Are We Asking For It?

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This is a response to a comment on my article here on sexual clickbait.

Are we asking for it?
@cogliostro has a strange answer to that question.

Ladies, in the wild, in lawless conditions with no police - you need to cover up, because otherwise you will get raped all the time by horny men.
Covering up helps a decent woman only get raped some of the time, not constantly and not by everyone. It helps her gain favor with the other females, who are less likely to see her as a "slut" and unfair competition. The decent men of the tribe are inspired by this, and often are willing to give their lives to protect the decent women from all dangers, all rapists, domestic and international.

In his opinion women wear clothes in order to protect themselves from the ever so daunting and oppressive nature of males. He claims that if we didn’t, we’d ”get raped all the time.” This is both shocking and curious.

When I asked myself the above question, “why do we wear clothes?” I came up with several very different answers. Perhaps I’m too cold or too hot, want to cover up, or shield myself from mosquitos.

He has a pretty strange ideology, but I continued to read anyway.

That is the origin of our "oppressive" custom to dress modestly, and not spread your legs for the public in wantonly, tawdry self-glorification.

Here is where it starts to become a rollercoaster...

Restricting Women’s Freedom

Does it restrict women's freedom to bar them from such cheap thrills? Sure. But so what?

Telling women what and what not to wear is restrictive, but it isn’t to bar them from cheap thrills-- it bars us from expressing ourselves.

In my opinion, women should be able to wear whatever they want. Hell, they could be naked for all I care (as long as it’s abiding local laws or they’re indoors). Regardless, it does not excuse rape, and the perpetrator should be held accountable for their actions.

“One of the basic tenants of the United States Constitution is freedom of expression. If a woman makes a choice to wear a short skirt or go bra-less she had the God given and Constitutional right to do without harassment or fear of bodily harm.” (

Where it gets scary

Police restricts men's freedom too. Common decency restricts men's freedom even further, as far as their interaction with women.
As you pretend not to know (but I know you know), men have a biological reflex, they get a hard dick from seeing your wondrous feminine charms and men always want to fuck - often when you don't.
This is terrifying.
I’m familiar with biological urges. I have them, as well. But I also have self control.

Surely, this isn’t a valid excuse for modern misbehavior.

Do men really feel this way?

If you want men to magically be "OK" with it, to ignore everything they were evolved to do and be, then you will end up destroying men and you will be left utterly miserable on your own with other miserable women. You can't push and push indefinitely, dangling sex in front of men's faces like a scarlet cloth in front of a raging bull, without experiencing a pushback that will send you flying, and land you right on your naive ass in the middle of ridiculously unfavorable circumstances you never bargained for or deserved.

His last sentence is possibly the only one that is remotely agreeable to me.

“Ridiculously unfavorable circumstances you never bargained for or deserved” is damn right. Being harassed or raped is never deserved.

The rest of it is absolutely toxic, though.

We hope you go back to being your sweet, unpretentious and modest selves very soon, inspiring us to see you as the treasured and cherished mother of our future unborn children... not as a fuck doll to be used by every Jack and Joe. And that you discard this silly blue hair diversion you misguidedly call "empowerment" forever.
Lovingly yours,
The Good Men.

This is one of the things that motivates me as an activist. Some people still think that it’s okay to blame the victim, or that it’s okay to control and manipulate people to fit their standards.

His entire letter is an apologist perspective on rape.

I’m trying very hard to be objective, but it is nearly impossible with this one. I disagree with this because it denies women basic rights and freedoms.

Empowerment is different for everyone, and sure, sometimes it’s defined by what we wear. But that is never an excuse to mistreat or tell anyone what to do.

A “good man” is respectful.

Stop telling women what to wear, and stop telling women how to not get raped.

Thanks for reading. Question and discuss.

xoxo Vera


Its so true! Statistically there hasn't been any evidence that supports that a woman wearing more revealing clothing is any more likely to raped.

So this makes it clear that rapists pick their targets for other reasons, Such as opportunity.

Like what does society expect us to do? Women who are too "pretty" naturally also have issues and are often harassed. Are we supposed to wear a full blown costume and bags over our heads?

I often get criticized for "flaunting" the fact that I'm a woman because I have similar interests to men, Such as gaming, physical labor and illustration.

Which is absolutely ridiculous!

