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Hi guys. Today i want to tell you about some secrets of the #beekeeper. Look it!

  • Quality of the comb is greatly enhanced when a frame with honeycombs put between the honeycombs with open brood. Honeycomb build good quality cuttings with young Queens. After the bees of the nucleus will pull the cell across the square honeycomb, these palustrine frame transmit strong families for completion and mastery, and cuttings put in a new one with the honeycombs.

  • The liquid part of the honey bees usually suck, and the crystals thrown on the floor or carried out of the hive. To get the bees to use crystallized honey, it should spray into the cells with it warm water, repeating this until the full use of the crystals.

  • Eating a mixture of pollen of different species of plants, bees are grown more brood than the feeding on the pollen of the same species. This may explain the eagerness of the bees to have a hive with a mixture of pollen of different plants.

  • Pleuromutilin should be included only at the time of the spring season, when the bees in large numbers bring pylorus plants. Experiments showed that using pollen traps is only 40 bring pollen. When pollen prinos her #bees increases. With the onset of a significant bribe pleuromutilin should be switched off. Four-year experiments of the Institute of apiculture has shown that family can get 2-3 kg of dried pollen without prejudice to brood growth and the allocation of wax.

  • For delivery of water to the hive bees spend a lot of energy and time. To bring a liter of water, they need to make at least 17,000 flights. Therefore in the spring it is necessary to supply the bees clean warm water. It will protect from destruction and premature wear many bees. Water (0.5 l) can be given in the cells of one of the outer combs to pour a thin stream to penetrate into cells. Early spring in the water you can add 0,8 salt. Bees willingly take it and use it for honey liquefaction and other needs.

  • Print #honey comb is quite labor — intensive operation, time consuming, and together with signet removes a portion of the honey, reduced the volume disturbed the surface of the comb. Use the dryer to dry your hair or air heater having a spiral and a fan, these disadvantages are eliminated. A jet of warm air directed onto the surface of a honeycomb. The wax caps are melted and fold. Because the frame is filled with honey, which has a large heat capacity, the walls of the cells do not have time to warm up and are not damaged. Treating with dryer both sides, honeycomb is placed in a honey extractor. After extraction of honey frames can be put in the form of pale malt or return to the hive; preferably at the same place as the configuration of the honeycomb is preserved. 

  • Bees are not only capable of high stability to adjust the temperature of the nest, but also to aerate it. To do this, they flap their wings. The frequency of strokes and the number of individuals participating, increases with increasing concentration of carbon dioxide. In the same way the bees react to the overheating of the nest. In hot weather, when delivered in the beehive of a large amount of nectar during the hours bees ventilators provide a more than hundred-fold air exchange. To reduce energy costs to the bees on the job, you should open ledovye vents and ventilation Windows of the hives.

Thank you for your attention!

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Bee-utiful post. One of my favorite creatures.

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Do you know anything about the flow hives? If so, it would make an awesome blog post . . . .

Thanks! Ok!

It looks like the honeycomb contains both honey and bee larvae. While extracting honey, is the larvae blended with the honey too? or how does it work?

@tshering-tamang ,larvae not blended with the honey, they are closed.

I've had this on my mind...who better to ask than a beekeeper? When I'm buying honey, what should I look for?

When overflow into the container it needs to overlap each other by hill and create the cod!

Just like in the image

For a second there I thought this was about Beekeeper from LTCGEAR.

Very nice profile.I'm beekeeper too.I invite you to my profile ; )

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