Women of Steemit vol 3

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Sharing some interesting ladies of Steemit that don't get enough recognition! I love paying it forward and showing off well deserving Steemers.

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A few days ago, she started the tag whatsinmypurse in:
Steemit's First What's in My Purse Post - Doomsday Edition

Liken to The Zombie Survival Guide, she has a ka-bar in her Couture bag. If that isn’t interesting enough, she also shares enticing personal stories, and a gripping and emotional tale of her Japanese Grandfather during WWII: What Life Was Like for Americans Released from Japanese Internment Camps – My Grandpa's Story.

I am always looking forward to what she will share with us next.


Amy is a seasoned Steemian health nut. I mean that in the best way possible. She likes yoga, kitties, and she also has the coolest health blog ever. She has graced us with some of her exclusive recipes, as well as natural remedies and tips to help us lead a more balanced life. I’ve personally tried a few of her smoothies, and if there’s one thing that I have learned from her, it’s that everything is better with chia seeds.


Here is a girl that deserves a lot more recognition. Corey is an inspiration to the community as she is always looking for ways to make Steemit a better place. One of the projects she has been working on is Steemtopia, a blog all about how we can help improve each other. She’s hosted a few contests, as well as co-hosting the Steemit-Talk podcast with @winstonwolfe and @giftedgaia.

I am highly looking forward to the next podcast, and seeing what @sykochica and friends have to say. You can always count on quality content from these folks.

Want to be featured? Upvote and comment!

I’ll soon be publishing a secondary blog that features men as well.

*Verification is not required, much like #secret-writer, we are not just focused on the face of the author. What I am looking for is the true Steemit: intellectuals, writers, artists and creators that make this place feel more like a community.

All images belong to the aforementioned.

Thanks for looking! #payitforward

Xoxo Vera


@veralynn This is an awesome post and I love that you're playing #payitforward with a blog post which is literally everything I ever hoped payitforward would evolve into. A way of highlighting the best of the best of other's accomplishments.

Feels good to see so my friends up there.
Way to go @veralynn and way to go @sykochica!

That is what I am all about! I hope one day I will have more of an impact on putting people in the spotlight. I know too many amazing people that deserve much more credit.

Thanks for the efforts putting this together @veralynn! I was already following @sykochica but now have two other amazing authors to look forward to more posts in the future!

Awesome! Glad to hear it :)

I think @corinnestokes might be a good addition, but of course, I have my own bias there. ;)

Thanks for the suggestion! ;)

Unfortunately, I'm not a woman, so I have zero chance of being featured. But, I really admire people who highlight other users. It gives a feeling of belonging, like you're part of something bigger than yourself. I hope this series really does well. Great job with this @veralynn

Have a look at my #payitforward post and see what you think https://steemit.com/tag/@jedau/the-problem-with-one-sided-conversations

I'll be including everyone soon. This is a side project! Thanks for looking. :)

wow! I'm looking forward to that! I hope I do well enough to be featured there :)

@veralynn here I am :). upvoted and started to follow you. You are doing a nice job. Keep steeming :)

Thank you for being you! :)

Thank you for the awesome shoutout! :)

Thank you for BEING awesome!

This is a really cool series! Thanks for your work!

Thank you for noticing :)

Not gunna lie I do like @lindee-hamner lol ;)

But, my fav and love goes to @sykochica :)

Im not a woman but i just drop by to recognize what you are doing. It nice to know you are helping other author. Keep up the good work.

Not limited to just women! Like I said, planning on featuring everyone soon :)

My comment is for the time being :)

I'm a woman of Steemit just getting started last week with https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@jwaser/six-sexy-hairy-legs-and-i-fell-in-love

Could you feature me please? I'll be sure to link back to you in my articles with a featured-in brag link . . . . (in fact, you should request that everyone you feature do that)

Welcome to Steemit! Browsing through your stuff now. Looking forward to seeing more content from you :)

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Hi @veralynn I am brand new here. Overwhelmed by the disproportion of male to female voices....but really happy to find your posts that recommend other women to follow.. Thank you!