I hope society changes their stances on this. Women deserve to feel comfortable in their own skin. and how do you tell a little girl something like that? When she wants to wear a cute dress that is really short? That men are "out of control" and you have no right to wear that dress!?

But a man shirtless, Will probably walk on by, and no one judges him for it.
Or the woman who have had cancer, And no longer have breasts. Their chest looks IDENTICAL to a mans chest, But they can't walk around shirtless? And they have to wear bikini tops, Which it literally does nothing for them.
I understand why busty women would rather wear a top, But it all should be OPTIONAL!

We are animals like every other animal on this planet. They arent forced to wear clothes! Why are we forced? You don't see people trying to put a T shirt on a grizzly bear in the wild because of "indecent exposure".
Im not a nudist or anything, But people should be free to wear what they want. Even if nothing is their choice.
But personally I'd probably still wear clothes when I go outside, Because I want to protect myself from the sun.

There is evidence that rape is actually higher in countries where female sexuality is repressed and controlled, for instance by making them wear burkas. (And on a side note, studies show that female body image issues are even more pronounced (rather than less) in these countries.)

Careful feeding the trolls. 😜

Maybe letting men "see" a bit or even a lot is a good thing then. I mean if they want to think and not touch, Thats doesn't hurt anyone.

Thank you for saying this! I was starting to think I was crazy from so frequently getting comments like this.

I saw this video last year and it surprised me how different the attention was toward this woman based on how she dressed while walking around NYC. It also made me not want to visit NYC.

ok, is this working for you in the long term, like in tomorrow?

you are crazy, make no mistake

here is evidence that rape is actually higher in countries where female sexuality is repressed and controlled, for instance by making them wear burkas. (And on a side note, stjdoes show that female body image issues are even more pronounced (rather than less) in these countries.)

Careful feeding the trolls. 😜

I agree. This was in NYC, though, so I still think it's valid.

I never understood why people are still telling women what to wear, or if they can show their boobs in public or not. I mean, this is the most iconic picture of the French revolution:

Alt Text

I think we've settled the debate 200 fucking years ago. Let's not go back to antiquated "rules".

I don't understand it either, yet it still happens all the time. A get a lot of controversy over my articles but I think it's important to talk about things like this.

Man checking in. If a man really wants to act like a man, it means self respect, respect for others, and responsibility for your actions. It does it mean acting on some biological instinct and justifying it as an excuse for a ridiculous whim.

Everyone thinks they are the hero in an argument, but anyone making the stance that a women's freedom of expression "makes them" act a certain way is ignorant.

We should not be teaching women to cover up. We should be teaching men to act like men and act like a decent human being.



act like a decent human being.



That guy seriously needs to look at the kind of stuff he is saying.

Yes men have a very high sex drive compared to most women (because of testosterone) but that does not mean we are uncontrollable animals.

Just because you can appreciate a good looking woman in revealing clothing does not equate to being so overcome with desire that you can't control yourself - that is a cop out for criminal behaviour.

I suspect that these kind of immature, mysoginistic morons would probably complain just the same if women dressed modestly and covered up.

It is a stupid argument because it blames the victim.


Even having the back ground of these conversations, it just hurt my head. I had to go back and read it a second time.

The way I read his argument is that he has an extremely low view of men. Except for himself.

Men have Overwhelming sexual urges towards women, RAWR!!! Except for him.

Men either can't or don't want to control these urges, RAWR! Except for him.

Women that don't take some measures, whether it be wearing clothes or lock
themselves (or the men) in cages, increase the likelihood that the women will be raped. RAWR!
[Many women in tribes, such as the Dogon, are topless, yet not much of a rape issue.]

In modern society, rape is shunned as much as racism. While these arguments may of held in pre-civilization (when clothing was still worn by the way) there has been a relatively consistent trend by society as a WHOLE to agree that rape is bad. While this by no means says that it never occurs, the act itself is deplorable to just about anybody.

Have respect for the men! Look at how far the human race has come from Socrates and Plato to Einstien and @team-leibniz. There is no way to argue that rape, assault, hate or other blatant forms of human disrespect are acceptable. From ANYONE!

While there is plenty of discussion to the general psychology and tendencies that grew from evolutionary biology, this argument just doesn't make sense. Nobody argues that we are the same as cave men. We hold ourselves as a the current human race to a higher standard. If you're trying to honestly equate men getting horny by looking at porn, clickbait or sexualized advertising to a justification for why ALL women need to do ANYTHING...I just don't buy it. There isn't a core argument that ties your beginning and ends together.

