go. I literally see it every.single.day how amazing is that?? So, thank you @ferrate for being the first one to show me that number today!

Now then—back to my response...

Your philosophies and ideals are fantastic, like this article here referencing owning a business and this one about second chances, I’m all about second chances! Hold please... I need to thank you again.
the second time I’ve seen it... today! “Thank you.”

We’d love to see you in the kitchen one of these Fridays, thanks a lot for stopping by @ferrate, it’s been a pleasure making your acquaintance. :hand shake:

I can see you cherish that number a lot and it's really an honour to be the first to spark that memory on the blockchain for the first time.
Will do just as you said and we will be crushing soon. 😀😀

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Never in a million billion years would I ever skin chick peas! It makes my hands hurt just to see you do it. But at least now I know why my hummus is sub-par.

I'm so glad to see this post to find out how you two are doing. It does not seem like travel breaks your stride one bit. You seem to have even more yummy food going on than normal. Non-poisoned ingredients will do that, I guess.

We also have featheredfriday and marketfriday here. I know the food has your heart, but just saying :)

Well, hello! This sure is a pleasant surprise. I do love me some food fight action, “guilty!” But, this featheredfriday sounds pretty awesome, too, and it just so happens we’re in the middle of the largest bird species found anywhere on the planet. What’s the scoop?

You won’t be seeing anymore posts about us de-skinning the chickpeas I don’t think—that was a bit much! Not like a tarantula in the bedroom or anything but still.... a bit much!

Non-poisoned food and travel not breaking our stride.. Thank you for noticing fitinfunfood, we really appreciate that! 😉

Thanks for stopping by @fitinfunfood, happy Saturday!

@keithboone holds the featheredfriday challenge and also mountainmonday just in case you have any of those. I post my bad photos to both and still get praise! I think your paradise will have some better birds than mine. I hope to see you there.

I really envy you this cool trip and can't wait to see more of it!

The amount of effor you post in every cooking post you make is an absolute journey and that's why I enjoy them so much, you always tell the whole story and that is so much appreciated, your posts have so much soul man I love them!

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The amount of effor you post in every cooking post you make is an absolute journey and that's why I enjoy them so much, you always tell the whole story and that is so much appreciated, your posts have so much soul man I love them!

Thank you for leaving me such kind and uplifting comment! I certainly want to write a quick shot, thank you for the opportunity, I’ll meet you over at discord in a minute.

Thanks for stopping by @elfranz.

Is that tag, right? #3985? Or I’m doing something wrong, it says ‘user not found.’

Well, I don’t want to miss my opportunity to do a quick write up @elfranz but I couldn’t find you on discord. Again, thank you and @curie for the consideration, I’d like to add this write up to the Author Showcase:

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haha! howdy sir dandays! There's so much in here I don't know where to start! The food is great of course, the Tucans are wonderful as well as that other bird, the dang spider was something else, it looked like a Texas spider!

Those gyms, no one works out down there, why do you have the place to yourself? anyway, great job, not bad for a five minute post.

4n1/2 but who’s counting?? This one probably had you skimming by the second paragraph. 👍🏿

Thanks for stopping by @janton.

Howdy sir dandays! How's it going there? I missed my morning update today!
Was that one of your 5 hour posts? Like I said, you can go for curie or you can go for followers.
actually I might do both if I had your talent.
Every three weeks like clockwork, just remember that. I've followed their trail for months.

Anything new on the agenda or still working on residency?

I didn’t realize I missed you this morning.. man, I’m not sure how that happened. Oh man, residency! We started that process this morning. Eh, thanks for asking! Pita. I’m such a spoiled US citizen, my entire life, everything I ever needed was within arm’s reach.

Now I’m on someone else’s terms and my western mentality is always met stop sign. I can’t just point and say over, I have to do things their way and it takes some getting used to. I guess this is why it’s called a “process.” Eh, I snuck in a picture at the attorney’s office today, though, at some point in time, I’ll be unloading some pretty raw articles.

How to purchase a vehicle.. how to acquire residency.. how to whatever the heck else I figure out.