Next you'll be telling me that because the Easter bunny is covered in polka dots the sky is falling.

Let's all just agree to hold ourselves to a higher standard of respect and discourse.

*mic drop

I've chosen your post to respond, as I've detected genuine thought going on - an attempt to understand what you're facing. Thank you kindly, and it's my pleasure to now show that there was indeed a core argument, which you regrettably missed.

As you know, my post was itself a response to another discussion. That discussion was about how "women should do whatever they want with their sexuality". I pointed out that the restrictions that classical cultures place on women are not arbitrary, they arise from social necessity. Female sexuality is not the only player on the block, there is also male sexuality which must be considered & taken into account.

Women sexually flaunting themselves to men who cannot do anything about it - that is a recipe for disaster.

Veralynn may not know it, but her feminism is meant to lead to disaster. It is meant to destroy the fabric of society, like a nerve poison.

This type of feminism is all about maximally unrestricted female sexuality with maximally restricted male sexuality.

"I should be able to wave the scarlet cloth in front of the bull's face and be safe, this is my safe space!"

Good, good - but only as long as there are men with guns and gavels, who provide you with the physical and legal protection you need for your exercise in unrestricted female sexuality ("empowerment"). As soon as these artificial protections are whisked away, you either instantly become a decent woman who covers up and is careful about opening her mouth too much around strange men, or you careen into a complete trainwreck - becoming a serial victim to any lawless men around, who will treat you like human trash.

Being a decent woman and not provoking men sexually is in effect a kind of insurance policy, which makes it more likely that other men will protect you if bad situations happen, and other women view you more favorably (somebody worth defending).

One does get the distinct impression though, that I am talking to children. Children who think "I should be able to have all the candies I want!!", and are ill equipped to understand the concept of dental caries, or the loss of smiles and health it brings.

I'm voting "Sycochica for President 2016"

This isn't even the whole thing, if you can believe that!

I agree with you. Usually I am very open minded to this type of discussion, but as I said earlier, this one was very difficult for me to look at objectively. I don't think this mindset is healthy.

I've actually been lurking this topic for a couple weeks now. I really feel for you!
You've acted admirably! :)

As @team-leibniz would say, he's gone LIMBIC! Lol

may of held???

There is no way to argue that rape, assault, hate or other blatant forms of human disrespect are acceptable. ???

All I got from his message was "I don't know how to control my own urges, and I'm going to blame women for it". - Makes me see him as a sad existens.

  • And yeah. I would probably shove a barbwired bat up his ass, and feed his dick to the crows. If I caught him rape someone. No matter what he tries to use as an excuse.

I think women and men, should wear what ever they want, even if the laws says otherwise. The only place I can tell you what to do, is on my own property. (That goes for politicians and police as well.) I'd probably not trade with someone, if he or she were completely naked in public. Since I think it sends the wrong picture to children. But using violence to stop them, naah, not really my thing.

Besides, not all men get a boner from ze feminine body. Have he never heard of gay people before?

  • And sapiosexuals like myself, are more interested in the brain. <.< (Sure, I can enjoy beauty, but I can't really have a two way conversation with a pair of boobs.)

Exactly! A lot of people that disagree with my articles only make hetero-normative arguments. It's quite reductive. I definitely agree that (in my opinion) intellect matters a lot more in a sexual partner. But, we're not really talking about consensual partners here.

Either way, some people still think that way! Thus why I'm bringing it up for discussion.

He sure is talking a lot about chicks, in his own posts. - I just skimmed them briefly, and really. I can say for a fact, that his type, is a dying breed.

You're absolutely right, we aren't talking about consentual partners. But then again, there are grown men and women, that rape children. That's definitely not for the feminine body either.

  • And yeah, unfortunately, some people still think the way he does. And I think they should be shunned for it as much as possible. And I enjoy the way you take it up for a discussion, most feminists would blatently have used him as an example of why all men are evil. (Hell, I've been banned from so many feminist pages on facebook, for that exact reason.)

He sure is talking a lot about chicks, in his own posts. - I just skimmed them briefly, and really. I can say for a fact, that his type, is a dying breed.

He's not a he, his type doesn't exist and never did, not in the real world.