Oh my goodness gracious, Janton! Curie, did you see it?! Talk about humbled. Did you see THIS? <— please check that out, sir. Only takes a second—promise.

haha! howdy sir dandays. Of course I saw the curie and showcase. I was like..well well well...look who got another curie. What's it been.. a month? Poor baby had to wait so long! lol....just remember every 3 weeks like clockwork, I been watching these guys for a long time.
Quality doesn't even matter once you get in.

Hey I was just teasing about missing my morning update. I mean I love those but I don't expect you to keep that comment coming every single morning. I think the Tucans distracted you this morning. Either that or the spider!

Interesting that you're not in control of anything in regards to the residency thing right? I mean it's their time table, their way of doing things and you can't do squat about it. lol. They probably make people sweat just because they can.

But you had this all researched and knew exactly what was required and had everything ready right? And the Canadian company had some pointers?

cry baby.. princess.. same thing. “Guilty!” Well, I’m glad you saw it, that’s the first time that happened to me, I’m pretty proud of that one.

Actually, yes! We did research all of these details, the only thing we did wrong was research them from the states. I was fearful to begin this process from USA thinking they would trap me again. It took 2 years, 2 weeks and 5 days for them to finally let me leave, I didn’t want to get stopped again. nothing is the same over here—pita! For example, everything online says we need our FBI criminal background, Janton, just for that report alone was $75 each to retrieve, well, then we didn’t have them before we left. Once they hit our box in Las Vegas we had them sent here. That was an additional $135, the only reason I’m telling you amounts is because now that we started this process, we don’t need the FBI reports and instead they just want a simple criminal background from the last city we lived it! Ahhhh!! That’s not what it says online! Are you F’ing kidding me?! I don’t know exactly how that’s going to play out now, I highly doubt any police station to be of assistance to me, I’m not counting on this one at all, Janton, I’m already anticipating having to send Pura Vida back.

Another example, how many of us have our birth certificate? A lot, right? That piece of paper is as good as gold anywhere in the states.... not here! Nope! It has to have a date stamped on it no less than 3 months?! Mine, personally, was last stamped in 1992. <— no bueno! But we already found a spot online that will get us updated paperwork, but still, another hundred here, another hundred there, then the lag time with mail delivery and.. “wa!” “Wa!” “Wa!” “I’m from the US and we get everything we want when we want it—wa!”

Precisely what I meant by my western ways being met with stop signs. But it’ll make for a great article. 👍🏿 I even snuck in a few shots at the embassy yesterday... sh, secret!

You got any plans this weekend? Happy Friday, by the way! Eh, does Jack sleep in the bed? My last German Shepherd I had, I was single, girls always tripped out on me because The Rook slept in the bed. “Yup, if you don’t like it, sleep on the couch, Rook stays.”

(The sun’s doing its thing again)

Howdy today sir dandays! hey what does pita stand for? If that's a common blogging or texting thing then I wouldn't get it. lol. The FBI background thing is kinda funny, you'd thnk that they WOULD want that there to make sure people are not some kind of shady characters, very interesting.

I cost you $135 to ship those reports from Las Vegas to CR? wow! yeah that stuff adds up fast!
And how do you get criminal background report from the last city you lived in? Did anyone tell you how that could be done? Would the Canadian company be able to tell you? Sounds like you should be able to call someone from your last city and have that done online. that one little report would stop the whole process if they don't get it I assume?

I have no major plans for this weekend but there are a couple of cleanup jobs I need to take care of outside. One is along the side of one of our ponds which has alot of young trees growing up and will block our view of the pond so I need to cut down those young trees while it's still cold, got down to 27 last night.

Anyway I do the work like that along the pond or in the shallow water along the pond while it's cold because there are snakes down there when it warms up, water moccasins too, so I like the cold weather for that. Mrs. J works in the jail this weekend so other than the landscaping work I'll just be hammering away at steemit.
No Jack doesn't sleep in the bed. He has a couple of times when we had bad electrical storms but otherwise he sleeps on a blanket next to our bed. He likes to stay close to us all the time, he doesn't much like to be alone. What about you guys for the weekend? Checking out any new restaurants or anything?

Fish with fishing poles? Go figure 😂.

Wow you two are living it up! Some amazing views and love the decor. Im kinda sad im not seeing the Cali kitchen :/, lol.

Thats ALOT of chickpeas to peal, holy hummus!

Your very own personal Chef! Gourmet bro.

Eh, happy foodfightfriday on a Saturday morning, chef! Bare with me.. I haven’t been able to check out your contender yet, I’m still a little callused and chapped from all of that skinning.

I don’t wanna feed any of my fellow food fighters poisonous information so you’re gonna have to appease my appetite weirdheadaches and know that my eyes are bigger than my stomach because it doesn’t matter what window I look out homie—it’s beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by @weirdheadaches.

That was your best post ever.

Is that why you didn’t Upvote it?

Thanks man I’m really glad you liked it. Did you see this mention it got? That’s a humble making mention. ‘Woah’

Thanks for stopping by @carklevicci.

Tarantula soup...coming right up! Better pick yourself up a cross bow so you can take that beast down. Then throw him on the rotisserie and bbq him up. Then dip them legs in the hummus C’mon!! Just imagine they are crab legs.

That farmers market looks wild dude!! I would be pointing and nodding my head, “ya that’s what I want” “Gracias me farto es poquito y stinko...audios”
Dude I would totally fit right in. 👍🏿

I remember hearing toucans at the Zoo in Fresno. Yep, they are loud and their sound is really unique.
I think I am going to give that hummus recipe a try along with those crackers @purapoopaville @puravidaville made.

2 of the coolest people on the Blockchain hangin out in the coolest kitchen on the Blockchain.

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That was such a nice comment.

2 of the coolest people on the Blockchain

Thanks man, I’m really glad you think so. I appreciate you noticing.

Have you made hummus before? That was our first time. I wonder if it’s normal to skin the chickpeas.

About that farmers market, I was just telling plantstoplanks it was a little overwhelming. There’s so many vendors and so many people too. It’s a good way to pick up on the language, get to pointing like you said, but I needed to give myself a crash course on the currency here. Like you said, point and nod until you pick up the language but not with currency—Nope! Everything closes here on Sunday, I mean everything, so everyone is at the farmers market. Eh, I mean everything closes. Check out the KTM dealer on a Sunday.

The farmers market is packed full of people. Commercial businesses are all closed on Sunday.

Fast food joints even, crazy huh? There’s a different perspective on life down here.

I really could go the rest of our time here and not have to deal with another tarantula. I heard some monkeys this morning, down the way a little bit. I thought they were pigs or wild boars, a dude said they were monkey’s. I forget what kind now.

Thanks a lot for stopping by @jlsplatts! I appreciate the winded comment. (Can you tell?)

Whoa whoa whoa. Why are you looking at those? Remember what happens when you ride those. HAHAHAHA.

Never made hummus but I will, and when I do....you bet you chickpea I’m leaving them skins on. That looked like a lot of work. Lol

Currency...end up paying $20 for a couple bananas. HAHAHA oops

So far, it sounds like you guys are getting settled in somewhat. Super cool and challenging.

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I hurt my finger just taking the picture! The things I’m willing to endur for the sake of a contender......

Hi dandays,

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Alright, @dandays. This was a pretty ambitious post, I must say (which is good, since curie came around). I'm pretty much tired out now and ready for a siesta, and it's not even 9 AM here. :)

Humming along with hummus, how to prepare it, quick aside about the tools of the trade and then it's, BIRD! Back to the hummus, then there's the rest of the food, where the food was acquired, a trip to the gym...

You say you're slowing down, but man, if that's slowing down, I've been doing it wrong all these years. :)

The food looks great, the flora and the fauna is wonderful, and the two of you sound very, very happy. In a broken English Google translate, two gringos out of water kind of way. :)


:yaaaawwwwwwn: let me get my glasses, sir. Hold please.. I just woke up from a siesta! Man, that article wore us both out. “I’m hungry.”

I laughed out loud at the slowing down part, you nailed it! We believe, in the near future, the dust will settle and all of the rest and relax talk will be true but you’re right, we’ve been go-go-go since we got here. We’re counting on this country breaking (braking 🤔) us of our spoiled habits. Internet connection is one of em, oh man! Would you believe each image on this article took at minimum 1 minute to load?! Yeah... try waiting 54 times through that! Ha!! 1%... 2%... 5%... 7%... 7%... 7%.... 7%... 8%.. oh man!!