I know people wish they did. Perhaps we just have this desire to have villains. Feels good to have an enemy, someone to hate. Makes it easy to point and say look some folks are just evil!

No they aren't. No one is binary, we exist within a spectrum, and literally no one lives at the far end of the spectrum like that. This is how you know it's fake.

This person is just a troll, playing a game like a little kid. Role playing a character to the point of being nothing more than a caricature. Causing everyone who buys into it to respond to flame bait.

This character is being portrayed by someone who is getting their willies from playing provocateur and trapping everyone into some bs "good vs evil" dialog based on some seriously flawed assumptions of what good and evil really are.

Best way to deal with it is the mute button, first time you see it, every time you see it.
Don't even waste the effort playing. Each time you do, you're giving them power.

Welcome to #gamergateredux
Don't feed the trolls please, it leaves an unsightly mess.

The way I see it, I'm being rewarded by "feeding" them. While I agree with your sentiment, I have no problem calling people out. It actually motivates me.

He's not a he, his type doesn't exist and never did, not in the real world.

  • I have met his type before. So, yeah. I only skimmed through the rest of your comment.
    ^ I'll feed the trolls as much as I want to, as long as it's either entertaining me, or bringing me money. So don't tell me what to do. ^_^

Well, I don't see you mentioning vera profiting from the false assumption that women in the west are opressed.

Doesn't that bother you at all?

You are a marvellous psychoanalyst, Will! I would like to retain your services for all future posts I may be making, and you're welcome to let me know your current rates.

The analysis is simply superlative, only marred very slightly by the fact that it is completely wrong.

Well, I don't see you mentioning vera profiting from the false assumption that women in the west are opressed.

Why should I mention that? Why should I care, @somedude ?
Doesn't it bother you, that soccer players get paid millions a month, while children starve? Doesn't it bother you, that politicians and cops get paid for ruining lives? Doesn't it bother you, that soldiers get paid to kill innocent people?

So many questions.

I didn't bother checking his account, I was actually just getting back to replies on my own articles and felt like this one was long enough for a response. I do hope that people stop this mindset soon.

I always ask questions and give the community a topic to discuss. That is always my main focus. I won't call you out unless you are absolutely malevolent and harass me. :)

Eey, @veralynn On a sidenote, but kinda the same topic, then I made a post earlier, you might find interesting. Since it's about some Danish guys tricking young women(girls) into sharing nudes of themselves, and then they publish them publicly.

  • It's a sad thing to see, but they ain't gonna get away with it...

Ah, yes, thank you for pointing that out. Oops. Corrected.

It was a waste of time really, he even copy/pasted one of his own posts. Not really worth the time I spent.

I can definitely appreciate that. Though I asume you mean "malevolent"? Unless you want to call out people for showing you goodwill and kindness. :D
^ Then again, "good" people don't really get much attention these days. It's always about the bad things. So that could be what you meant.

Dear Misty, I feel you'll have a hard time with sapiosexuality, considering that you are obviously a violent female imbecile.

Mayhap you should consider a different kink - cowboy hats or, better - baseball hats worn backwards, that would be more your own gangsta league to aspire to.

Dear Mr. Cornholio. I'm a guy, and I'm pretty docile. But good guess with the "obviousness" of who I am. ^_^

Does sapiosexuality offend you? Been rejected too much, for being a dumb dick, maybe? Anyway, nice try,

Some of these comments are disgusting. I'm sorry on behalf of my gender that you have to put up with that. I'll write a longer response when I get a chance to read through the previous threads.

In general I don't think the golden rule, treat someone as you'd like to be treated, is strong enough. Instead I prefer to live by the platinum rule. Treat someone how she wants to be treated. Women don't want to feel oppressed, controlled, or put down for being themselves.

I've heard about you. Aren't you the fellow who proudly handed out hygenic tampons to all the girls in his high school class, because he felt men are not doing their part? Why should women have to suffer this malady in secrecy and shame while we men are privileged to never have to worry about it, the fellow reasoned - I will save the girls, or at least save them some money! It was on the news, and delighted me greatly!

I was a clueless sexist homophobe in high school. But eventually I woke up. And I understand your argument is not provoking men is a freeroll, but how about let's give men a little more credit and teach them to try to not be unempathetic to intersectional oppression of women rather than telling women how they should act to avoid constant raping

cut the catfish game, we know you are a feminist female

His comments are ridiculous, and not in the ha ha funny way. It is absurd to say that women are at fault for a man not being able to control his own emotions. No one (man or woman) should be raped because of what they are or are not wearing. We need to start teaching our men how to treat women instead of teaching our women how to defend themselves from those so called men. No one should give control of their body to another person. Period. Yes, men have "biological urges", that's fine. I have "biological urges" as well. I also have shopping urges, and crying urges, and fighting urges, and a miriad of other vices, that doesn't mean I have carte blanche to act upon them. What I have, that obviously this man does not, is self control and respect of my fellow human beings. I currently have an "urge" to kick him in the face, but the powers that be and my self control are keeping that from happening.

We need to start teaching our men how to treat women instead of teaching our women how to defend themselves from those so called men.

I agree 10000000%



We need to teach thieves not to rob instead of being careful with our belongings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree
I am so cute.

Hey vera, isn't ending all your posts with xoxo vera objectifying? Or do you find empowering?

It's a signature. Get over yourself.

Dude, my grandfather signs with xoxo. You are reading way too far into it.

Also, that was a good article. Thanks for sharing. I personally like girl gatherings because it makes me feel safe. But there's nothing wrong with what she's saying.

Yeah, I know, but is it empowering or objectifying?

Do you do that because you are a girl? Would you send kisses with your signature if you weren't one?

I know an honest answer is something i cannot ask of you


@veralynn Any idea why @somedude flagged you and @feminism appears to have upvoted you?

No clue. They both hate me. I'll never understand why.

@veralynn Yeah but that was just weird, just sayin. I upvoted to counter it, hope it helps.

@williambanks Maybe to keep up the persona that they're not a harasser? I have no idea... it is weird. =/

Upvoted all here. Fight the good fight m8s. :)

As the man with the influential cis-privilege to have been the sturdy rock for Veralynn's creeper vines to reach for the sun, I do expect this article's rewards, if any, to go 70c on the dollar to me. The remainder is to be enjoyed by Veralynn however she wishes, conditional upon her return to the firm after the end of her maternity leave.

I didn't ask @sean-king to pay me for quoting me. Nor did he ask for anything, because we were already paid respectfully. You were already paid out for your comment. I don't owe you anything.

Oh yes, you owe him, all you do is profit from playing the victim,
we know your game, and listen
your game has its days counted here, give it a month and you and all your feminist clique will be out for good, it was good while it lasted, you can clearly see this dynamic in place,
mark my words, one month, I'll be here, I've been here since the beginning.

I profit from quality original content, and I'm not going anywhere. :)

@feminism is just mad AF that you're getting PAID and he's getting scraps at best for his bullshit...

shit, @feminism and @cogliostro are lucky you can't owe steem for going into the red on votes....

If you profited from original content youd be broke.

you have no original thoughts to begin with, how can you write original content.

you are machine vera, a very stupid machine

quality original content, ok,
well you might not be going anywhere,
but your profits will go away,
I always get what I want, one way or another
just ask stellabelle

Once again, @cogliostro has spewed a pile of rhetoric which any decent person would be ashamed of.

...Covering up helps a decent woman only get raped some of the time, not constantly and not by everyone....

Why then, does he suppose men cover up? Perhaps for the reasons you suggested like...

I’m too cold or too hot, want to cover up, or shield myself from mosquitos

Why then does he conclude that women do an identical thing for a different reason than he does? @veralynn is definitely right to call this "a pretty strange idealogy."
In my opinion, she wasn't harsh enough in her response to @cogliostro when he said

Does it restrict women's freedom to bar them from such cheap thrills? Sure. But so what?

He callously dismisses the idea of bodily autonomy, suggesting women ought to present themselves in a way that conforms to his obscure and poorly articulated moral standards. To call his behavior uncivilized, would be an understatement.

Perhaps she couldn't give that statement enough attention given how especially bad the rest is...

@cogliostro says

Police restricts men's freedom too. Common decency restricts men's freedom even further, as far as their interaction with women.

going on to essentially imply that is a restriction of a man's freedom to prevent him from raping women.