Curie visits suck! <— said nobody ever! Thanks a lot for noticing, Glen. The ambition in this one was truthfully just a whole bunch of images on my phone that I needed to get on the blockchain to free up space in my phone and what better place to make it all work other than @foodfightfriday, right? I sure am glad you liked this one, alllllll of it. 😉

Thanks a lot for stopping by @glenalbrethsen, it’s always a pleasure hearing from you. God bless you! Ok.. I need another nap now.

Oh, I know all about bad internet. Before we moved away from dialup and Satellite service to cable operated IPs, i would try to send over a large file filled with photos and other graphics and text—our weekly multi-page newspapers—and inevitably, the call would drop in the middle of the upload, and take over an hour in the process. There were times where it did that two or three times. Normally, we were finishing the newspapers around 11 pm to 1 am in the morning, and then trying to send it over. We got tired of waiting around for it to go, so we would take off, go home, and come back to a message from the contact at the printer's that the file never came in. Sure enough, the upload had stopped and we'd start all over again.

Best day of our lives was when everything upgraded.

Is this happening at an internet cafe, or are you doing this from your own place? And is it a rural area or smaller town you're living in? I would think things would be a little better in the larger metropolitan areas.

It’s a very eco friendly country. Interesting things like multi level buildings without elevators. No natural gas or oil refineries. We stayed in one complex, it had 6 buildings, three had elevators, three didn’t. There isn’t any privatized energy companies out here, chew on that one for a minute. Everything is solar and wind generated, monopolized by the government and because of that, all of the rates are.. wait for it, wait for it, ”cheap!” Fascinating concept, right?

The point I’m trying to make is there isn’t any hard lines, everything is satellite, there’s Towers everywhere, they’re all over the place. There’s just two companies in this country that offer cell service so their WiFi is literally in every store. The entire country, us included, either has service everywhere we go or doesn’t have service and everything in between... everyone, at the same time.

Everyone has internet, it’s just only as reliable as the air and stars allow.

Here’s another one you’ll have a tough time wrapping your head around: the only thing open around here on Sundays in the bank. <— that’s not a typo. “The bank.” Merchants, food joints, even car dealerships are closed on Sundays here but not central banks. The entity controlling everyone’s worth is open 7 days a week—the way it should be. Another fascinating concept!

Funny you mention walking away from the house, leaving your computer to donita thing. I’ve been waiting to do my phone update until I lay down.. ‘this might take all night!’

My wife is from Mexico so I'm fairly familiar with the disadvantages when it comes to things like the internet. I'm not sure how much of the country is on wind or solar, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's going that way.

The utility companies may not be wholly owned by the government up here, but they might as well be. They are pretty heavily regulated, taxes and fees added on, and I'm sure there's got to be subsidies of some kind, too.

The government's only going to be able to supply it cheaply if someone else is paying taxes, or workers are being paid next to nothing, which generally isn't the case. So, whoever's footing the bill should be thanked.

You'd mentioned the banks before in a post, I believe. I find it interesting, but hey, from the standpoint of having access to funds all week long, it's good. You just won't have anywhere to spend it, until Monday, apparently. :)

I believe where my brother-in-law in California lives (Santa Ana) that the internet is all over the air. It's not the most efficient way to serve it up, but it costs less to throw up the towers than it does to lay the lines.

We've got Comcast for Internet. It's really the only option available to us because the telephone company decided not to include our little neck of the woods in it. Which is fine. Comcast is faster and therefore cheaper if you're using the internet regularly.

This is a really cool comment @glenalbrethsen, I’m glad all of those full time bots came by to show some love. Oh heck yeah about Comcast, all of the big guys.. them, att, Verizon, spectrum, those are the companies I’m spoiled with. Now it takes me just about as long to load this....

As it does for the actual sun to rise! But one thing you won’t read from me, sir, is a complaint—nope! If you ever see me complaining about having too much time, I’d question the author.. sounds like an imposter to me!

Good luck in Round 28 of
Food Fight Friday
May your contender survive and not be placed in a permanent food coma.

Thank you @moyse. I like your avatar.

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