Do men really feel this way

I was going to try to avoid saying it because of how much the phrase 'not all men' generally turns me off given the context in which it is normally used, but here seems like a good time to say: Not all men; Not most men, almost no men feel that way. But now I have the unfortunate displeasure of knowing for sure, some men do feel that way, and for even being exposed to that ideology I feel gross. I pity somebody like @cogliostro who lives so steeped in that much misogyny.

Why then, does he suppose men cover up?

Men cover up their genitals in order to not offend more dominant males and have to suffer their wrath. It's done with clothing, and with the "hands over the genitals" unconscious body language that survives from the prehistoric past in the present day, with the original meaning intact. "I cover up, to show I am a harmless decent male."

The male genitals on brazen display are an affront to the existing power structure of a social group. It will not go unpunished. It is only the ruling caste that permits itself to use phallic images, themes - the subjugated mass of men would not dream of rockstar phallic flaunting of this kind, and also with good reason. If they try, they will immediately encounter a swift smackdown.

are you really so stupid as to actually think this account is the account I use to make money on steemit?
Im doing fine, dont worry about me

@feminism good for you, then. The only thing that worries me about you is how you interact with people.

I interact with people the way I can Vera, Im not perfect,
just as you are not perfect, nor is somedude, nor is laura, nor is Kaylinn,
I do what I can with my abilities, and you must admit that considering my circumstances,
I do a lot.

Maybe we can get along....

Are you willing to compromise to get along with me?
or is it just me and the rest of the world that should compromise
to get along with you?

PS xoxoxox

PS2 Look @sean-king im being polite

I never claimed to be perfect.

I would be willing to compromise, as I have with you before when you were conducting yourself politely and professionally.

The difference is that I am constructive with my criticisms and arguments. What I have seen from you and @somedude is blatant hatred, harassment and abuse... and that is not tolerated.

why did you flag my post? because you disagree with my opinion?

because I want to exercise my power the platform has given me to suppress your shitty anti-feminist article.

ahh so you feel it is ok to censor people you disagree with?

@cogliostro is a troll. He says the most vile things just to stir the pot. I down vote him every chance I get and can't for the life of me figure out why is rep isn't worse than it is.

Any any event, there's no evidence that ancient naked females were regularly raped while roaming the grasslands. But there is much evidence for communal living and "free love" promiscuity (read the book asex ar Dawn).

No comments..............................................................................................................................................................................

You don't have to comment earnest, we all pretty much know what you're thinking at this point.

to know what other people think you have to be a sentient organism, which you are NOT, sorry

well, if it all was about what other people think,
then I could say that you dont think at all and end the argument

It's an educated guess based on your reputation.

in answer to your pseudo question,
yes you are asking for it and this is the last time you will get the vote rush
mark my words

Wow @veralynn Just Wow! I have just read through all the comments and Im blown away with how controversial this has been for you. I agree with your post whole heartedly and it appears to be the same person again stirring things up. I would love to sit down with him,man to man and have a chat about what his problem is, but then again, he probably wouldn't cause he knows most men wouldn't agree and sympathise with him!
Looking forward to your next post!

Thank you! I think I am pretty reasonable, but some people only hear what they want to hear. Oh well, I can't reach everyone... but I will try. :)

You're very welcome to sit down with me for mano-o-mano - I suggest the club, cigars & death to "political correctness". Be warned, not a few who have sat down with yours truly have walked away changed forever.

I flatter myself that it was for the better. However, the truth does not care if it changes us for the better or for the worse, and some are crippled by it.

Aboriginal tribes where the women are mostly naked all of the time have ZERO incidents of rape.

So he can take his "men have urges and you're pushing that button" mindset and fuck right off.
It's not the amount of clothing a woman wears that makes a man a rapist. It's the man's morals. PERIOD.

A rape victim who was FULLY FUCKING CLOTHED when the waste of skin decided it was time that I "gave it up".

That was actually the comment that inspired me to write what I did earlier. It angered me - because he was angry at the suppression of men, yet expected women to stay suppressed. It was like he was actively promoting his genders bigotry. Which I'd just like to say all of my male friends are happily married and strictly treat their partners with the utmost respect.

It was like a promotional advert for rape culture and misogyny, urgh :/

short answer, yes you are asking for it


Offer more to your rebuttal and then we'll talk. If you're just going to abuse and harass me, then no, I have nothing else to debate with you.

I dont debate with monkeys Vera, sorry

This is a great public awareness post. People in liberal countries often misunderstand the persecution that stem from restriction. Maybe it's a cultural thing, but that isn't an excuse for the continuation of that twisted mentality. I am all for equality and the abolition of double standards. And, you're right, it really all boils down to respect. No one is above another, and we should just be respectful of everyone else's decisions. Another great post @veralynn, you're on a roll!

Must suck to be a slave to your genitals. I'll pray for him.

I seriously don't know what to write aside from that you have far more self control than I. Those statements are some of the most ridiculous I have seen on this site. Not a single person I associate with believes what is framed as what all men think. All men do not think this way... because most men have a mother, sister, daughter, wife or female friend whom they respect. Excellent response to an inflammatory comment.

Thank you. It's hard at times, but I must be better than them. Proof that we can control our urges. :)

interesting article, I agree a woman the right to decide how she should dress, the main thing that she was comfortable in the clothes she wears!

Thanks for sharing this. I subscribe every line. Even though I knew there are people like this subject, I was shocked to see he's not ashamed of saying that publicly.
I don't want to get to his level saying the obvious. I'd say that nobody should say to anybody how to dress. Regardless the gender. The behaviour of a person is not justifiable by the appearance of a third person. Less than less rape! If one has pulsions and cannot control or understand them, one should go to the psychiatrist or psychologist. They are the tho help. Because we are talking about a serious problem.
This man ruins his category.

I undestood that this is a thought experiment that involved:

Ladies, in the wild, in lawless conditions with no police exists precisely to protect the weak (in theory at least). In lawless conditions you have to take your own precautions. You can be nude but carrying a gun, or you can cover yourself. Lawlessness is a whole different set of behaviors compared to what is discussed in most of the comments.

I wonder how long this kerfuffle of sexism will persist into the future. Perhaps it will be endless?

Once we're all robots it will probably dull down. =P

yes and you wll come back to being the sorry ass you are
it wont last long... trust me

Now, since Conor Oberst is one of your favourite musicians,
I have to bring this to your attention, dear Vera:

Conor Oberst Rape Accuser: 'I Made Up Lies to Get Attention'

"I publicly retract my statements...and sincerely apologize to him...for writing such awful things," Joanie Faircloth writes in notarized statement

Joanie Faircloth, who alleged that Bright Eyes frontman Conor Oberst had sexually assaulted her in the comments of an XOJane article, has now admitted that she made the whole story up. In February, Oberst had filed a libel lawsuit against her, calling her accusations "absolutely, unequivocally false." Now Faircloth is asking for forgiveness for what she wrote.

"The statements I made and repeated online and elsewhere over the past six months accusing Conor Oberst of raping me are 100 percent false," she wrote in a notarized statement via Buzzfeed. "I made up those lies about him to get attention while I was going through a difficult period in my life and trying to cope with my son's illness. I publicly retract my statements about Conor Oberst and sincerely apologize to him, his family and his fans for writing such awful things about him. I realize that my actions were wrong and could undermine the claims of actual sexual assault victims and for that I also apologize. I'm truly sorry for all the pain that I caused."

A representative for Oberst said that the singer was on tour in Europe and was not immediately available for comment.

In February, the singer-songwriter requested that Faircloth recant her statement. "The only connection between Oberst and Faircloth was one of artist and fan – a fan who has posted laudatory comments about Oberst elsewhere online, including describing attending his band's concert as the 'Best memory ever,'" Oberst's lawyers wrote at the time.


Hi. Just wanted to thank you for voting my intro article last week. It's been about a week now on the site and I am starting to have some enlightenement about it. Look forward to any advice you can share, as well.

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Whats your favourite Conor Oberst song?, if I might ask

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How are you doing Vera?

are we asking for it?
what was it that your last message said Vera?
that you support fake rape allegations?
is that what your message said?

We are gonna have some fun :) fam

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OK, I'll tell you what I propose we do
lets try to gain some common ground, something we can agree on,
and lets make it interesting and fun at the same time:

what do you think of that song?

Thanks for your good posts, I followed you!

you are so stupid, you dont even see whats coming to you

Do you have any valid points to your argument other than your obvious bias towards me?

Do you have any argument for having flagged me?

Flagging you for harassment and abuse.
Do you have an argument for flagging me?

Yes, I do, but you are too stupid to understand. I mean, you think I have bias towards you, you obviously wouldn't understand anything that requires reasoning

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